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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Slammers Snack Pouches To Go

I know that I said this in a recent post but we are a family who is always on the go. I am always in search of a new snack to keep on hand. It is nice to be able to grab and go. I can't always afford to stop somewhere to get the kids a treat. It gets way to expensive and with 10 people in the house, it's a no go.

With all that said, Slammers are a great treat. I love that it is on the healthier side. Sometimes the quick snacks aren't so healthy.

Slammers come in:

Awesome- Acai, strawberry and apple

Chill'n- Banana, blueberry, Butternut squash, Greek yogurt, and, yumberry

Epic- Bananas, carrots, mangos, greek yogurt and real vanilla

Pumped- Banana, mango, butternut squash, antioxidant grains and cinnamon

We liked them. You can eat them room temperature, shove them in the fridge or drop them in the freezer. I recommend that if you are going to be out for a long period of time that you drop yours in the freezer. That way, when you are ready to eat them, they are still cold.

These are each 3.17oz and small enough to toss in the diaper bag or in the duffle bag for a soft ball game.

Each box comes with 4 pouches. I have seen that you can purchase from Target. But, you can also purchase from Amazon.

For $19.99 you get 2- 4pks for a total of 8 pouches


I was sent a couple boxes to use and post my honest review

Friday, July 1, 2016

Welchs Fruit Snacks

Our 3 little ones could live on fruit snacks if we would let them. I love the ease of having them.

Quick car ride, take a few packs. After nap treat, pass them a pack. Need a snack for work, toss a pack in your purse. Literally, anyone can eat these.

You can do so many things with fruit snacks. You can add to jello, use as cake toppings, toss in a peanut butter sandwich instead of jelly. You can even put in a mix with peanuts, raisins, cheese crackers and more. The possibilities are endless.

How do you like to eat your fruit snacks?!

3-Piece Silicone Spatula Set

I love any product that will withstand a household of 10! These are nice and heavy duty. I have 1 child who bakes all the time.

She loved to use these. The 3 sizes were great for different cooking projects.

Because of it being silicone, the cake mixes and such just slide right off the spatulas. That is nice so you don't have to use your fingers or another utensil.

The clean up is super easy. Hot water and soap or toss in the top of the dishwasher.

Each one of the spatulas has a hole in the end so that you can hang on hooks instead of tossing in the utensil drawer.

You can purchase this 3 piece set for $7.99


God Bless Our Country Board Book

With so much of my family being in the military, we celebrate Memorial Day and 4th of July with more than just a day off. Plus my oldest son was born on the 4th so he gets to have a "party" every year! Not very many children can say that their mom got to see fireworks from her hospital room. He is definitely my little fire cracker.

How do you honor these holidays?

This cute little board book has rhyming phases and fun to follow pictures. So cute for your little patriot!

You can purchase this book from Amazon for $6.99


Thursday, June 30, 2016

Brave Girls Devotional Book

This wonderful 90 day devotional, is great for girls ages 8-12.

I think that the goal of every Christian parent is to help their children get closer to God. I think that your little girl will really enjoy this little book.

I have 4 girls and I have tried to make sure that they have all the things that they need, in the way of devotionals, bibles, Christian cd's. My 12 year old has loved all her Brave Girl books.

The goal of Brave Girls® is to encourage you to appreciate yourself as God made you and to help you grow strong in your relationship with Him. Beautiful You will help you really see yourself as brave and beautiful inside and out . . . just like God made you!

You can purchase this book for $7.99


You can also purchase from Amazon for $6.26


Check out all their other great books at



I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Baby Pinch Boutique Chew Choo's Cutie Pie Silicone Necklace

We love our "chewies" in this house. My youngest daughter (3) has Sensory Processing Disorder, anxiety disorder and ADHD. With all of these, and more, we carry "chewies" everywhere. It is nice to find companies that are sensory friendly and that carry different colors and designs. These 2 designs from Baby Pinch are delicate and unique.

My grandbaby likes this set too. M7y oldest daughter can put this necklace on ,while nursing, and it keeps her busy. Helps not get baby hands in the mouth.

So easy to clean. Just hot water and soap, then hang dry. These necklace designs dry so quickly.

The first picture makes the colors look dull. But here is the picture with flash to show what the colors actually look like

100% Safe for babies: Eco-friendly food-grade FDA-approved silicone; Chew-Choos are free of BPAs, Phthalates, cadmium, lead, latex or any other harmful toxins.

About Baby Pinch Boutique:

I only market items that I find are safe and wonderful for both mommy and baby. It is my business motto only offer products that I believe in, that I would use daily for my own babies in my home. It is geared towards mommy's who want to soothe a teething baby, women with sensitivity to traditional jewelry material, special needs children who like to chew and fumble with their clothes/pencils.

You can purchase this product for $19.99 from Amazon (pink or blue)


US Yo-Yo - Professional Yo-Yo by MhIL - Yoyo Toy

My son loves to play with yoyo's. He was so excited for me to get this yoyo, in the mail. I don't think there has been a day go by that he hasn't played with it and tried out different tricks.

This yoyo is very well put together. It is a nice weight of metal with a sturdy rope. This yoyo comes with several ropes to change out. This is very handy when there are so many kids in the house. He has had to change the rope out already. One of the kids got the rope tied up. The little ones want to be like their big brother.

The red on the yoyo, makes for a neat show. Once it gets to spinning, it is like a tornado. I love that it is red white and blue. My son was born on the 4th of July.

BEST MhIL's Professional Yoyo for Intermediate to Advance Users. FREE 3 Strings & Glove included.
TOP MATERIALS used - Alloy Aluminum & Stainless Steel Ball Bearings so sturdy to handle tricks.
QUALITY BUILT using a CNC lathe for precision processing that increases density & durability.
PERFECT SIZE: Width 40.0 mm, Diameter 54.0 mm - weighs 67.8 grams & has a butterfly shape
100% GUARANTEE! If you are not completely satisfied, contact us to rectify the issue immediately.

You can purchase this yoyo from Amazon for $22.97 and it is worth every cent!


Monday, June 27, 2016

Nuby Clik-it™ Soft Spout Insulated Cup

I prefer, as the main dishwasher in the house, to have the sippy cups without the extra non spill piece. Every time that it isn't me, who does the dishes, the piece gets lost. When the piece is lost, the cup is of no use.

The silicone spout is great to have and cleans super easy. This cup can go on the top shelf of the dishwasher or your can use a Nuby bottle brush. Either way works great! The designs don't seem to fade either. I like that about half of the designs for this cup can used for either sex. My daughter loves her blue whale cup. We also have the owl. Cup lids are interchangeable.

Nuby cups are so inexpensive compared to most of the sippy cup brands out there right now. You can find them at Kmart, Walmart and Amazon.

This specific cup has an insulated base. Put ice in your cup and it will last longer.

You can purchase this cup for $7.99


You can also purchase these from Walmart, but only in store. $4.97

Check out Nuby at all their Social websites



I was sent this cup in exchange for my honest review

Sara Lee Creme Filled Snack Cakes Review

My family loves Sara Lee Snack cakes. I swear I think that my kids know when a new flavor or cake comes out.

We are a family that is always on the go. Between the kids babysitting, errands to run and activities, there is never a dull moment! I love to be able to have snacks on hand. Sara Lee provides that for me. (we also love the on the go healthy snacks too)

I think we have tried all the different cakes and flavors! My husband loves the Crumb cakes for breakfast. Before I found out that I couldn't eat bread products, I loved the brownie chocolate chip cakes! I will have to look and see if Sara Lee sells gluten free...

These new crème filled cakes are so soft and yummy.

Grab singles to go or with my big family grab a box of singles to go. Take camping or just on a road trip.


If you are a mom, grab a glass of milk and a snack cake....go hide in the bathroom and take a breather for a few minutes.

You should check out all of Sara Lee's Snack cakes at https://saraleesnacks.com/

Such a great price for a great snack! You can purchase these at almost any gas station, grocery store or mini mart.

I received this box of goodies and the picnic blanket in exchange for my honest review.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Nuby Children's Hangers 10pk

Nuby is a well known, trusted children's name brand. They have been making children's products for many, many years. Each product they come out with seems to be made better than the last. Their hangers are no exception!

These 10 BPA free hangers are super thick! I was able to bend them pretty far without them even having the hint of breaking! You can not do that to the hangers from Walmart. Check out the thickness here:

As you can tell the one on the right is the Nuby hanger. I am loving these hangers! In the winter we hang pants on the bottom rung of these hangers and the tops over them. The Walmart hangers sometimes sag in the middle if the baby pants are jeans and not just leggings. But the Nuby hanger bottom rung is double the size of even the top of the Nuby hanger. I can't brag on these enough.

The Nuby hanger is on the left so if you look at the bottom rung you will see how thick it is compared to the rest of the hanger. Great for hanging up the bottoms to your outfits without worrying you are compromising the integrity of the plastic.

I am truly proud to say I am a Nuby blogger mom! This is a great company to work for!!

You can purchase these from Baby Earth for $4.95 for the 10pk

You can purchase from Amazon for $7.97


At Walmart you can purchase for $5.99


They come in all different colors.