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Friday, February 23, 2018

365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids

I have very curious children. They want to know how things work and other very serious questions. I don't have them all. I often, to the older kids, say things like "go check google". However, I love this book for the younger kids and for the biblical questions.

How do I know the Bible is true? What does it mean when the Bible talks about the kingdom of God? How can God be three persons at the same time? Help the kids in your life find answers to the questions they ask and deepen their faith along the way with 365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids, a unique daily devotional full of biblical answers to curious questions about God, the Bible, and Christian faith.

You can purchase this book for your curious child/ren for $10.82


You can also purchase this book from Thomas Nelson for $11.19


Nuby Thirsty Kids Flip It cup- Boost

This 12oz Nuby cup is great for the active child. No-Spill straw with TOUCH-FLO valve.
Flip-top keeps spout clean when closed. BPA free like all Nuby products. This company cares about the safety of your child.

These cups are great and will soon be sold at Babies R Us.

Right now you can purchase the Grey one from Walmart for $6.82


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Bamboo & Cornstarch Feeding Bowls- Nuby

These have been a great set of bowls. We have put them in the dishwasher so many times. They design has never faded or come off. In my house, that is the true test of an item. I do not have time to hand wash items. If it can be put in the dishwasher or microwave, I try not to buy.

I love that there are different designs for boys and girls. However, my girls don't really care as long as there is food inside. It's fun to find out which animal is at the bottom. Eat all your food and find a cute surprise at the bottom.

Product description
The new 100% recyclable bamboo-cornstarch bowl from Nuby is designed to be durable and practical while being friendly to the environment. Engineered to be fun and functional, this bowl is perfect for toddlers and convenient for parents. It features fun characters and designs that your child will love. Made from natural bamboo and cornstarch, it is 70% biodegradable and BPA Free.

You can purchase these 2pks for $6.99


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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Prayer Bible

This is such a cute Bible. I swear every new Bible I get to review, tops the last one. This Bible has so many different things to help children find the verses they are looking for.

Table of Contents
How to use your prayer Bible
Prayer Article Index
Example: Your Will page 16
Secret Sins page 226
Key Verse Highlights
Prayer Pointers

The kids questions and answer pages are my favorite.

For Example:
What should I pray for my parents?

Ask them if they have any prayer requests. They will be delighted you are praying for them. In addition to their requests, ask God to protect them, from the enemy, make them strong, and give them the wisdom they need to lead your family well. (exodus 20:12)

The back of the book has a few pages for prayer requests.

Included is a free prayer journal. It is a neat bonus that they threw in for recording your child's special prayers.

You can purchase from Thomas Nelson for $16.09


You can also purchase from Amazon for $12.64


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

My Christmas Prayer board book

The is a hard board book. I love that it is hard cut to look like a gift. Each page has rhyming words. The little ones are going to like the illustrations.

You can purchase this book from Thomas Nelson for $8.99


You can also purchase this book from Amazon for $8.09


I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review

One Christmas Bear board book

My youngest was so excited for the snow and for Christmas. This little book shows our youngest crew that not all gifts are toys. These cute little wintery animals are so excited to be with each other. (this is how I took it)

Teaches counting with a cute rhyming story. Each page has a new number from 1-10. The favorite page around here is the 6 candy canes. I don't know how many packs of candy canes we have gone through.

Why don't you grab this little book, sit down with your little ones and enjoy the snowy day with polar bear and husky.

You can purchase this book from Amazon for $4.04


You can also purchase this book from Thomas Nelson for $8.99


Cave Tools Meat Tenderizer

So, to be honest, I had never used a meat tenderizer before. This tool is actually sort of neat.

Before getting this tool, we would use a fork or knife to poke at the meat and then soak it in the marinade. It was a hit or miss as to whether it would taste like the marinade or just the meat. I was surprised with the way this actually made the meat taste better. My husband wasn't as quick to grab the ketchup or A1.

Now, this has 48 VERY sharp blades. This should not be used by the younger crowd. This is only my opinion.

Why should you try a meat tenderizer?
A meat tenderizer can help break down the connective tissues in the meat. It reduces cook times, allows the meat to cook evenly, it absorbs the marinade quicker and softens up the meat.

What is the difference between a blade tenderizer and a mallet style?
The blade type pierces the meat and tenderizes while the mallet tenderizer uses force and usually just flattens the meat and breaks down the connective tissues. Both methods of tenderizing works very well. Blade type also helps the marinade sink in deeper.

This box, that you receive, will come with the hand blade tenderizer, bottom detachable piece that encases the blades and a nice plastic bottom to hold the tenderizer.

This is dishwasher safe. That is a nice plus. Since this is so sharp, washing by hand would be difficult.

Each tenderizer comes with a 25 recipe Barbeque recipe book, for free.

This can be used on so many types of meat:
country fried steak, weiner schnitzel and cordon bleu - Stainless steel blade tenderizer is perfect accessories for pounding chicken, steak, beef, and other tough cuts of meat

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Just enter: Blade Tenderizer 15% Off: TENDER15 You will not be disappointed...in my opinion!






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I was sent this product to try and then post my honest review. All opinions are my own.