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Im a Stay at home mother of 6 children. Myrissa is age 20, Jacub is 18, Victorea is 16, Whitnee is 12, Kirk is 9 and Alivia is 4. We are also getting ready to adopt again! Our sweet new girl is Jessica and is 17!Our newest household addition is Lexee, she is 2 years old. We also have quite a few kids who call us Mom and Dad. My husband is studying for the ministry. We are a very busy family. I want to make sure all you other busy moms, dads, ladies and gents out there get the deals I do. If you would like me to do a review and or giveaway, I'd be happy to share your product with my readers. Contact me for more information. fivelilbassintow@yahoo.com (Please note that most of my email replies go to spam folders so if you contact me and don't hear back, this could be why, please check your spam folder for my reply) You should also check out my co bloggers, if you have a chance. Nicole does book reviews and Jeffrey does outdoor related review, fishing, camping and outdoors.
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Monday, September 26, 2016

Earths Care Health and Beauty Products

My 2 older daughters have suffered with acne. We have tried a few products and some worked, some did not. My oldest even went to a dermatologist. Not for the acne but they did address it. The oldest has psoriasis. Earths Care has a good product for acne. It is called Acne Spot Treatment. The girls said that it was not greasy. It didn't smell like alcohol. It didn't really dry out their faces. These are common effects of most acne creams and products. Why treat the whole face when the zit is the only part needing treated. Spot care is the best for this.

Active Ingredients:
Sulfur) 0.97 OZ (27 g)
For the treatment of acne
• penetrates the pores and dries and clears pimples and blackheads  • helps to keep new pimples and blackheads from forming
No Animal Testing
No Parabens
No Artificial Colors or Fragrances
No Petrolatum
No Phthalates
Allergy Tested
Non-Comedogenic (will not clog pores)

The girls thought that this did a great job. All skin is different, but why not give it a try. If you are anything like us, we have tried products until we found what works for us.

You can purchase this product for $14.99


Earths Care has quite a few other wonderful products to try out. Why not take a peek at their site.


You can also find this company on Facebook


I was sent 2 containers of this acne product for my honest review

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Disney's Frozen Olaf Sneakers

My daughter is in love with the character Olaf.

This sweet, little, oblivious snow man has taken the world by storm.

These are a must for any Olaf fan! Christmas is coming and would make a super gift!

Black and white will go with just about everything.

These shoes are so comfy that you can just run around in them like they are your slippers. Super easy to clean. Due to the material, you can just use a damp rag and wipe them down. If they do get wet, just shove some pieces of newspaper in the insides and they will dry overnight.

Rubber sole
CHARM TO SPARE: featuring those memorable Disney characters
DURABLE FUN: quality uppers will last through lots of use
CONFIDENT PLAY: the sole is grippy and slip-resistant
CUSTOMIZABLE FIT: these low-rise sneakers' lacing ensures nearly infinitely adjustable fit
EASY ON, EASY OFF: smooth lining and easy lacing make it easy for your little one to hop into or out of

You can purchase these for $17.99


Monday, September 19, 2016

Puzzle Cube

My daughter is so upset with her siblings right now. She has wanted one of these cubes for forever. When she opened the box today, someone had changed it all up. So now she has to "play the cube". She loves brain teasers and puzzles so this will definitely challenge her.

This puzzle cube is smaller than the average cube. It fits in your hand well. Easy to turn the layers. Doesn't seem to stick like some cubes do. This one comes with a list of "games" and instructions. I think that is super cool. You aren't just twisting and finding the way back to an all matching cube.

Hours of fun.

Do you have a friend who is totally in to games and puzzles? This would make a great birthday or Christmas present for this. The price is even pretty awesome!

So easy to clean too, just use a damp rag. Air dry.

You can purchase this cube from amazon for $7.89


Friday, September 16, 2016

Nuby Glow in the Dark Binkies

These BPA free pacifiers are a great idea! I was so excited to get to try these.

Product Description
Available in 0-6 months & 6-12 months +
Glow in the Dark Handle
Orthodontic baglet
Massaging Nub-eez™ soothe and stimulate gums
Hygienic Air System reduces skin irritation

Nuby's nite time BPA free pacifier is perfect for naps and night time soothing. It's glow in the dark handle makes it easier to find in the dark. To make the handle glow: expose to light for several seconds, turn lights off and watch it glow.

I have not seen another baby company come out with glow in the dark pacifiers. I love this. We had had enough of the crying in the middle of the night and searching with your hands, in the dark, and not being able to find the small plastic soother.

It's hard enough to find a dropped binkie in the daytime, let alone at night....

Just let these sit in the light for a few minutes, turn off the light and you will be able to see the handles glow. Very nice for night time searching. If the baby is old enough, even better, they can find the binkie in the dark all by themselves. Definitely makes for am easy night for mom and baby.

Our little girl has never been a huge binkie baby but she loves them for teething. Her night time screaming is curbed with these on hand. I am so glad that Nuby came up with this idea. I am sure I am not the only mom who is happy for this new invention.

These come in varieties of colors. Great for every day and every outfit!

This pacifier comes in 0-6 and 6mths plus

Each set of these costs around $5-$7 depending on where you purchase them.

Amazon carries them for $6.99


If you look some Babies R Us carry these. For some reason not all. Buy Buy Baby had them at one time also.

Check out Nuby at all their Social websites



Nuby Flip Spout Easy Grip Sippy Cup

As we get older we are having to find more mature sippy cups. However, due to sensory issues, trying to find such cup is a pain. I have been testing out Nuby sippy cups and this one seems to be liked!

We went out to eat and she was really attached to this cup. Her niece tried to use is and it was not a nice exchange.

This cup comes in a couple colors, for you to choose from. Sort of cute thing is that the color of the cup and the color of the lid are different. This makes for a colorful drinking experience.

Smooth drinking spout and grip middle. Makes it easy for little hands to grip.

10 oz / 300ml
9 months +
Flip spout keeps the spout clean & hygienic
Free Flow for natural easy drinking
Grip- it base allow you little one to get a firm grip
Suitable for hand washing with warm soapy water or can be placed on the top rack in the dishwasher

You can purchase this cup from Walmart.

Check out Nuby at all their Social websites



I was sent this cup in exchange for my honest review.

Night Night Farm Board Book

I sort of like night time books. Not that most books aren't night time books, but....

My favorite time of the day is snuggle time with my youngest. She asks me questions and snuggles and we almost always read a book. I try to keep her bringing the Tommy Nelson books. Not only are they smaller, but they are on her level. Plus they get her in the "mood" to say her prayers and relax.

The Night Night Farm Board Book is cardboard and sturdy for those little hands to hold. Each page has cute little farm animals that tell the rhyming story. When I read to her, my voice always goes to the sing song sound of the rhyming books.
I think our favorites were the bath time pigs! This book also helps your child learn the sounds that the farm animals make.

You can purchase this cute board book from the gateway for $7.19


or from Amazon for $6.01


Check out all their other great books at



I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review

Thursday, September 15, 2016

That's Not The Monster We Ordered- Children's Book

I have done a couple reviews from this author. I have loved them all. The latest one was My Grandpa is a Dinosaur. All these books are by Sky Pony Press company.

My littlest loved this book. I made the monster noises, to make it exciting.

The little boy in the book, has a friend who gets his very own monster. Everyone is so jealous. This monster can do so much cool stuff. He could yell louder than a pet lion. He could go down the stairs better than a slinky. He could carry the whole class home on his shoulders.

The little boy finally convinced his mom and dad to get one. So they ordered the best monster they could. The loudest, fastest, grass-eating and time-travelingest monster they could. But when they received their monster...it wasn't what they thought they had ordered. No one was impressed. He was more of a practical joker. What you order and what you receive might not be the item you wanted BUT that monster might be just the monster you need.

There are great morals to this for us all....

Sky Pony Press has quite a few really cool children's books. www.skyponypress.com

You should check them out.

Richard Fairgray, the author, has been publishing since he was 7 years old! He lives in New Zealand.

Terry Jones has done a lot of works with the author. Including the books I have reviewed.

You can get That's Not The Monster We Ordered for around $16.99 for hardcover. You can also purchase for the ebook.
Great for ages 3-6

Don't forget to also look for Gorillas in our Midst $16.99 and My Grandpa is a Dinosaur $16.99

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Good Good Father -Children's Book

I absolutely love the song Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin I could listen to it over and over again.

I was excited when I found out that I was going to get to review the new kids book. It has not been released yet.

This book will be released on October 4th, 2016. You can preorder it from Amazon for $10.51 for the hardback version or for $6.99 for the Kindle.


You get to follow, little bear, Tucker on his journey. Tucker loved his friends and all his friends needed help. Some friends were sick, some always fighting, some hungry and some couldn't read. Sweet little Tucker wanted to help them all. I knew he could ask the King for help. But he felt he needed to bring the king a gift. What do you bring a King?
Everyone he passed on the way to see the King, told him different items that might make the perfect gift. When Tucker finally got to the castle the King ran to Tucker and told him that he was glad to see him. The King told Tucker he brought the perfect gift. The King went down, with Tucker, back to his friends. The King gave help to everyone who needed it. Tucker finally understood that he was a Good Fathernot just a Good Father but a Good Good Father. Tucker, in the end, asked the King what gift was the perfect gift? The King answered that Tucker was the perfect gift.

God loves us to come to Him. He will protect, teach, give us what we need, make us well and fill our lives with music and laughter but most of all, He loves us like a Good Good Father. What more could we ask for?

I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review. I am so thankful for this opportunity. This book was even a great reminder for myself, as an adult.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Lightweight AX8 Bluetooth Sport Earphone

Are you looking for a classic looking earbud? These are that kind. Bluetooth is also great so that you don't have all the cords of regular earbuds.

I am the only in my family that does not like to listen to their music like they are front row of a concert. Even the tv has to be high. Drives me nuts. So to cure me having to go deaf, by loud music, we get them all earbuds or headphones.

This specific packages comes in a nice, heavy duty, cardboard box. Inside the box is a little carry pouch, earbuds, the ear bud charger, and extra ear pieces. That part, is a major plus. Earbuds, in this house, are constantly losing the soft part that actually goes into the ear. Either the babies take them and think they are chew toys or they just fall off in travel. The nice carry bag is great to try and keep this from happening!

Looking for a nice set of ear buds that aren't just the Walmart brand, fall apart in a week? Why not test out these babies. Great for running. Grab and toss in the gym bag. Will not fall out of your ears as you run.

You can purchase these for $29.99


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pro For Sho Baby Ear Muffs - 3 Months to 2 Years.

My little girl has sensory processing issues. These were the bomb! I was able to vacuum with no screaming from her. My son was able to mow the lawn. She danced around, happy as a clam!

These do not cancelling everything BUT they muffle and make the sounds so much softer. I wish that I had of found these a year ago. We have used headphones for a long time.

Soft covering over the headband part. The ear pieces are like fluffy ear muffs. Soft to the head. These are not tight. You can adjust to your child's head size. These fit my 1 year old grandbaby, my 3 year old daughter, myself and my 18 year old son. Very very versatile in size.

I love these so much!

You can protect your child's ears without denying yourself time out. No more worries about fireworks on the 4th of July.

You can purchase these from Amazon for $20.97


Friday, September 2, 2016

Hanging Toiletry Bag

Do you travel? Go to the gym? Toiletry bags are a huge need. No joke. How do you store your make-up? Even at home, a toiletry bag is something that can be used on a daily basis.

This particular bag holds so much! Not only can you hold make up but you can hold hair spray, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, razor and more.

I know that this is a toiletry bag but it also makes a great lunch bag for school or work.

8 pockets! 3 pockets on the outside and 5 on the inside. How much more can you ask from a bag?

There are quite a few colors to choose from:

Purple/lime green

You can hang this on door knobs and or hooks. Great for easy access.

-Ripstop polyester (exterior)
-Foam (middle layer)
-Polyester (interior lining)

-Large bag is 9.5in wide x 8.3in tall x 4.8in deep.
-Small bag is 6in wide x 8.8in tall x 2.8in thick.

You can purchase this from Amazon for $17.99


One Big Turkey Board Book

Each page of this adorable board book is a new number, counting from 1 to 10. Each with beautifully illustrated fall colors. All the animals are so cute. There are deer, squirrels and, of course, 1 big turkey. My favorite is the last page, which gives thanks.

Thanks to our God,
we pray before we rest.
Food, friends, and family-
goodness, we are blessed!

One Big Turkey is a fully hard board book. The shape of the book, on the right hand side is the shape of a turkeys feathers. Too cute.
The front also has a textured feel to it.

You can purchase this super cute board book from Amazon for $6.15




Check out all their other great books at



I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Set Of 12 Picks W/ Bible Inspired Prints & Meaningful Messages

This set comes with 12 guitar picks. They come in a tin container. It is like a mint container. This fits perfectly in your purse or even in your pocket. Also comes with a nice leather key chain holder. Slip the pick in the leather holder and hook it to your keys. So great for the guitarist on the go. You can use it for almost any type guitar.

Always keep an extra on hand.

Product Description
• ✝ MEANINGFULL PICKS FOR MEANINGFUL MUSIC: Celebrate our Lord's love through your music with our Bible inspired guitar picks. Our unique religious set features 6 wonderful prints drawn from the Bible and Christian Art and will allow you to add an inspirational touch to your music!
✝ IMPECCABLE CRAFTSMANSHIP & QUALITY: This 12-piece variety pack of unique picks is made to be just as durable as your Faith. Made with premium quality, highly durable celluloid material, they are the standard 0.71mm in size and will also provide you with easy grip and a warm mellow tone when playing your instrument.
✝ BOTH UNIQUE & PRACTICAL: Along with our 12 picks, you also get a sleek designed click-clack box that will allow you to carry your favorite picks anywhere you go and prevent you from losing them! Plus, with every purchase you also get a BONUS leather keychain pick holder that will allow you to always have a pick with you for those moments that destiny will unexpectedly call upon you to praise the Lord with your music!
✝ A MEANINGFUL GIFT: Our pick set is simply the perfect gift for any teen, adult, man or woman musician for Easter, Christmas, New Year's Eve or any other festive occasion! Plus, you can also create stunning DIY jewelry or use them to convey a hopeful message through an arts & crafts project!
✝ A SAFE PURCHASE: We know you'll love the unique design and amazing quality of our picks, but we also want you to feel safe in your purchase! That's why each pick set you buy is backed up by a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee for you to give them a go and be amazed! Click add to cart now and unleash the little Tremonti inside you!

You can purchase this set for $14.86


OmniGreen (OG) Labs Dietary Fiber Supplement

So I have found that taking a fiber supplement is totally the way to go. Due to bathroom issues, a couple of my kids need to take something in order to keep things moving the way they should.

Very thin powder. Mixes amazingly well. No clumping! I do not like clumpy drinks. I felt it mixed just as well in cold as in hot.

I was impressed and not just cause I was doing a review for it. I got kids to take the fiber!

You can purchase this from Amazon for $15.99


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Men's Unique Analog Quartz Watch

I am really in love with this companies watches! Very nice and yet you around giving your whole paycheck to purchase one. With these great prices, you can purchase multiple watches....

This sterling silver watch has a black face to it. The black has a nice contrast to it and looks great with a suit. So for casual or dressy this watch might be the one for you!

Would be a great gift idea. Christmas is coming. The calendar date window is a major plus. No more guessing.

It is also said to be water proof. I did not test this part out. The link says to not pull out the pin, to change the time, while under water.


You can purchase this watch from Amazon for the amazing price of $14.99


Product Description

Product Description
• Original Japanese CITIZEN Quartz Movement: provide precise and accurate time keeping
• Roman Numeral Time Mark
• Stainless Steel Band Strap and Metal Steel Case Cover
• Key Scratch Resistant Watch Face
• Double Locking Fold Over Clasp
• 98FT / 30M Water Resistant - 3ATM: Daily Use Waterproof, Hand Wash, Shower, Swimming, NO Problem. (Please DO NOT PULL OUT the button under water)
• Classic Business Casual Dress Watch Design. Combines quality, leading edge fashion, and value.
• Calendar Date Window

• Roman Numeral Time Mark
• Key Scratch Resistant Watch Face
• Calendar Date Window
• 98FT / 30M Waterproof
• Stainless Steel Band Strap
• Double Locking Fold Over Clasp

• Case Material: Metal Steel
• Band Material: Stainless Steel
• Mirror Surface: German High Hardness Mineral Glass (Key Scratch Resistant)

• Dial Color: Black
• Dial Case Diameter: 1.57 inch / 4 cm
• Dial Case Thickness: 0.5 inch / 1.2 cm
• Band Color: Silver
• Band Width: 0.79 inch / 2 cm
• Band Length: 9.45 inch / 24 cm.
• Band Clasp Type: Double Locking Fold Over Clasp
• Watch Weight: 4.55 oz / 129 g

• Please DO NOT PULL OUT the Button Underwater. Use in extreme Hot or Cold temperature will shorter watch life.
• If mist or droplets found inside watch surface, please contact manufacturer immediately.
• Clean the strap by a soft cloth on regular bases is highly recommended.
• Too much water contact will shorter watch life.

What Is In The Package:
• Cofuo Stainless Steel Business Casual Dress Watch x 1

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Men Stainless Steel Blue Watch

Very sturdy. This watch is elegant and yet you can still use this for casual. I absolutely LOVED that this was was made for bigger mens wrists. I'm not sure if this was planned but it worked. My husband has a large wrist. My son, who modeled the watch, has a smaller wrist and it was quite loose.

I love the color. The blue against the stainless steel is so becoming. It looks good with just about any color clothes.

The calendar part on the right hand side is such a sweet bonus!

Christmas is coming. Are you looking for a good gift for that man in your life? This would be the perfect gift. I know that my husband loves watches and would love this type as a gift!

You can purchase this watch for the amazing price of $15.99


Inkspirations Adult Coloring Books: A Soothing Antidote For A Chaotic World

Deerfield Beach, FL, August 26, 2016 - Just when a sympathetic heart seems like it can't take anymore, reach for something to help quiet the mind and ease the soul. Inkspirations coloring books for adults offer a way to turn off negativity while healing the spirit. Art therapy has long proven its effects as an aid in emotional and mental restoration, and it is not news that coloring as active meditation reduces stress and quiets thoughts. From the original publishers of Chicken Soup for the Soul now comes a line of coloring books ready to encourage, inspire, and help worries fade.

Whether coloring with friends, family, or on your own, it doesn't take much to color your day a little brighter. With moving quotes alongside unique and graceful images, Inkspirations coloring books include a wide array of themes to help express creativity and enjoy therapy through coloring. To start overcoming heartache, releasing tensions, and building positive energy, readers can visit the new Inkspirations website, www.Inkspirations.com.

The website is a reader's portal to a more colorful world, giving a peek at the wide spread of unique pages Inkspirations has to offer, and some highly anticipated releases.

On coloring lists now:

• Inkspirations in the Garden (June 2016)

Anyone blessed with a green thumb knows that a garden is nature's haven, and when properly tended can transform a patch of ground into a place of splendor that abounds with intoxicating colors, scents, and wildlife. Inkspirations in the Garden celebrates gardens in all their glory, from images of delightful cottage gardens to well-manicured rose gardens, from lush tropical gardens to relaxing Zen gardens. The original designs feature exquisite floral patterns to color and customize, plus heartwarming scenes of lovable backyard critters, like ladybugs and bumblebees, and even the squirrels and rabbits who sometimes become our garden nemeses. Inkspirations in the Garden pays homage to those who make weeds into wonders and have been enriched by gardening's lessons about a life well-tended and nurtured. Please visit: http://amzn.to/21nxZQS

• Inkspirations Animal Kingdom (June 2016)

For coloring enthusiasts looking for inspiration, nature provides a dazzling array of colors and patterns – the bold black stripes on a tiger's back, the kaleidoscope of teals in a peacock's plumes, the fiery orange of a fox's coat, or the rainbow of colors in a macaw's feathers. Now you can add your own burst of color with Inkspirations Animal Kingdom, which showcases more than thirty beautifully detailed designs of a menagerie of animals large and small. Paired with inspiring quotes and heartfelt lessons we humans can learn from our animal counterparts, this book will uplift and inspire whether you are an avid colorist or an armchair explorer. For information, please visit: http://amzn.to/1Q6oUen

• Inkspirations for a Happy Heart (June 2016)

Sharing more than 30 original designs to make your own, plus motivating mantras to help you relax, unwind, and greet each day with renewed optimism and creative energy. Whether you're new to coloring or a gel-pen aficionado, you may have already admired the artistic creations of Diane Yi, whose stunning artwork has been shared, pinned, or colored around the world. With Diane's style of intricate details with exquisite flourishes, Inkspirations for a Happy Heart provides a perfect canvas that will inspire you to color your world a little brighter. Please see: http://amzn.to/28G4xLo

● Inkspirations for Cat Lovers (July 2016)

Cats are curious, regal, intelligent, and playful. They oblige us humans by allowing us to share our lives and hearts with them. Inkspirations for Cat Lovers celebrates the magic, mystery, and merriment of cats throughout the seasons, from Siamese to the Sphinx, Abyssinians to Persians, Maine Coons to calicos, and more. From long-haired to short-haired and everything in between, you will find more than 30 original designs that celebrate the many ways in which cats bring joy (and fur!) into our lives. Inkspirations for Cat Lovers is a fitting tribute to our whiskered companions who color our world brighter every day. Please see: http://amzn.to/1PuN3G7

Also see www.Inkspirations.com for:

• Inkspirations for Women (March 2016)
• Inkspirations for Recovery (February 2016)

I was only asked to post this commentary. I might be sent a coloring book to review.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Nuby Bath Crayons

We love our bath toys! It is the one time that the little ones can be totally naked without getting in trouble for taking their diapers or pull ups off. I don't mind them drawing on the walls, with the Nuby Bath Crayons, or on themselves either. Usually my 3 year old is colored all over. She calls her drawings, her tattoos. She wants tattoos just like Mommy.

Let your child take their creativity from the playroom, into the bathroom! This set comes with blue, yellow, green, purple and red. Each bath crayon has a plastic holder around its outside. Easy for those little hands to hold. We love these bath crayons. They are so easy to wash off the walls and or skin.

You can purchase this 5pk of bath crayons for $6.78 from Amazon


Check out Nuby at all their Social websites



I was sent this bath crayon set in exchange for my honest review

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Monkey Nuby Snoozies with Binkie

My little girl has sensory integration disorder. She has the need to chew almost all the time. We have expensive chewies and we have Nuby chewies. She seems to like the Nuby ones better. Nuby has so many different chewy items. Just look for the teething items. Nuby is so much less expensive and yet withstands so much. She has 3 year old teeth and we have not had any Nuby item break or tear. I stand behind the Nuby name.

How cute is this with the stuffed animal attached to it. The other binkies like this one are permanently attached to the binkies. This one is detachable for easy washing. Plus, if anything happens to the binkie you can replace it.

You can purchase this from Amazon for $10.99


Love Love Love that all Nuby products are BPA free for your child's protection.

Check out Nuby at all their Social websites



I was sent this binkie set in exchange for my honest review

Nuby 3 pk Non Drip 10 oz Bottles

My grandbaby loves these bottles. She was used to the Dr. Browns bottles but when I got these to test, she took to these really quick. My daughter likes the small well in the tip of the bottle nipple. Unique skirt on the nipple flexes to allow air into the bottle.

The bottle nipple has bumps on it. Provides teething nubs for massage and stimulation of gums. Helps so much for teething infants and toddlers.

Excuse the half naked baby. She keeps taking her clothes off. The colors of the bottles are so pretty. Each color can be used for boy or girl. The shape of the bottle itself is great for easy holding. Little hands have a hard time in holding a heavy, liquid filled bottle.

You can purchase these amazing bottles from:

Available at these retailers:
$9.20 for the set of 3 from Amazon
◦buybuy Baby
◦TJ Maxx
◦Baby Depot at Burlington
◦Ross Dress For Less
◦JC Penney
◦DD’s Discounts
◦Big Lots!

Love Love Love that all Nuby products are BPA free for your child's protection.

Check out Nuby at all their Social websites



I was sent this bottle set in exchange for my honest review