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Friday, October 10, 2014

Preggie Pops Review

These have been an absolute life saver for my pregnant daughter!

Are you pregnant and suffering from nausea? My poor daughter has suffered so bad! She has landed in the hospital for not being able to keep anything down. It has been bad. Even at 15 weeks she is still miserable. The only think that helps her make it through her college classes are the preggie drops. She starts feeling yucky and pops in a drop.

The 21 Lozenges come in Sour Fruit Flavors

Sour Raspberry - Sour Lemon - Green Apple - Sour Tangerine

You can also buy them in just Sour Apple

She has recommended these to a couple of her friends too. We miss that Motherhood Maternity used to sell these but now they don't :( You can however purchase at Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby. Or you can purchase online for $5.50 for 21. Great deal!


Do NOT suffer any longer...run not walk to purchase these amazing drops or pops!

Three Lollies also carries suckers. Their smoking cessation drops are also great to try if you know of someone trying to stop smoking. Or, if you are trying to quit.

Check them out at:







Five Lil Bass In Tow was sent these drops to test and post my honest review

Man Stuff Devotional Review and Giveaway

Men's devotionals seem harder to find than women's. I wonder why that is? Men need that extra time with God too.

Tommy Nelson has over 200 devo's for men! I went looking and was amazed at the amount. If you are looking for a good devotional for your husband this would be a great one for you. Follow along with Josh Turner on this manly Christian journey!

My husband feels like if a book touches his hand he will start on fire. With that said I gave this book to a friend of ours, who is a children's pastor, to review for me. Mathew loved the book. He said this was an easy read and really got you thinking and into the Word. As a Father of 8 it was truly a blessed time to be able to sit and read and really connect. Most men go to work, come home, have dinner and go to bed. In between work and children and life they have to try to have an intimate relationship with God also. Not an easy task in this majorly busy world. Being the Father of 8, being children's pastor at his church, Mathew is a VERY busy man. God has called him to this ministry and to this life. Now to try and keep himself fed. If you can't "feed" yourself you can not find a way to "feed" your flock.

This hardback 224 page book is amazing. There is even a forward by Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty. This is a must buy item! For only $16.99 from the Thomas Nelson site you can't beat it!


The cover even makes you want to pick it up and read it. Man/Father holding his children in a loving manner...

You can also purchase this book from Amazon for $14.04


Check out Tommy Nelson/Thomas Nelson social sites



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Five Lil Bass In Tow was sent this book to read and post my honest review

Anywhere Labels by Safety Tat Review

These are super cool and last a long time! We use the original safety tats that can identify our kids. It is a tattoo that you wet and it has my cell phone number on it so that if one of our children get lost, the finders can call me.

Safety Tat has now branched out to bag tags and sticker tags. I put one of the sticker tags on my cup a long time ago and it is still on there. The cup has been washed and carried everywhere with me.

The sticker tags have 7 colors to choose from and quite a few different designs that you can add to the tag. We chose a whale due to our last name being Bass. Plus since I was able to choose 2 colors, I chose a boy and a girl color. I didn't want the kids upset that they didn't get tags too.

The Camp Combo comes with:
•16 large labels
•26 small labels
•3 metal tags

The metal tags are not bendable. We tried to bend them and break them to see if they would hold up to a wild and busy child. Nothing we tried would break it. So this will definitely hold up under the pressure of a child throwing their backpacks around.

They don't just stick to plastic. One of my daughters put one on her purse and it doesn't look like it's even close to coming off. These stick like I've never seen! I love it.

Your child going off to camp and want to make sure their stuff comes home? Get these Anywhere Label. The camp combo is only $24.99


There are so many uses for these!

Potluck for church functions
Sending kids to camp and getting their items back
Loaning out your DVD's or CD's or Video Games
Marking your book collection
Marking you child's school items

So many more are possible!

•Dishwasher safe
•Microwave safe
•Sticks to tags in coats/clothing and are machine washable

Also check out their original Safety Tats! Your child's safety is very important to this company


You can also purchase these in stores! In Missouri is are the places you can buy

Cotton Babies

6116 Baumgartner Crossing
St. Louis, MO 63129
Phone: 888-332-2243
Web: www.cottonbabies.com

Cotton Babies

9916 Kennerly Road
St. Louis, MO 63128
Phone: 314-849-6400
Web: www.cottonbabies.com

Cotton Babies

1200 Town and Country Crossing Dr
Town and Country, MO 63017
Phone: 636-220-7720
Web: www.cottonbabies.com

Five Lil Bass In Tow was sent this set to test and post my honest review

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Princess Bible Review and Giveaway


This Bible is super cute! I absolutely love the princess crowns on the sides

We homeschool and for Bible class she has been using the King James Version of the Bible. Not the easiest version for children and teens to understand. When we received this book she grabbed it one day to see what the verse said in it.
She was so excited at how much easier it was to understand. (It's the New King James) So now for Bible class we use this Bible instead. So glad to be able to test and review.

Going Deeper, A Princess Heart Study:*Super Special Sheila Section* a 13 week Bible study that features key topics of the Bible and what they mean for your “Princess Life.” Each week is a four-page section and will be set in the center of the Bible as a special section for girls and parents to learn from and enjoy. This is the first children’s Bible that includes many helps and a 13 week independent in-depth Bible study

This hardcover book is perfect for girls 7-10. But my 14 year old loves it!

Help your child get further into the Word with this cute Bible!

You can purchase this book through Tommy Nelson.com for $26.99


Or you can purchase from Amazon.com for $19.43


You should check out Sheila Walsh, Women of Faith speaker, she is the author of the award-winning Gigi, God's Little Princess series, God Loves Broken People, The Shelter of God's Promises, The Storm Inside, and a novel, Sweet Sanctuary. Sheila lives in Frisco, Texas, with her husband, Barry, and their son, Christian.

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