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Monday, March 21, 2016

Silicone Baby Teething Necklace

This set of flat teethers is unique. Almost all the baby stores sell the ball teether necklaces and bracelets. But this one is flat with a slight design, so has a different feel to it. The bracelet to this set is my daughters favorite teething bracelet, that she has. We have bought quite a few teething/chew products. This bracelet/necklace set is perfect to wear for casual. We can go to spend the day out shopping and it goes perfect with just a t-shirt and jeans.

The silicone, BPA free necklace is so safe. This set is also top shelf dishwasher safe. We just use hot water and dish soap and then air dry. You choose which washing option is best for you. These teething necklaces dry very quickly. I love that!

Do you have a child with sensory issues? These are great for them. Our daughter has to chew. These are perfect for her. We have a friend whose little girl has some other types of issues and her little girl always has on her chew necklace. You can pick whichever color suits your outfit or for the price why not get them all?

We have tried so many different teething products. I also love that she is not soaking and wrecking my good jewelry. I just wear the pieces that are suited for her.

You can purchase these for $13.99


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Zebra Nail Files, Professional Quality Emery Board

I went to cosmetology school to do nails, so I know how hard it is to find the right files. I used to do my own nails and the "grit" had to be just right. There are different "grit" stages for files. Some are used for regular manicures and others are used for acrylics. I have acrylic nails so, for me, the stronger the texture, the better. This makes the job easier and faster.

I loved these Zebra nail files and would definitely recommend them. If you are looking for your nails to look perfect, check into these. These also last a long time. Some with less texture have to be thrown out pretty quickly due to losing their usefulness.

This pack came with 12. With how long they last, it will be a long while before I need to buy files again....

You can purchase this set for $10!!


Go to any store to buy your files and they are going to be over $1 a piece. (unless you get the junky ones)

Easy Home Digital Thermometer

My daughter decided to run a fever shortly after receiving this thermometer. I hate when the kids get sick. As a parent, you feel so helpless. They just lay in your arms or on the bed. I have another thermometer that I used to make sure that it was accurate. Since this was a review, I wanted to make sure that I was giving correct information. When it comes to sick children, you want a product that works. Both thermometers said the same temp. That was a huge relief.

I loved the bendable end. My youngest tends to chew on the thermometer pieces and when they are hard, she bites harder. We have broken a couple digital thermometers this way.

When it is done taking the temperature, the thermometer beeps to alert you. There is a backlight to it also.

This also comes with a nice plastic holder to keep it sanitary. With 6 children of my own and a grandbaby I have to have a reliable product and definitely seems to be one.

The battery is super easy to replace. Just take a coin to the indented area on the back, turn and open the hole.

You can purchase this from Amazon for $16.99