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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dreamtreaders Book 2: Search For the Shadow Key Review and Giveaway

What kid hasn't wanted to be able to go into their dreams? Dreams are such a curious thing. What did my dream mean, was it just nothing and I showing my feelings by my actions in my dreams? So many questions. I think that Wayne Thomas Batson, the author, did a great job. I think his imagination is amazing.

Some Doors Should Never Be Opened

Archer Keaton is a dreamtreader. What this means is that he can explore dreams. Archer is the last dreamtreader alive. He is all alone to protect the Dream. There is a company called Dream Inc that allows the rich to "go into the dream world". But is seems to be falling apart. So before the dream world and the real world collide and fuse together, Archer must save it.

I don't want to give too much of the story as to give it all away. But this is a definite purchase.

This sci-fi book is great! Search For the Shadow Key keeps you on your seat to the very end. My 14 year old is my youth reader, for my blog. She is very honest about her books. You will definitely know if she doesn't like the book. The first in the series was a little slow for her, but this one was suspenseful and full of action.

Search For the Shadow Key was a great read also in that it has important things to learn. The importance of resisting temptation, making sure that you make wise choices and being a light for Christ in a dark world. None of this lessons are always easy to follow. Especially as teens.

I love that there are books like this that keep my teens busy and yet do not have the filth that comes with most teen books.

You can purchase this book from Thomas Nelson for $9.99


You can also purchase the first book Dreamtreaders for $9.99



Amazon for $9.63


I was sent this book from Thomas Nelson to read and post my honest review. Thank you for reading.

Check out all their other great books at



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Milk Nanny Coming Soon!

Whose turn is it? Oh the dreaded times of getting out of bed in the wee hours of the night (several times every night) to make the babies bottle! Or your baby is crying and wants to be fed like NOW! Been there, done that twice! Typically, parents make a bottle of milk for their babies between the ages of 0-3 about 4,000 times, including approximately a thousand late night feedings! Now there is an easier way to make bottles for parents who feed their babies formula and it’s called Milk Nanny.

Milk Nanny is the first fully-automatic appliance to make fresh, warm baby formula milk in just 15 seconds. The coolest thing about it….Milk Nanny can also be remotely controlled with a mobile phone. Parents simply connect to Milk Nanny with their mobile device via Wi-Fi, and they’re ready to start making milk. Milk Nanny knows exactly how much water and powder is needed to make a perfect bottle. Parents will finally be able to skip the daily chore of measuring and scooping formula from a can into a bottle, mixing with water and shaking it to get “most” of the clumps out.

Current milk making machines on the market today can’t be started remotely, they produce clumpy milk, they’re not self-cleaning, and don’t look very nice sitting on your kitchen counter. The Milk Nanny will change all of that! The Milk Nanny has a MSRP of $199.00 and will be available to the public in May 2015. Check out Milk Nanny


Five Lil Bass In Tow was not sent a product, just asked to inform my readers about this great new product coming out soon.

All's Fair in Love and Cupcakes Book Review

Kat is a baker who normally bakes with the simple vanilla and chocolate, safe recipes. Her guy friend Lucas feels that it is time for her to step "out of the box" and start making different items. He then enters Kat into a baking contest. If she wins she will not only get to work at a prestigious bakery, she will have to go to New York. Lucas wants her to win, but doesn't want to her to move, as he is falling in love with her. It is a decent book but I think it could have been so much better. These 2 characters complain a lot and not a lot of monologue. I would have rather had them talk to each other, date and fall in love. It was hard to follow the characters to the end. I think this writer has a lot of potential. I will look out for her next book.

You can purchase this book from Amazon for $10.23 on paperback


Five Lil Bass In Tow was set this book to read and post my honest review

Berenstain Bears and The Biggest Brag Book Review

Super cute book filled with a great lesson to learn.

We have 6 kids, so learning lessons is a daily accomplishment in our house. The little ones haven't really learned what happens to others feeling when you brag. They still run around "mommy got me a cake pop today". While the other littles are like "why didn't I get a cake pop". It's hard. But the Berenstain Bears are here to help. Just follow as Brother and Sister Bear learn this very important lesson.

Looking for great kids books with a Christian base, these are the books for you. Grandpa shows the bears that God gives us many talents but there is not any need for bragging about it.

About the Author

Mike Berenstain grew up watching his parents, Stan and Jan, working together to write and draw these lovable bears. Eventually he started drawing and writing about them too.

I grew up reading the Berenstain Bears and learned many of their lessons. At the end of each book there is a section that helps kids understand the lesson just taught, in the story.

You can purchase this book from Amazon for $3.99


And from Zondervan for $3.19


Five Lil Bass In Tow was sent this book to read and write my honest review

Aloe Cure Review

My husband suffers from serious heartburn and gurd. Since he started using the Aloe Cure he has been able to enjoy orange juice. This is a really big thing. He loves orange juice but the acid effects have been so painful. We wanted to make sure you got the best review of Aloe Cure. He has eaten items he wasn't able to before. The sauce from Arby's, orange juice and spicy thai rice. After using the Aloe Cure he didn't need his Pepcid.

Aloe Cure is a dietary supplement that lowers stomach acid. continued use will help with digestion and the digestive system.

There is no age limit on who can take this. My 14 year olds favorite part of this supplement is that it can be made into smoothies and yogurt.

Just take 2fl oz which equals 4 tablespoons twice a day, with or without food.

Product Description
All natural and drug free AloeCure® helps stop painful heartburn before it starts and helps to heal a damaged digestive system caused by acid reflux. This tasty and easy to use dietary supplement brings the best of the Aloe Vera healing plant directly to your digestive system. As a natural antacid, AloeCure® is brimming with malic-calcium, a strong acid buffer. AloeCure® is also loaded with polysaccharides, the unique natural wonder that soothes and heals your entire digestive tract to provide natural heartburn relief. Additionally, Aloe Vera juice is packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids making it great for boosting your immune system, helping fight against memory loss, and supporting joint health. Aloe Vera is a miracle plant that can provide multiple health benefits. There are more than 400 species of aloe plants but only one species delivers the miracle healing properties that have made the plant famous: Aloe Barbadensis Miller. This is the only kind of Aloe Vera that AloeCure® uses. The use of Aloe Vera goes back thousands of years. Its medical benefits were prized by the ancient civilizations of Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, India, and Arabia. AloeCure® relies on the most valuable, most exclusive Aloe Vera to enhance our health products. We own all the aloe farms and manufacturing facilities used to grow and make our products, and we guarantee the purity and potency of all our products. Our AloeCure® plants are certified organic by ECOCERT®, one of the most demanding organic certifiers in the world. Years of research has allowed AloeCure® to extract the true essence of organic Aloe Vera juice. We package and sell it every day for your health needs. AloeCure® is a superior product built around the miracle plant Aloe Vera.

You can purchase this product from Amazon for $59.80 for the 6pk


#Cube Review

If you are a dedicated instagrammer than this is the product for you!

It is an extremely innovative, attractive, & easy-to-use wireless living photo canvas which showcases your favorite social photo & video streams.

You sign into your instagram account and then the Cube scrolls through all your feeds and your friends. Great way to keep up with all your friends Instagrams. You can also just let this scroll through yours and it will be your own photo frame. However, this does not plug it. The Cube runs on batteries.

Among the immensely appealing features of #Cube™ are:

· A large 8” square LCD touch screen display, giving the retro-inspired #Cube™ a modern touch.
· Real-time and instant continuous delivery of a stream of photos and video clips, enabling users to enjoy and display real-time social network images from friends, family, and favorite celebrities.
· Rechargeability and built-in Wi-Fi as well as free wireless software updates that enable new features & application support.

This would be a great gift for your teenager. You or your teen will also love that this product has a touch screen. Perfect to scroll and search for the best instagram video or photo.

You can purchase this product through Amazon for $149 (it can be purchased in White or Black)


Mommy's Time Out Wine Review

This is such a cute idea! Is your wife a super busy lady? Is she constantly running children to sports and doctors appointments? If you answered yes, then I think that she might need some Mommy's Time Out Wine, as a nice evening drink.

Why not check out their selection of the different wines at


First they have the Delicious Pink

Country – Italy

Alcohol by Volume – 9.5%

Tasting Notes:

This pleasant fresh tasting rose wine has terrific mouth feel and wonderful fruity floral aromas. It has a pleasant finish and is a great wine with or without food.

When I opened the bottle the scent was very inviting! The Delicious Pink has a smooth taste to it. It was not a harsh wine. This specific wine would be a nice addition to a succulent steak dinner.

The back of the bottles have a sweet Mommy's Time Out sticker

There are 3 other Mommy's Time Out wines

Delicious Red
Garganega Pinot Grigio

These would be great to get for a ladies night out, also.

They now also have Dad's Night off wine in a 2012 Chianti

Great gift ideas!!

You can also find them on Facebook


For More Information About Mommy's Time Out Give them a Call


Tel: (973) 515-2301

Contact: Mike Cincotta


Monday, February 2, 2015

Nuby Dishwasher Basket Review

This was such a needed item, in our house!! Between bottles and sippy cups it's an endless fight to keep them from falling to the bottom and melting. Has that happened to you?

The unique design lets nipples stay in the correct spot. Also the sippy leak stoppers will fit in the spots well. It is super nice to still have the pieces when the wash is over. I also like not having the boil them just to get the pieces clean.

I put the basket on the top shelf so that they don't get too hot.

You can purchase these in dark blue or light blue from Buy Baby Direct


for $3.99 plus shipping

I will definitely be using this when the grandbaby gets here! We will have a toddler and a grandbaby so a dishwasher basket is a necessity!

If you are an older person with medical needs this also might serve great for the syringes and other smaller items that get lost in the dishwasher.

Check out Nuby at all their Social websites



Five Lil Bass In Tow was sent this dishwasher basket to test and post my honest review. Thank you for reading!

Superior Source Vitamins Review

Superior Source has just about any vitamin you could be looking for.

Superior Source not only has vitamins but they have Stevia and Lip Balms

The Stevia is a sugar substitute that can be used in all cold and hot beverages.

Directions: Use as an herbal dietary supplement, 1/3 level teaspoon tastes like 1 level teaspoon of sugar. Sprinkle on food or stir into beverage, vary amount to suit taste.

The 9.2oz bottle serves around 315 serving!

My kids favorite item from Superior is the Vitamin C melts

Each bottle contains 90 melts. Each melt has 500 mg of vitamin c. Great vitamin to take on a daily basis during cold and flu season. Anything to keep away the nasty's.

Directions: As a dietary supplement, dissolve one MicroLingual® tablet under the tongue daily. May also be swallowed as you would a regular tablet.

There are so many different ones to choose from:

Just for women

Hormone Balance
Mature Healthy Balance
Healthy Skin
Healthy Hair
Sex Drive
Slumber Helper
Stress Formula
Pep and Energy

Children's Line

Baby B
Baby D3
Child Formula Echinacea & Zinc Lozenjets

Just for Men

Sex Drive

This is only the beginning of the different vitamins that Superior makes. You should check them all out at


Find them in a store near you


There were 5 stores that carry these, in my area. So excited. It is hard to find a good vitamin.

Check them out and feel free to let me know if you like them!

Five Lil Bass In Tow was sent these vitamins in exchange for an honest review