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Friday, September 6, 2013

Granite Gold Cleaners Review and Giveaway

Granite Gold cares about your counters and all your cleaning needs! Each of their cleaning products comes either in a great spray bottle or a pull out wipes container. Each cleaner is geared towards a specific cleaning need.

Granite Gold Daily Cleaner was my favorite! It is easy to use and is great for the every day cleanups.

All of their products are:

Safe on food-prep surfaces
Non-acidic pH Balanced
No phosphates or ammonia

Also available in convenient, disposable wipes and a cost-saving refill - See more at: http://www.granitegold.com/stone-care-products/daily-cleaner/#sthash.JbGWsdpd.dpuf

We went yesterday to clean a friends house before they move in and it was a semi nightmare. The counters and grout needed to be scrubbed. The tile floors needed a desperate shine!

The Sealer is a good item to have for water sealing your counters. That protects from moldy granite and grout.

Very easy to use! Just point, spray and wipe. Frequent use of the water-based formula maintains maximum surface protection against staining, etching and soil build-up. - See more at: http://www.granitegold.com/stone-care-products/sealer/#sthash.wQK7uzbB.dpuf

Granite Gold Polish

Do you hate when you get that scum build up in the shower? I do! Cleaning the shower yesterday, in house not lived in for over a year, was gross. But after you clean all those nooks and crannies with the daily cleaner, then break out the polish it is awesome!! I really wish I had of taken before and after pictures. It truly was a sight!
Polishing shower walls and tub surrounds will help prevent soap scum build-up. Do not use on floors, which can become slippery. - See more at: http://www.granitegold.com/stone-care-products/polish/#sthash.VPg8y1bd.dpuf

You do not have to just buy these products online. To check for a store nearest you please check here:

Each of these cleaners cost between $7 and $20. If you have bought cleaners recently you will be able to tell these are great prices! Especially for the kinds of cleaners these are.

Check out their website here at

You will not be disappointed in these cleaners!! The daily cleaner even kills grease on the stove, doesn't say that but tried and it does!

Five Lil Bass In Tow was sent a few cleaners to test and post my honest review.

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Purex Dryer Sheets Review and Giveaway

What do you look for in a dryer sheet? Do you look for the cheapest price? best smell? perfect amount of sheets? the right brand name?

In our house we look for about all of those in one and the brand that usually comes up for price, smell, amount and brand.....Purex! Like I said in my Borax review. The laundry isle in the grocery store is my favorite isle to go down. I go down that isle even if I am not buying those items. The smells are all so fresh and clean.

The Purex name has been around for a long time and has done a great job helping families get the perfect amount of great smell to their laundry. My clothes not only come out with a great long lasting smell they come out without all the static cling. Some dryer sheets may smell good but your clothes still stick together.

There are also many other uses for dryer sheets than static cling!
*If you put a dryer sheet in your pocket or bra while outside it wards off those pesky blood sucking bugs

*Put a dryer sheet between the bag of the vacuum and the zipper bag (if you still have the bagged kind) and when you vacuum it won't stink like the stuff you are cleaning up it will release the sheet smell instead for a fresh scent.

*put a sheet in each drawer and closet to keep them smelling fresh between washes

*Also when dusting use a dryer sheet to dust as it will pick up the particles of dust and not let them go. That way there is less of a mess while dusting.

Dryer sheets are so multitalented :)

Purex carries a scent for all your daily wants and likes. We got to test Mountain Fresh which was the perfect scent for me!




VacciShield for Infants and Kids by Well Future

Being the parent of 6 kids I truly hate shot dates. I cringe when I know the doctors appointments are coming that include shots. Not just because "oh my baby is going to cry", but because they get a fever. It makes them not feel all that great and sometimes they end up sick afterwards. That is what VacciShield has in mind when they made their product.

We created VacciShield to fill a gap we saw in the vaccination process. VacciShield is a blend of infant-friendly non-dairy probiotics, vitamins, minerals and an amino acid designed to use daily to boost health in the two weeks surrounding vaccinations. We want only the best for our children and we are proud to be able to share VacciShield with families everywhere.

It is nice to know that our little one can get the extra boost she needs right before her 1 year shots. She just had her 6 month shots not long ago and didn't get full on sick that time. It was nice to have her bounce back quickly.

I wasn't given a website to include in this review. But just Google VacciShield or Well Future. Check them out for your child's well being and your sanity.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.