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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Grill Brush

My oldest son and husband love this grill brush. It was so easy to clean all the BBQ'd remains off the grates of the grill. It only took around 5 minutes to clean the whole top.



This grill brush is super heavy duty. We use our grill all year round so it is always needing to be cleaned. Nice long handle with a no slip grip.

Old Fashioned Book Review

Great book! Refreshing change from some of the story content out in books these days.

Meet dashing Clay and follow him on his journey to change from his old ways. He seems to want to change from his juvenile ways and become a upstanding man.

Then meet Amber, the free spirit who moves in above his antique shop. At first, she isn't so sure about Clay.

Watch as they both learn to change and trust other people.

This book definitely takes time for you to get to know each character. I did not realize that this was made from a movie. I am going to have to hunt it down to see if they followed along or wrote a lot of new stuff.

I love how it was written. I love getting to know my characters so this was perfectly written for me.

You can purchase this book through Amazon for $11.65


If you are looking for a good clean read with lots of romance and finding yourself in the mist of trouble, this is the book for you! Check it out!

As a Christian who has a lot of past baggage that God has forgiven me for I have to say I absolutely loved this book and understood it

I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easy Clean™ Soap Dispensing Bottle Brush with Suction Base

My kids think this bottle brush is a toy! They love to wash the baby's storage bottles with it. This not only fits into regular size bottles, but it fits into breast milk storage bottles too.

Very easy to unscrew the top, pour in your favorite brand of dish soap, screw back together and start washing. You can't get much simpler than that.

This brush comes in a couple different colors. Pink, blue, green and yellow.

I love that quit a few of my Nuby products can be used as the kids get older too. We use this bottle brush for the older children's sippy cups and for my water bottles. Gets then nice and clean.

The Nuby bottle brush has a little window so that you can see when the soap level is getting low. Oh yes, and the suction base so you can just set it upright on your counter.

You can purchase this product from Buy Baby direct, Sams Club and Amazon.com for around $12- 2pk


Check out Nuby at all their Social websites



Heaven Sent Six received this bottle brush in exchange for my honest review

Nuby Breast Milk Storage Containers

These storage containers have multiple uses. Not only can you use them to store your pumped breast milk but you can also use them to carry dry snacks when the baby gets older or I heard they are compatible with some of the Nuby bottle tops.

Since we have a newborn in the house who nurses this is perfect for pouring the pumped milk into and either storing in the fridge or the freezer. If you store in the freezer just remember to not microwave your breast milk as it takes away some of the nutritional value.

If you make your own baby food, these would be perfect storage and travel containers for that also.

When the child gets older, like our 2 year old, you can still use the storage containers. You can toss one in the diaper bag with fruit puffs or cereal. Our 2 year old loves to snack!

The containers are dishwasher safe, on the top rack. If you would prefer to wash by hand then you can use one of the Nuby bottle brushes. We have 2 kinds. We have one that is just a normal bottle brush with removable nipple brush underneath. We also have one that you add the soap inside the handle of the bottle brush and then just wash the bottle while soap comes out and cleans your storage container.

The package comes with 4 of these cute little storage containers.

You can purchase these through Amazon for $12.99


Check out Nuby at all their Social websites



Heaven Sent Six received these containers in exchange for my honest review

Oogie Bear Ear Wax Grabbers for Baby Review

This is so cool! The pediatricians office always has these neat earwax grabbers. They wouldn't ever give us any to take home due to safety reasons. Now Oogie Bear makes them just for us!

Babies come out and have these tiny little noses and ears. Sometimes the baby q tips just shove the earwax further back into the ear canal. This happening can cause all sorts of problems. (this was told to us by our pediatrician) The big bulb nose suckers irritate babies to no end. Plus, have you seen what happens to the inside of those things. EWE!! If baby is small enough the end doesn't always fit in their little nostril.

With these neat little Oogie Bear "grabbers" it is a semi tear free happening.

You do not have to worry about going to far up the nose or into the ear canal. These are made with just a little scoop at the end of a bigger bear.

Much more sanitary and due to the Oogie Bear being reusable, it is much better for the environment. Just rinse it under really warm water and let air dry.

1 Oogie Bear is $9.50 with

Flat Rate Shipping: US – $2.50 Canada – $5 International – $8

See more at: http://www.myoogie.com/product/oogiebear/#sthash.lxWGEJ3d.dpuf

This literally is a life saver with a newborn and a very squirmy 2 year old.

latex-, BPA- and PVC-free

This product would make a great baby shower gift!

Perfect size to throw in the diaper bag along side your binkies and wipes

You can also check out their social media pages



Buy 2 or more and save! Buy 2 and get free shipping with FREESHIP. Buy 3 and get free shipping plus 10% off with code 10OFF

Heaven Sent Six was sent a couple Oogie Bear packages to test and post my honest review.

Iphone Lightning Cable, Charging Cord Review

I do not know how these charge so fast!

Perfect Compatibility - Works with Apple iPhone 6 / 6 Plus / 5 / 5C / 5S, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPod Nano 7th Generation

LIFETIME Replacement Warranty
If you find any defective item, simply follow our warranty instruction
we will replace your cable or give your money back with no questions asked

This one is built to last. Our kids are murder on any plugs. They pull the cords, bend them, just basically handle them like all kids do. They don't think before they use. This one can outlast your child's use. Not only that but with the unconditional lifetime guarantee you won't have to panic. Why do you keep spending money on all those cheaper cords. This 1 is built strong and charges lightning fast!

You can purchase this product through Amazon for $11.95 with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

Yochi Yochi Portable High Chair Review

My little girl hates to sit in the grocery cart. Not only that, but lots of carts have the belt broken. Instead of endlessly searching the carts for one with a usable belt, why not bring along your Yochi Yochi?

We have not used ours in the grocery cart yet, but we have used it on a chair. We went out to eat the other night and we have terrible luck with highchairs. She is too smart and knows how to weasel out of the belt. We brought along out Yochi and voila she stayed put the whole time!

This was the most pleasant eating experience with her. You just slip the child's legs through the leg holes and either velco the straps around the chair or pull the fasteners around it and clip them in place.

The Yochi Yochi Portable High Chair fits most sizes of chairs. Not only can you use it for chairs and grocery carts but it can also be used like one of the child "leashes". As a walking harness, Yochi is great for toddlers just starting to walk, but can be used for older kids. This is especially great if you are in crowded environments and you want to keep your children close, but still allow them the freedom to walk by themselves. Yochi Yochi is a great accessory for trips to Disney or the mall during Christmas season, or whenever you just need to keep them close. With so many ways to use, you can't go wrong with this purchase!

Would be an absolutely great shower gift! I personally would have loved getting one of these.

Each Yochi Yochi comes in either black or red.

It's for babies from 6 months, up to preschoolers. It's super easy to use. It straps baby securely and you will have no concerns about baby falling out.

You can purchase this product through Amazon for $26.99