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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Lightweight AX8 Bluetooth Sport Earphone

Are you looking for a classic looking earbud? These are that kind. Bluetooth is also great so that you don't have all the cords of regular earbuds.

I am the only in my family that does not like to listen to their music like they are front row of a concert. Even the tv has to be high. Drives me nuts. So to cure me having to go deaf, by loud music, we get them all earbuds or headphones.

This specific packages comes in a nice, heavy duty, cardboard box. Inside the box is a little carry pouch, earbuds, the ear bud charger, and extra ear pieces. That part, is a major plus. Earbuds, in this house, are constantly losing the soft part that actually goes into the ear. Either the babies take them and think they are chew toys or they just fall off in travel. The nice carry bag is great to try and keep this from happening!

Looking for a nice set of ear buds that aren't just the Walmart brand, fall apart in a week? Why not test out these babies. Great for running. Grab and toss in the gym bag. Will not fall out of your ears as you run.

You can purchase these for $29.99


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pro For Sho Baby Ear Muffs - 3 Months to 2 Years.

My little girl has sensory processing issues. These were the bomb! I was able to vacuum with no screaming from her. My son was able to mow the lawn. She danced around, happy as a clam!

These do not cancelling everything BUT they muffle and make the sounds so much softer. I wish that I had of found these a year ago. We have used headphones for a long time.

Soft covering over the headband part. The ear pieces are like fluffy ear muffs. Soft to the head. These are not tight. You can adjust to your child's head size. These fit my 1 year old grandbaby, my 3 year old daughter, myself and my 18 year old son. Very very versatile in size.

I love these so much!

You can protect your child's ears without denying yourself time out. No more worries about fireworks on the 4th of July.

You can purchase these from Amazon for $20.97