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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Newmans Own Organics Review and Giveaway

Newman’s Own Organics has added Hermits, an old-fashioned soft cookie, to its popular cookie line. The cookies are available in three flavors: Original, Cinnamon, and Ginger.
The 9 oz. package with the familiar Nell and “Pa” Newman logo contain twelve cookies.

The girls loved the raisin cinnamon taste to these. They were also soft. These were gone the first day out of box, if that tells you anything. Definately good for the younger crowd for snack time.

Family Recipe Cookies, with their attractive, eye-catching new look include the familiar favorites Chocolate Chip, Orange Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate Chip cookies, along with Oatmeal Chocolate Chip (7 oz.), Ginger Snap (6.5 oz.) and now Spelt Ginger Snap (6.5oz).

Like all of Newman's Own Organics’ products the Family Recipe Cookies have been certified organic by Oregon Tilth.

Even the baby loved the cookies. Yes we are bad...but with them being organic I didn't think was too bad. She loved sucking on them. Her faves were the oatmeal chocolate chip. They were great as she is teething.

A New SOUR Twist To Our Licorice Line!
Newman’s Own Organics introduces the first sour licorice twist made with organic ingredients. Licorice twists are the most popular kind of licorice candy and the organic sugar and sour crystals, derived from natural citrus sources, on the surface of the twists provides the special taste for our four tantalizing new flavors: Sour Strawberry, Sour Cherry, Sour Mango and Sour Apple. With the popularity of our regular twists in Black, Strawberry, and Pomegranate, we felt our customers would also enjoy the chance to try these sour ones that offer a different taste experience.

Sour Strawberry was my favorite!! I could not stop eating these. I finally had to get up and walk away. Very yummy! My oldest son loved the sour mango and ate the whole package!

Pop's Corn comes in three organic varieties:

Light Butter
Each box contains three packets and is easily identifiable with the eye-catching design used on all the company's products, an American Gothic "Pa" Newman and daughter Nell with accompanying tongue-in-cheek legend. Pop's Corn features organic corn and organic palm oil. Consumers concerned about fat consumption will appreciate that no partially hydrogenated oils or trans fatty acids are used.

"We feel our popcorn is terrific on its own, but it is also perfect for adding favorite ingredients" states Nell Newman. "Try adding a little sour cream and onion or Cajun spice. You can make a tasty treat by adding a little of Dad's Ranch Dressing or even nacho cheese with chilies. For a real healthy addition try garlic salt and Brewer's yeast. It's fun for family members to make and enjoy together. I certainly have good memories of doing this."

Like all of Newman's Own Organics products, Pop's Corn has been certified organic by Oregon Tilth.

So, the popcorn I got to test out on our jr high youth from church. We had a get together and I used this. Teens are sooo picky so I thought with this being organic that I might get some complaints. The only thing I heard from 1 teen out of 15 was she wanted more butter. 1 teen!! So in my humble opinion these are teen certified yummy!

Nell Newman, a confirmed chocoholic, can't go too long without dreaming up uses for the company's luscious, new organic chocolate. With three cups per 1.2 ounce package, there are five flavors to choose from: Peanut Butter in Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate, a delicious Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cup and a rich Caramel cup rounding out the selection in either Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate. All five carry Rainforest Alliance Certification. Both Caramel cups carry the USDA Seal.

"I couldn't resist recreating a favorite childhood treat. Our cups have a wonderfully creamy, melt-in-your mouth texture," says Nell. We focus on the kinds of products we loved as kids. We take them one step further by using the highest quality of available organic ingredients.

Newman's Own Organics has made a commitment with the launch of our new chocolate bars and cups to pay a premium above and beyond the current market price for Certified Organic Cocoa Beans that is tied to the Fair Trade market price of Organic Cocoa Beans.

So as much as I didn't want to share these cups, I did....I hid the mint ones though. Mint candies are a weakness of mine. The caramel was dripping with tasty goodness. Plenty of caramel, they were not stingy. The peanut butter ones were great too! We don't keep a lot of snacks and candies around the house so these were met with true excitement! Loved every bite!

"I can't resist chocolate and we're always looking for the best source of organic cocoa beans," says Nell Newman, co-founder and president of the company. "The chocolate used in these bars is some of the best we've ever come across. Carefully selected organic cocoa beans and other fine ingredients were used to produce a line of chocolate with richer flavors and a creamy, smooth texture. In recognition of this exceptional product, we are paying a premium above and beyond the market price for organic cocoa beans."

The chocolate bars will be available in two sizes: 3.25-ounce and 2.25-ounce, in the following flavors:

Dark Chocolate
Super Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa - NEW!
Ok so I have to be honest that I do not like dark chocolate at all. But, my husband encouraged me to try this anyway for my review. So I have to say, it did not taste like most dark chocolates. Most dark chocolate, in my opinion, is bitter. This still had a bit of bitter but for some reason tasted better. Possibly from the organic side. I would be ok with eating this again. My daughter who loves dark chocolate loved it and wanted more...had to tell her it was gone.

Mocha Milk Chocolate - NEW!
Milk Chocolate
The Chocolate in this one was creamy and very smooth. Some chocolate bars are hard bricks. This was not. It was broken down into 6 pieces. Each piece has an N in a cirle on it. I loved the bars and savored every bite. Definately a great treat for you moms who hoard your treats. (yes I do that)

Espresso Dark Chocolate
Orange Dark Chocolate

I wanted to say since the the only thing in the box I do not like is apricots. Since I do not like apricots, but wanted to make sure I posted a review properly, I gave these to my co-blogger Nicole Bass. Here is her review:

Newman's Own Organic Apricots

Newman's Own Organics® introduces 3 new items to our line of organic dried fruits! In addition to our current stars Raisins, Cranberries, and Pitted Prunes, we now have Apples, Apricots and a Berry Blend. The dried fruit line is 100% organic and contains no sulfites. "We are proud to partner with U.S. Certified Organic Farmers and Processors whose commitment to organic practices makes these wonderful dried fruits available to you. Purchasing our organic products supports their efforts," states Nell Newman, Co-founder and President of Newman's Own Organics.

Dried fruits have gone beyond their traditional roles and are now replacing high-fat, high-sugar snacks and drinks. Prunes, once thought of only for the older set, are being touted for their high antioxidant qualities; second only to blueberries. Raisins, always a treat, have made the leap from the lunch box and oven to trail mix, granola, and other mixed snacks. Cranberries are not just for holiday sauce anymore. They add zip to fruit salads and stuffings, are tossed into mixed snacks, are baked into muffins, breads, and cookies, or, like the others, are perfect for eating alone. Apricots are a healthy, delicious treat right out of the package. Or, try adding them to yogurt, cereal, salad, or desserts. All can be used to add a special flavor to today's ethnic recipes and family favorites, as well as continuing to be a staple for bakers.


Varieties: Raisins, Prunes, Dried Cranberries, Apples, Apricots, Berry Blend


Organic Raisins

Organic Prunes

Dried Cranberries:
Organic Cranberries, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Sunflower Oil

Dried Organic Apple Rings

Dried Organic Apricots

Berry Blend:
Organic Raisins, Dried Organic Cranberries(Organic Cranberries, Organic Sugar, Organic Sunflower Oil), Dried Organic Blueberries, (Organic Blueberries, Organic Sugar, Organic Sunflower Oil), Dried Organic Red Tart Cherries (Organic Red Tart Cherries, Organic Sugar, Organic Sunflower Oil)

Nutritional Facts: Serving Size � 1/4c. (40g)

Raisins: Calories 130 (calories from fat 0), Total Fat 0g (saturated fat g, trans fat 0g), Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 10mg, Potassium 310mg, Total Carbohydrates 31g (dietary fiber 2g, sugars 29g), Protein 1g

Prunes: Calories 110 (calories from fat 0), Total Fat 0g (saturated fat 0g, trans fat 0g), Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 5mg, Total Carbohydrates 26g (dietary fiber 2g, sugars 13g), Protein 1g

Dried Cranberries: Calories 130 (calories from fat 0), Total Fat 0g (saturated fat 0g, trans fat 0g), Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 0mg, Total Carbohydrates 34g (dietary fiber 2g, sugars 31g), Protein 0g

Apples: Calories 120 (calories from fat 0), Total Fat 0g (saturated fat 0g, trans fat 0g), Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 0mg, Potassium 240mg, Total Carbohydrates 29g (dietary fiber 2g, sugars 22g), Protein 0g

Apricots: Calories 110 (calories from fat 0), Total Fat 0g (saturated fat 0g, trans fat 0g), Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 0mg, Total Carbohydrates 25g (dietary fiber 2g, sugars 15g), Protein 1g

Berry Blend: Calories 120 (calories from fat 0), Total Fat 0g (saturated fat 0g, trans fat 0g), Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 5mg, Total Carbohydrates 31g (dietary fiber 2g, sugars 25g), Protein 1g Review:

We had the opportunity to try and review Newman’s Organic Apricots. I have to say I was very impressed with the quality of these fruits. They were fresh and moist and package is bright and eye catching and now that I am familiar with the product I have seen it on the shelf at my local Hy-Vee.
I enjoyed the taste and the freshness of the Newman’s Organic Apricots. I would be interested in trying the other fruits by this company as well.

You can find Newman’s Own Organic Apricots at: (Local) or look up your area on their website at http://www.newmansown.com
Nature's Pantry
19019 E. 48th St. South
Independence, MO 64055

301 NE Rice Rd.
Lees Summit, MO 64063

Henhouse Market
1015 N.E. Rice Road.
Lee's Summit, MO 64086
(816) 525-5700

**Nikirayvens Niche was not monetarily compensated for this review. All options are my own as with all reviews that I do. Thank you.

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Five Lil Bass In Tow was not monetarily compensated for this review. I was sent a box of goodies to try and then post my honest review.

Squooshi Pouches Review and Giveaway

My kids love these pouches. We have some others but because of the cute animal designs they loved these more! With a Walrus, a Panda, a Bird and a lion. You can't go wrong between both girls and boys. I like the twist tops. With the top on it is spill proof. So you can carry in your bag without making a huge mess. You can make sure that your kids are eating healthy even on the go. We used to find that picnics consisted of chips, sandwiches and snack cakes because that is what was easy to take. Nothing healthy. Now with these pouches we can take applesauce, pudding and other fruity foods with us. If you make homemade foods for you baby or toddler, these are great for those also..There are so many things that you can use these pouches for. The super strong closure makes it great for the little ones. My 5 year old is soo hard on his stuff and yet he has not been able to break these. The big ones are 4.5 fl oz (130mL) great for the older kids and the smaller ones are 2.5 fl oz (70mL) great for 6m to a year old crowd. These are great for field trips, camping, picnics and even just outings to the grocery store. At $35.88 for an 8 pack that is only $4.48 each.

Squooshi reusable food pouches are BPA-free, PVC-free, Lead-free, Phthalate-free, puncture resistant plastic, to provide convenience and durability without unnecessary chemicals. The manufacturer we work with is ISO 9001 certified and BRC rated, meaning the company meets international standards for quality and safety protocols as pertains to ingredients, allergens, hygiene, humane trade practices, and foreign ingredient exposures.


Squooshi pouches can be filled through an extra sturdy zipper located on the bottom of the pouch. Simply turn the pouch over, pull apart the zipper, make sure your cap is on and pour or spoon in your favorite squishy food. For optimal use, Squooshi pouches should be filled about ¾ full depending on the content. TO PREVENT LEAKAGE, DO NOT OVERFILL.

Avoid the microwave, hot liquids, and anything with a consistency thinner than applesauce.

REGARDING CONSISTENCY, for little ones that may be even more inclined to squeeze and tip their Squooshis, we suggest making your purees a bit thicker so they're less likely to spill out as little hands eat and play. Wipe away any seeds or food bits from the zipper, and make sure the bottom is sealed completely after filling


Squooshi refillable pouches are perfect for any squishy food. We fill them with applesauce, smoothies, fruit, grain and veggie purees, homemade baby food, yogurts, oatmeal – anything of a squishy consistency

Our Story

Squooshi, was started by a father-daughter team, Shannon Wren Waldis and Noel Wren, who were inspired to create a well-designed reusable food pouch that would be helpful to parents, fun for kids of all ages, and better for our environment!

“When my son was eating baby food, he loved eating out of pouches,” explains Shannon, “And I loved the playfulness and on-the-go convenience, but I felt awful giving him packaged food when I was preparing fresh nutrient dense, homemade food at home daily. I also felt terrible about the waste and the expense of store bought pouches.”

As a noted designer and longtime foodie, Shannon began to brainstorm, and soon, she and her dad Noel, who has a background in manufacturing, were on a mission to create the best reusable food pouch on the market.

After two and a half years of research, development, testing (and more testing!) Squooshi launched in October of 2012. This three-generation company is a labor of love, and “We are very proud to see families enjoying the results,” shares Shannon. “Squooshi pouches provide a solution for today’s busy families and we are inspired everyday by our grateful customers.”
■Squooshi reusable food pouches are BPA-free, Phthalate-free, PVC-free, and Lead-free.

■Squooshi reusable food pouches provide more flexible and healthy nutrition options: fill with your favorite grain, veggie, legume, dairy, and fruit combos!

■Squooshi reusable food pouches reduce waste: no more throw away food pouches piling up in landfills and contributing to air pollution!

■Squooshi reusable food pouches save you money on your food bills: pre-filled pouches cost between 1.50-2.25 each!

■Squooshi reusable food pouches save energy: empty pouches require a lot less fuel for shipping and most pre-packaged food travels over 1,200 miles before it reaches your table!

■Squooshi reusable food pouches are easy: in the car, at the park, in your kiddos's hands, less mess from broken jars, spoons, and trash!

We know you'll feel good when you see your little one having fun with Squooshi pouches, eating food you can feel good about, for your family and our world.

Shannon and Reid

Do you want to know how to make foods for your Squooshie?

Check them out!
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Five Lil Bass In Tow was not monetarily compensated for this review. I received 4 pouches to test and post my honest review.

Scarlet Naturals Review and Giveaway

This company have all natural products that not only are ok to use on your baby's soft, new skin but smells good also. I rarely use the Pearberry lotion on the baby. I use it myself. It has become one of my favorite lotions. This small company has done a great job. The Hiney stick is a great idea. I hate getting desitin or a and d ointment on my hands and then you can't get it off because it is water proof. I love the stick idea. Very easy to use. It is right though that it is good, not only for rashy hineys but for dry skin also. My husband and oldest daughter have psoriasis. It obviously did not take it away but it did make the parts of the body where the scales were thickest, easy to move. Made the skin supple instead of solid and hard. Great products for both things. The chapstick was not oily. I do not like oily chapstick. I want my lips soft and glossy not greasy. I liked that it was scentless also. This is a great company for those of you who have sensative skin and alergies. You can read about their company and how it came about. Also read about the products we got to try.

Product Description

Paraban free and extra gentle for delicate skin Honey Lotion uses Lanolin, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and coconut oil to give a boost of moisturize and protect skin. This all natural lotion is 100% chemical free, non-irritating and works great on all skin types including dry, sensitive skin, or eczema. Comes in 4 scents- Soothing Lavender, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Pearberry, and Unscented! Soothing Lavender Works Great for Bedtime!

While we strive to use all natural ingredients, safety is our number one priority! In order to keep our customers safe we add a very small amount of preservative to our lotion. Lotions can be very temperamental and can harbor dangerous bacteria if not properly treated. In following with our commitment to protect and keep safe while still using the most gentle ingredients, we use a Paraben and formaldehyde free preservative that is powerful enough to keep harmful bacteria and viruses out, but safe enough to use on even the tiniest and most sensitive of our customers.

Product Description

Petroleum free lip balm with all the lip quenching benefits of shea butter and coconut oil. Flavors: Coconut, Strawberry, Vanilla Mint and Natural/Unscented.

Product Description

Hiney Honey Quick Stick is our Hiney Honey Cream in an easy to apply stick form. Hiney Honey Quick Stick is an all natural diaper rash cream that is cloth diaper safe, no barrier or liner needed. Apply directly to affected skin without getting it on your hands. Works well for other skin problems, such as dry, sensitive skin, cuts, scrapes or eczema. Using the power of coconut oil, Hiney Honey Cream is able to safely and effectively clear up skin. 2 oz.

About Us

After the birth of our little girl we made the decision for me to stay at home. My profession has always been teaching and I loved my career. I have a Masters in Special Education and Rehabilitation, and I have a true passion for children. My husband and I knew we always wanted a family but having one became a struggle for us. After years of trying, we were finally blessed with a beautiful little girl, Scarlet. When she was only a few months old, we noticed that she was highly sensitive to commercial baby items including diapers. We decided that if we made our own products we could control what went next to her skin, and keep her from getting rashes and burns. Scarlet’s Naturals began in our kitchen. As our products began working for us, I started sharing them with friends. As word spread, the demands for Scarlet’s Naturals grew. We have loved watching these products grow and are thrilled with the response we have gotten to them. We love being able to share them with so many families.

Check them out at

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Five Lil Bass In Tow received these 3 products to test and post my honest review

Friday, March 22, 2013

Sink Magic Giveaway

Sink Magic Giveaway
Hosted by Saving In Branson Reviews & Giveaways

Welcome to Saving In Branson Reviews & Giveaways Sink Magic Giveaway! Sink Magic is the revolutionary new dish washing products. You can read more about the Sink Magic HERE!

If you don't have a dishwasher this is the tool for you!

About the Giveaway:

The giveaway is open to U.S. residents only

The giveaway will run from 3/22 - 4/13

The winner will have 24 hours to respond to the winning email or a new winner will be chosen

The sponsor is responsible for the shipment of the prize

Enter the form below and Good Luck!



Thursday, March 21, 2013

Living Innovative giveaway

Welcome to the Living Innovative Giveaway

 Sponsored by Living Innovative

Living Innovative is an awesome site that encourages you to reduce your food waste and other waste through the reusable products they sell.  They have wonderful products for your kitchen including food containers to kitchen towels.  Check out more about Living Innovative and their awesome products. 
Enter below to win 1 of these 3 Sistema Containers!

Jenn, Mom Of Two Munchkins was provided with a free sample of this product to review, and was under no obligation to review it. Nor was Jenn, Mom Of Two Munchkins under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.  Jenn, Mom Of Two Munchkins and Five Lil Bass In Tow are not responsible for shipping of prize.  Living Innovative has the sole responsibility for shipping of prize. Prize value is approximately $6.49 - $7.99 (depending on prize).

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Copy-Kids Reveiw

Copy-Kids is a 115 minute video divided into 12 chapters. Each chapter is a 6-8 minute video on little children eating fruits and vegetales. The theory behind the video is that kids learn from kids. There is a different child in each segment.The veggies and fruits involved in the video are: bell peppers, carrots, raspberries, brocoli, bananas, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumber, oranges, avocado, apples and blueberries. The music and sounds throughout the video are very upbeat and fun. This video is mainly aimed at children 6 months- 5 years. Which is full on correct. I had our 5 month old, our 5 year old and ur 8 year old watching. My 8 year old kept whining that she was soooo bored. So I let her leave the room. My 5 year old sat through the whole thing and even pushed the back button the dvd player to rewatch spots he liked. The baby liked it, in my opinion, for the sheer fact that there were bright colors and kids. She loves watching the big kids. So This is a cute video for the younger crowd. This video costs around $19.99. Would be great for daycares or parents of younger kids.

Check out this short video that gives you a look into Copy-Kids

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Their website link is:

Wexy Bags Review and Giveaway

We used these bags to even hold Mayo for my oldest sons sandwich. They are nice and heavy duty bags. No leaking! These are BPA free and biodegradable. There are 4 monster designs in each box of 28. They are also made right here in the USA so that is a plus also.

Inspired by kids and created by moms, WEXY snack bags are the perfect way to change the very image of "healthy" food for your kids. Motivated by their desire to restore natural childhood fun to snack time, Carie and Tracey created WEXY monsters with their own children driving their vision. They want to help our earth, too. That's why WEXY snack bags are as good to the globe (eco-friendly) as they are to your child's body. With their commitment to organic foods and practices, Tracey and Carie believe that sustaining our health means sustaining the earth as well. WEXY bags are biodegradable, BPA Free, disposable, recyclable, and reusable.

My kids are not the "awe it's so cute and soft" type kids, so these designs were fun for them! Sammy and Dusty the ocean and surf ones are so fuzzy. The colors of the monsters are also definately kid friendly.

We take sandwiches and snacks with us every time we go anywhere, to save on money. With 6 kids in the house it adds up. We only have 4 washable sandwich bags so the rest of the stuff usually gets packed in baggies. I don't really like that as it makes more trash and also it doesn't break down easy. Yesterday we went on a field trip and we got to try out these baggies. My kids all picked their own design that they liked so they knew which items were theirs. My little girlie girl picked this one. Bailey the bubble maker.

Five Lil Bass In Tow was not monetarily compensated for this review. I was sent 1 box of baggies to try out and then post my honest opinion.

Sweet Andy's Cookies Review and Giveaway


Chocolate Chip, Triple Chip, Chocolate, Lemon, Cinnamon Sugar, Peanut Butter Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar Cookie, Mint Chip, Pumpkin, Chocolate With Peanut Butter and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

Sweet Andy's Cookies were a great treat for my family. The kids were excited to have a bunch of cookies in the house. As a rule I try not have them, only healthy treats. We all had our favorites! My oldest favorite was the chocolate ones, mine were the sugar cookies, my oldest son and husband loved the oatmeal raisin, my middle and youngest daughters loved the mint. I have to say that the mint ones truely tasted like mint. I do not like my cookies done. I was glad, when biting into the first one, to find out how soft these cookies were. We all loved that these were chunky cookies! One cookie was big enough to fill you up. They have greeat deals going on also for their boxes of cookies! Each bag of cookies has 5 chunky cookies in it. So a box of 4 bags of cookies costs $23.95 plus $5 shipping that is $1.45 a cookie! You can't get cookies for that price at the mall and for this size cookie either. A box of 6 bags of cookies, so 30 cookies, costs $35.95 with FREE shipping. That is only a $1.20 each. They have great gift boxes for new baby, wedding, birthdays and anniversary. They will custom make your box with any of their great flavors.

The “Thank You” Cookie

In 2009, Andrew (Sweet Andy) found himself in a position like so many others at that time in our past; the economy was quickly spiraling downward and he had left his job in the financial services industry. Although Andy had an MBA in Banking and Finance and had even written a book entitled, “A Guide to Taking Control of Your Investments”, he found himself to be disenchanted with the financial industry and left to pursue “other work.” The “other work” that Andrew pursued was with the Church and did not provide financial support for the family. During this time Andy and his wife, Lissa, struggled to find other forms of income. They did what they could for themselves and their five children but often it was not enough. But there were many family and church friends who did help in many ways. Andrew and Lissa’s Church Friends and Family helped them by fixing things around the house that needed repair (such as a faulty furnace); some people kept getting the family car running when it seemed to have already run its course and others even filled their cupboards with food.

It was a very difficult time for Andrew and Lissa but yet they felt blessed to have such wonderful friends. In Andy’s words, “ I wanted desperately to give back to everyone for all that they were doing for me and my family, but I didn’t really know how to do it seeing that we didn’t have much money. Andrew was a bit of a cookie monster himself and began making cookies for the kids. One day he felt as though he should start baking cookies as “Thank You’s” for all of those people who had helped them during this time.

Andy worked for many weeks trying to create a unique and perfect chocolate chip cookie that he could be proud of; proud enough of them that he could give back to those who were helping him and his family in so many ways. It was his way of saying, “thank you.” He and Lissa started handing out platters of cookies to those friends and family who had helped them. Everyone had the same shocked reaction; first, that Andy had actually baked the cookies himself, and second, that they were so delicious and different than any other cookie they had tasted. Andrew’s friend Brian Kraus owned the Sunset Deli in Westhampton Beach. Brian and Andrew sat down and Brian offered suggestions and advice on how to begin selling these cookies to stores. After Brian’s advice, Sweet Andy’s Cookies were placed in his store for sale. He quickly sold out, asked for more and the start of a new business, Sweet Andy’s Cookies, was born.

The rest is history but far from finished. Andrew and Lissa have been wholesaling the cookies to many stores and delicatessens in The Hamptons, out at the end of Long Island, New York. This past year they opened up a small retail bakery in Westhampton Beach, NY that features eleven different flavors of Sweet Andy’s Cookies, among other freshly baked items. The “Thank-You Cookie”, regardless of which flavor you choose, has a taste that you will not soon forget (mainly because you will want to keep ordering more of them) and there is a little bit of gratitude and kindness baked into each one. During this Christmas Season we have so much to be thankful for; our faith, our families and our friends. We hope that when you get together with those you love that you will remember this true story of thanksgiving and thankfulness and that it will put a smile on your face. And if you happen to be able to enjoy a Sweet Andy’s Cookie while you are remembering this story, it will make your smile just a little bit bigger…

You can check out their website



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Five Lil Bass In Tow was not monetarily compensated for this review. I was sent a box of 30 cookies to try and then post my honest review.

Saffron Road Review and Giveaway

About their company
Saffron Road is the culmination of our Founder and CEO Adnan Durrani’s life’s work. Right after the turn of the 2000 millennium, the natural food pioneer first envisioned a halal food brand which also embodied ethical consumerism: halal, sustainably farmed, all-natural, anti-biotic free, and 100% vegetarian fed, all harvested on family-owned farms. Fortuitously, the initial inspiration behind our brand’s name was unintentionally hatched almost a decade ago. This was less than six months after the horrific tragedy of 9-11, which Adnan saw in real-time. The pain and suffering deeply affected him. As a long time social entrepreneur, Adnan was soul searching for a social enterprise that could bring harmony to soothe political, religious, cultural and social dissonance. He pondered, “Was there any historical precedent that demonstrated the goodness of humanity, a higher calling to improve the human condition?”. He found the answer in the Silk Road Project – it was his “wow“ moment for Saffron Road. Adnan was mesmerized by this intercultural event he attended in 2002 by cellist Yo Yo Ma: The Silk Road Project was sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution Center for Folk Life and Cultural Heritage as part of “The Silk Road: Connecting Cultures, Creating Trust.” This 10-day celebration in 2002 on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., brought together some 350 artists from Silk Road lands to explore their common heritages.

That event showcased the world’s various cultures over 3,000 years coalescing and intermingling during the silk trade on the famous silk route, whose roads extended 6,000 miles from Italy all the way to the Orient. This Silk Road was the exact path that the exquisite spice Saffron was first traded on for over 3,000 years. The Silk Road crisscrossed Eurasia to the Orient and represents an early celebration of the synch ronicity of political and cultural integration. In its heyday, the Silk Road sustained an international culture that through food, spices, art, science, innovations, and trade bonded together groups as diverse as the from great empires like that of Alexander The Great to the Ottomans and the Persians. Saffron was very much at the center of the Silk Road—hence the brand name “Saffron Road” resonated, with the imagery being on one on the same adventurous journeys.

Adnan felt that even though there existed many different ethnic cuisines, there was really no high quality offering in the US consumer market that celebrated the rich, ethnic diversity and cultural harmony that he believed exemplified the inclusive spirit of those travelling on these ancient Silk Routes, where one of the most treasured jewels was saffron. Furthermore, since Islamic cultures had also enjoyed this Silk Road for 1,400 years, over the centuries halal food and saffron were an integral part of anyone who journeyed on this route. Thus Saffron Road was born – out of a vision of a journey that is truly memorable and which could be shared and celebrated by friends and families of all cultures and faiths coming together for an epicurean meal. With ethical consumerism as its foundation and pluralistic values as its compass, Saffron Road is the incubation of a natural food company, which excludes no faiths or cultures—but rather strives to be inclusive and celebrate all faiths with values that are multi-ethnic, socially responsible, and spiritually timeless. Our mission is to restore the “spiritual sacredness to food,” and bring back a simple mindfulness of the abundant commonality of all humanity in this complex world.

As Adnan set out to create an authentic culinary experience that was halal and at its core stood for ethical consumerism, he also sought out a like-minded partner. Thus Jack Acree shortly thereafter joined American Halal as our Executive Vice President. Jack also strongly felt here was clearly an opportunity for a food choice that would not only appeal to those consumers whose spiritual principles guided their dietary needs, but also something that was all natural, humanely-treated, anti-biotic free, and sustainably farmed. Jack identified with American Halal’s core mission and was an architect of developing the company’s brand and naming sessions. John Umlauf, another fellow ethical consumerism devotee with a background in culinary arts as well as sustainable livestock sourcing and halal, also joined the Company. So, the stage was set in the early 2010 to create and blossom the Saffron Road brand.

As the brand prepared to launch in 2010, the availability of Halal products were limited, especially in the frozen foods section of mainstream retailers as well as in high end natural foods stores like Whole Foods Market. Saffron Road thus debuted nationally in July 2010 in Whole Foods stores as the world’s first all-natural, Halal-certified, anti-biotic free, and certified humane frozen entree.

Our first product line, four frozen Indian Entrees, were an instant success in all of Whole Foods eleven national regions, encompassing over 250 stores. We’re thrilled that our brand is now recognized as a leader in not only halal, but also as the premium choice in frozen antibiotic free entrees which are also certified humane and 100% natural. We truly stand out currently as perhaps the only national frozen entrée brand in any major US supermarket in US with these exemplary traits.

Saffron Road seeks to bring its mission and faith-based values to a higher calling with the local and global community, embodying a socially-conscious company ethic, as well as being a dedicated to sustainable farming practices. We hope you and your family will join ours on the Saffron Road– a journey of bringing together families and cultures to share a meal and values around the dinner table.

My son and husband loved these snacks! They both will test each other to see who can eat the hottest thing. So the spices and taste of these were perfect for them. The Wasabi was not his favorite. But as he said " If you like Wasabi this would be the snack for you". He did say that the Falafel and the Bombay Sauce were awesome! These were a great snack for his sporting events and even our youth party. They were a hit. I really like that they were Gluten Free. That makes a huge difference in dietary habits. I'm always looking for treats that are Gluten free.

All Natural Halal Certified World Cuisine

Saffron Road celebrates the memorable meals and mutual values families and friends of all cultures share around the dinner table. In this tradition, we invite you to enjoy Saffron Road’s all natural halal certified world cuisine. We know that great food begins at the farm, so we source our ingredients from only the finest producers available. It’s no coincidence that we buy from small sustainably run family farms. All of our livestock are humanely raised with 100% vegetarian feed and are never given antibiotics. Our halal tradition demands their proper care and welfare.

Authentic Simmer Sauces with Saffron Road Quality

Saffron Road’s simmer sauces provide the convenience of creating great meals in minutes, with flavors capturing the best of world cuisine. Available in no waste, easy to use, single serving pouches because reducing our carbon footprint is important to Saffron Road.

We also got to try the simmer sauces. Truly if you are looking for great tasting cultural sauces and snacks these are the ones for you.

You can purchase these at quite a few places. Whole Foods, Fry's, Wegmans and Ralphs. There are plenty more places to buy them at here is the link to the list:

The chickpeas cost around $4.69 each package. The Simmer packs cost around $3.69 each. You should try them.

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Five Lil Bass In Tow was not monetarily compensated for this review. I was sent 3 simmer sauces and 3 chickpea snacks to try and them post my honest review.

Body Works Beverage Shots Review

Ingredient Definitions

Read more about the Body Works Relax and Unwind Lifestyle

Relax and Unwind
Calm Down, Don’t Stress


Life is full of the hustle and bustle. Relaxation is more important now than ever given the fact that 77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress. Give your body a break, and unwind. Our award-winning formulation is perfect for when your body is overworked, overtired or simply: over it.

Helps maintain healthy blood flow


Our formula helps consumers maintain healthy blood flow for 12 hours. An essential formula for people with minor poor circulation. Our shot is the first in the USA to contain FruitFlow®, an ingredient which naturally supports healthy blood circulation*.


makes the body work better


You’ve tried the rest, now try the best. We offer a better solution for energy. With an improved formula, our shot helps every body feel better. Other manufacturers create caffeine-rich products that just get you jittery. That’s why we enlisted several doctors and nutritionists to formulate an effective, natural solution to all-day energy. We’ve formulated our products with natural amino acids and the very best vitamins to rev the body up*.


Formulated to alleviate “butterflies in the stomach” and help your body and mind stay calm when “doing your best” counts the most. 74% of people cite speech anxiety as one of their leading fears. Our shot helps consumers conquer that occasional fear with ingredients known to soothe irritability and anxiety in every body. Say goodbye to anxiety and fear*.

A relaxed body sleeps better


Who doesn’t need a good night’s sleep? Over 40 million people suffer from a chronic sleep disorder, leaving them restless, unable to function and feeling groggy the morning after. Finally, a solution to occasional sleeplessness so you can fall asleep, stay asleep AND feel refreshed the next day. Melatonin helps your body and mind relax enough for sleep*.

These cost $19.99 for a 6 pk of your choice.

check out their website at:


They also have some socia media to follow:
and Pinterest

The best is sleep as it is a great one to use without all meds that can be addicting. Also energy for sports. I can't wait to test out the rest.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

I'm looking for feedback please

I'm so excited to be bringing you some new products very soon! You have been such great fans! Now are there any things you all would like to see on here? More recipes, more fun things to do or do you all just like the reviews and giveaways? I do this for you all, not for me so would love some feedback.....

Origami Owl Giveaway


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origami images

Origami Owl, is a custom interchangeable jewelry collection that is known for their living lockets, which are lockets that open, you place charms inside and also other interchangeable dangles that you can use to tell your story. To find out more about Origami Owl and view their current link of products, visit Leslie Bradley's Facebook page here.


To read my full review click here.

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March 20, 2013-April 3, 2013

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Child Training Bible Review and Giveaway

As a homeschool mom and Jr High youth ministers wife, these type things are great to learn. I love knowing wherecertain verses are.Being able to find verses about anger, forgiveness, pride and also tattling. My kids are experts at that. Have you ever known that their were verses on tattling? This comes in handy. Someone asks you where a verse is and poof you can turn to it quickly!I am glad to be able t share this great Bible helper with you. I hope you get the most out of it like we did.

For $9 plus shipping you get:

1 child training Bible key
3 scripture tabbing charts double sided
set of instructions

You can also get this in Spanish

The Child Training Bible is tool that allows parents and children (and anyone that loves the Word of God) to go directly to the pages of Scripture for instruction in 20 key areas with a complete section dedicated to the gospel.

The CTB was designed with Colossians 3:9-10 in mind. “You have put off the old self with its practices and have put on the new self.” The Scriptures selected for the CTB teach why we are to “put off” certain behavior and what godly behavior we are to “put on” instead.

The front key of the CTB is a visual index of the areas that Scripture teaches us to “put off.” These areas correspond to color-coded tabs and highlighted text. CTB Scriptures address both negative and positive responses with the emphasis on Jesus Himself, His perfect life as an example and gift to us.

To make a Child Training Bible you will use the CTB charts that include over 200 Scripture references, heart and gospel questions, and sample prayers.

Make a CTB for your family to have Scripture accessible and central in your home.

The Child Training Bible is also a perfect project for homeschool groups, moms clubs, and church groups. Group discounts are available on orders of 10 or more CTB Chart Sets. Contact ChildTrainingBible@gmail.com for details. Follow the Child Training Bible on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for information on the release of new products

I am a homeschooling mom to four children.

I love the Word of God.

I desperately desire to use more Scripture in training up my children for the Lord.

There are many moments throughout the day that I want to speak a word of truth to direct my children.

I have tried biblical child training charts, verses on notecards plastered on the refrigerator and Bible memorization. In all my efforts it seemed that something was missing, something that I now realize is absolutely essential.

I must give my children a physical experience with the Holy Word of God.

They must see the Bible. Open the Bible.
Become familiar with the text of the Bible.

Whenever there is a problem, I want to train my children to immediately run to
the Lord, seek His Words, and allow His truth to saturate the situation.

Going to the Scripture chart on the fridge is…good.
Using Scripture notecards in my pocket during the day is…good.
Bible memorization is also very good.

Opening the very Word of God is…the best!

So, I set out to make my ESV Bible accessible in the moment that biblical
instruction was needed. I have made a child training system that allows me to
be ready to reference Scripture that fits the moment and need of my child.

The Child Training Bible has totally changed my heart, my home and the way
my husband and I respond to instructional situations with our children. It is our
prayer that the Child Training Bible would help you teach the Scriptures
diligently to your children and that His Word would make your children wise
unto salvation.

For His Glory,
Mindy Dunn

My favorite thing on blogging is working with Christian companies. I was priviledged o work with the people at The Child Training Bible.

check them out

on Facebook

or Twitter

and Pinterest

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Better Than Pants Review and Giveaway

Their sizes range from small-4x. I love that as most companies do not cater to the bigger community. My husband wears a 4x and my son a 2x. So this company has my seal of happieness for selling bigger sizes. When the shirts came I made sure that all the seams were nice and tight. The material was a nice thick material not a thin one. The shirts did not bleed with wear or wash. Great product!

What are the shirts made of?
We use Gilden, Bellas and once in a while Fruit of the Loom or Hanes. They are 6.1 oz (Heavy weight), not the thin shirts. They are 100% cotton and preshrunk.

About Better Than Pants
We created Better Than Pants because we were surfing the web one day and realized that most t-shirt companies sold lame, low quality t-shirts and we knew we could do better. Every one of our shirts are printed on high quality cotton and is designed by either us or our loyal viewers! We want to always have the very best designs so if you think you’ve got a good idea, let us know. If we use your idea, we’ll pay you cash. It’s probably the easiest money you’ll ever make.

What makes us different than the other funny t-shirt sites? There’s nothing worse than finding a t-shirt that you really like but hating the color or the type of shirt it comes in. That’s why on every one of our designs you can choose from 11 different styles, 11 different colors, and in sizes up to 5XL. Sure that makes more work for us since we have to custom print every shirt ordered, but it’s worth it because our customers get their shirts exactly how they want them.

If you have any questions or comments please email us. Also, if you send us a picture of you or one of your friends in our shirts and we post it on the site, we’ll send you $50. Regardless, when you're looking for funny shirts or offensive tees you can always trust the BetterThanPants brand. Thank you for visiting and we appreciate your business!

Better than Pants has a great variety of t shirts with sayings on them. If you are looking for a unique gift this might be the company for you to check out. One thing my son looks forward to every holiday is what kind of new saying Mom will have found! He loves the attention he gets when asked "ok tell me about this zombie shirt"? If you have a zombie fan they have a bunch of zombie shirts to pick from.

Everyone loves to read shirts of the people they see walking through places like the mall. I am always looking for neat "saying" shirts. I more look for them for my husband and 2 sons than for my girls.

Check out all the awesome shirts at
on facebook at
on Twitter
and also on Pinterest

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Giveaway of signed copy of YA fiction THE NEW KID by Temple Mathews!

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I am so excited to be partnering with acclaimed novelist and screenwriter Temple Mathews for a giveaway of a signed copy of Book 1 in his fabulous supernatural young adult literature series! It’s The New Kid by Temple Mathews and I love the subtitle: “Riding the world of evil. One high school at a time.” If you have a young adult reader at home, he or she will love getting introduced to this exciting and very engaging series.

Temple Mathews has sold or written screenplays for every major Hollywood studio. He has written dozens of animated TV episodes, but he is best know for his screenplays “Return to Neverland,” “The Little Mermaid II,” and the fun feature film “Picture This!”

temple mathews, the new kid temple mathews, the new kid temple mathews review, the new kid temple mathews book summary, the new kid temple mathews summary, supernatural young adults, supernatural young adult books, supernatural novels for young adults, supernatural romance books young adults, the new kid by temple mathews

The New Kid by Temple Mathews is available here through Barnes & Noble and everywhere books are sold. Here is a description:

Will Hunter is used to being the New Kid; Harrisburg High School is his fifth new school in less than three years. By now, he knows not to be fooled by the bright pep rallies, the wholesome jocks, the innocent cheerleaders. He knows the evil lurking underneath. It's the same evil that took his dad eight years ago; the same evil he battles every day. 

Natalie Holands's life fell apart the night her sister Emily disappeared. No one believes her when she tells them what she saw: yellow eyes glowing beneath the surface of the water in which Emily supposedly drowned and Emily isn't the only person to go missing in Harrisburg lately. The town is changing, not for the better,and Natalie doesn't know why. What she does know is that, whatever's happening, it's bad, and the New Kid is right in the middle of it. 

Because Will's got a secret ever bigger than Harrisburg's...and theres more to it than he knows.

Enter using the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win a signed copy of The New Kid by Temple Mathews: how cool! The giveaway ends 3/23/13 at 11:59pm and is open to the U.S. only.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Krave Jerky Review and Giveaway

Tease your taste buds with tender slices of knuckle-cut domestic beef teamed with medium-hot chili and balanced with zesty lime for a jerky that’s marvelously moist and easy to tear and share. This unique profile provides a dose of medium heat that teams up well with the acidity of the citrus notes.

Say aloha to our pineapple orange beef jerky, a Hawaiian-inspired offering of tender knuckle-cut domestic beef marinated in a blend of sweet orange, pineapple and tropical fruit. Slices are carefully baked to preserve their unique flavor of sweetness and acidity, resulting in an exceptionally moist and addictive combination.

Made from the authentic flavors of Mexican chipotle, this jerky brings together natural smokiness, a sensation of moderate heat, and a hint of honey to create the perfect balance of sweet and smoky. Tender slices of domestic beef are double marinated, then baked, resulting in an extraordinarily moist, soft and chewable jerky. Olé!

KRAVE Jerky is a healthy, anytime snack. For athletes, outdoor recreationalists or anyone on-the-go, KRAVE Jerky presents all the benefits of meat, at its healthiest. Jerky is naturally loaded with protein, while the drying process both removes most of the fat and results in fewer carbohydrates.

My oldest son and husband are jerky lovers. They do not go camping or fishing without some on hand. So when given the opportunity to try this jerky I was so excited! The texture and flavors are great! My favorite was the sweet chipotle. It had a slight kick but was sweet enough to not burn your mouth. My oldest sons favorite flavor was the Pinapple. He said that it was nice and moist unlike most jerky that you have to tear apart and most of the time your teeth hurt after that, but Krave jerky was not tough to chew or tear. We were able share even with my 5 year old. So definately not hard to eat. Our family really enjoyed all the flavors that we received. I would love to try the teriaki something though. Maybe I will have to join the Krave Klub and get another set of 5 for only $30 with free shipping! If your husband or son or even you have a love for jerky, this is the company to try!

Can't get enough jerky?
Join the Krave Klub and receive 5 bags each month for just $30, with FREE shipping!

Check out their website:

Follow them on facebook

And on Twitter

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Five Lil Bass In Tow is not responsible for prize delivery. This blog was not monetarily compensated. We received a 5 pk sampler of the jerky for my honest review. Any blogs helping promote this giveaway are not responsible for prize delivery.