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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Simple Baker Cookie Stamp

I would have loved to have received this item. My daughter loves to bake and to be able to give a stamped package for holidays would have been so much fun.

You can purchase this product from amazon.com for $ 10.45


Product Description
We are launch a cookie stamp with 5 different molds similar to the one shown!
The product comes with a wooden stamp and 5 colorful different stamp fronts to stamp into cookies.
This is a great product to play with kids or for holiday gifts!

This product will be launched on Amazon
We are giving out this product and please leave an honest review on the product.

Bonnie Bear Plush Toy

Such a super cute and soft bear. I was wondering why a stuffed animal needed a review. This bear was sewn together very well. Wash rag washable. Dries really fast. Cute face and is a loved item around here.

You can purchase this item from Amazon.com for $21.38


Product Description
A new plush toy bear sold by Baby First Corporation, one of the new Tillie the duck frinds on the TV.

~Soft, cozy and just the right size for babies and toddlers
-Free standing
-Hand washable material
-Toy is 12" high

~Manufacturer recommended age: 3 months and up

#1 Magnetic Car Air Vent Phone Mount Smartphone Stand

Product Description
•TOP-RATED DESIGN ✔ This high-quality magnetic phone mount has a modern design and works with all smartphones, eliminating the need to use bulky clamps as with standard universal phone mounts. This phone mount is super compact and is as discreet as it is functional thanks to the use of magnets which are pretty awesome. Materials used to make our product are durable and won't fail, even after months and years of use!
2-IN-1 DESK STAND & AIR VENT MOUNT ✔ This mount is a real chameleon; use it in your car with any type of air vent then take then it home or to the office and insert any credit card to convert it into a desk stand. Use it anywhere you can think of from your car, plane, train, desk, office,kitchen counter, restaurant or coffee shop and bring a complete entertainment center with you right in your pocket.
360° ROTATION ✔ Smartphone can rotate a full 360°, allowing you easily switch from taking calls in portrait mode to following a GPS or watching a movie in landscape. There's no ball joint to turn, only beautiful magnetic hold that firmly holds your phone exactly where you want. Use this mount just once and you'll be wondering why you waited so long to switch from whatever you were using before!
PROTECTS YOUR PHONE ✔ Rubberized head works perfectly with the quad magnet array so that your phone is protected from scratches and so that it won't slide off! The four strong magnets provide the piece of mind that your phone will be held gently but firmly exactly where you need it to stay. Multiple ways of inserting the metal plate guarantee that you will be able to use your phone with this product! Simply hold your device near the magnetic head and it will attach firmly to the phone mount.
BONUS GIFT ✔ Do you or your family have many smartphone or devices? As a FREE BONUS, we've included an additional metal plate that you can put in the battery or phone case in the event you have multiple phones. We stand by our product and offer a risk-free 5 year warranty and a better than money-back 60 day guarantee. BUY 3 OR MORE MOUNTS AND GET FREE SHIPPING!

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 3 Micro USB 3.0 Cable Review

Product Description
The Samsung Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 are two of the most advanced mobile devices on the market today, but if you really want to see how impressively they perform, you can't settle for any ordinary Note 3 or Samsung Galaxy S5 charger cable. With the Samsung Galaxy S5 Charger & Samsung Note 3 Charger from That Is Just Genius, you'll be able to use your mobile device sooner and get data transferred at lightning fast speeds.
This Galaxy S5 and Samsung Note 3 USB cable doesn't just say "Genius" on the outside; it features truly genius technology on the inside. An OEM-certified charger, the Samsung Micro USB 3.0 cable allows you to fully benefit from the USB 3.0 capabilities of your device while consuming less power and protecting your Note 3 or Galaxy S5 from damage due to overheating.
With an ordinary Samsung Galaxy S5 car charger, 2.0 Samsung Note 3 cable or 2.0 Samsung Galaxy S5 cable, you have to wait for 6 to 8 hours for your device to go from 0 to 100% battery power. Who has that kind of time? The Genius Technology featured in this Samsung Galaxy S5 charging cable slashes charging time in half, so you're ready to talk, text, surf and more in just to 2 to 3 hours!
Transferring large video files and audio playlists from your computer to your mobile device can take forever with a basic cable, leaving you wondering if it's worth it to sync that data at all. Our Genius Technology gets even huge files from your hard drive to your mobile device in seconds.
Our ingenious cable is backed by an 18-month warranty to fully ensure your satisfaction. You have nothing to lose but charge and transfer wait time!
Use your mobile device to the fullest and experience faster charging and file transfer times than you ever thought possible. Upgrade to this Samsung USB 3.0 Cable by Adding this Note 3 and Samsung S5 charger cable to your cart now!

This was a great charger. I have the Samsung Galaxy S5 and this did great. Fit well with my phone. Came in a handy little plastic bag. The cord was nice and long. I wasn't stuck to the wall, which is nice in our busy house.

You can purchase this product from Amazon for $

Bluetooth Talk n' Walk Headphones

My daughter, age 14, LOVES these headphones! I was so excited to get these for me, as I don't like ear buds, but she stole them from me. She loves that they are blue tooth. She can do dishes and laundry without cords being in the way. She laughs every time someone calls me while she is using though because then she gets to listen in. (headphones are hooked to my phone) It was pretty simple to set up. Just follow the enclosed instructions. These are compatible with so many different music playing devices. Check them all out below! These do not have to run on batteries. This way you aren't spending so much money these. You can also just plug them into the wall. That is so convenient.

Product Description
Blu Audio Talk n' Walk Headphones + Mic & Mobile Control
When you're on a noisy or windy city street and with the 40mm audio drivers for maximum sound,you'll appreciate the premium sound quality and well-designed features of Blu Audio on-ear Bluetooth headphones. You'll hear your favorite music with the balance and detail that it deserves, for a truly enjoyable listening experience. Exclusive technology with active EQ gives your music natural-sounding lows, even at high volumes, while phone conversations remain crystal-clear - even on a noisy subway. Featuring an uber-comfortable design and convenient Bluetooth functionality, these headphones are ready to travel. We're all music enthusiasts here at Sweetwater, and we love products like Blu Audio on-ear Bluetooth headphones!

About Rebelite
Rebelite is one of the largest distributors of cellular phone / Tablet Accessories in The United States. Since 1999 we have served millions of shoppers worldwide. We are successful because we focus on you - the end user. It's all about manufacturing world class gear for today's tech savvy end user.

Fit for:
Compatible with Iphone 4, 4S; 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 Plus, Ipad 1, 2, 3, Air, Retina, Mini, mini 2; Samsung-Galaxy S3, S4, S5; PCs-Windows, Macbook Air, Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, Microsoft Surface Pro, Nexus,Dell Venue 7 & 8, Samsung Tab S, Lenovo Yoga, ASUS T200, Nvidia Shield, Lenovo ThinkPad 10, Sony Xperia Z2, HTC Flyer and Evo view, Motorola Xoom, LG G Pad, Nokia Lumia, NEC, Or any bluetooth phone, tablet, or computer

Monday, August 3, 2015

Coverplug - Paintable Outlet Cover

With little ones in the house, it is very important to make sure that they do not electrocute themselves. You can either buy those little plastic outlet covers or these. I think that these Cover plugs look a lot better.

If you would like to keep the elegances in your house, this might be the choice for you.

However, I let my older kids design them for their rooms. They had so much fun. Honestly, this might be a great thing to purchase for sleepovers and or teen birthday parties. Just let all the kids decorate them and take them home. Great way to decorate a teens room.

You can use paint like on the walls, markers or even chalk markers. We used chalk markers so that if my daughter changed her mind, that she could wash it off and redecorate!

The kids loved to do this and it will keep my little ones from sticking objects in my sockets.

Product Description
The COVERPLUG™ is a durable, molded, and paintable plastic panel that plugs right into an electrical socket to cover the entire outlet. This innovative outlet cover is held securely in place by posts on the back that align with the ground openings and require no tools for installation or removal. They are made in the USA and use a specially designed plastic that is easily paintable to match your wall color. The COVERPLUG™ is an excellent child proofing product.

You can purchase this product from amazon.com for $8.95


I Love You Even When Book Review

I have gotten to write reviews on quite a few kids books. I love how most of the books have such cute animals and other graphics. I know that my kids have loved these books. They have brought about some interesting conversations. Another book written by this lady is I Love You All The Same. We have 1 adopted daughter and even though we do not treat her any different nor does she get treated like she is different, this might be good for when she is old enough to understand. We have lots of friends that are foster parents and or adoptive parents. Each child understands things differently. This book shows that no matter what....blonde, red headed, skinny, chunky, tall, short, white, black or purple, you are all the same. God loves you no matter what!

Also "God loves you even when you both are quite the sticky mess". 1 of the little bears smears honey on one of the other bears. That is a good lesson on the love of God and of your parents. Just because we ground you or discipline you for doing wrong does not mean that we don't love you!

I Love You All the Same by Donna Keith and illustrated by Allison Edgson has succeeded in helping parents tell their children how much they love each of them—no matter how different they may be. Parents and grandparents looking for a book that teaches children about loving discipline and unconditional love will enjoy this delightful new book.

You can purchase this book from amazon for $7.21


You can check out Tommy Nelson website and social media accounts at:

Check out all their other great books at



I received this book set in exchange for my honest review

Silicon Devices COMFORT+ Bluetooth Earphone Review

Great color. Great sound, Great blue tooth capabilities!

It is so nice for my son, while mowing the lawn, not to have to be hooked to the phone or mp3 player with cord. He loved the design too. Just 1 cord that goes behind your head.

This comes with a nice case, so that it doesn't get twisted or wrecked.

zipper opening, with nice spots for each piece. This is a great buy.

Product Description
Why the Comfort+ Earphones was done just for you?

Exercise-proof Silicon Comfort+ Headphones are entirely equipped with the latest HD sound chip + Bluetooth 4.0 allowing you to enjoy your music at the Gym, Running, Walking, Biking, Gardening, Working out, Watching TV, Driving, Traveling by plane and more.

Customizing your Comfort+ Headphones have different size covers and ear locks for the best custom fit while still fitting tight enough so that you can move around without them falling off. Choose the combination that fits you most comfortably.

Silicon Devices Earphones are the most lightweight earphones on the market and you will almost forget you are wearing anything on your head.

Comfort+ Headphones with HD crystal clear sound combined with a perfect shape for anyone's head, small or large, can be positioned however you like to enhance a fantastic listening experience.

Silicon Comfort+ Headphones cancel white noise providing greater comfort and the highest quality music enjoyment.

Comfort+ Headphones are absolutely sweat-proof making them ideal for exercise.

Comfort+ Headphones are light weight, comfortable and almost imperceptible, allowing you to use them even during those tough exercises that require more concentration.

Comfort+ Headphones are compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled phones and computers.

Package contents:
- Silicon Comfort+ Wireless Headphones
- User manual
- Micro USB charge cable
- Black Carrying Case with soft inner cloth lining and a mesh pocket inside, designed to custom fit your headset
- Ear buds (small, medium, large)
- Outdoor sport Fit Stabilizer

The ear spot is marked with a L or a R to show which ear it belongs in.

You can purchase this product from Amazon for $ 49.87