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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Elite Fat Burner Review

So I have done a lot of weight loss/ fat burner reviews lately. I am not sure which one I like most. Each has a different way of working and different ingredients to help.

Some weight loss products are all natural, some have multiple weight loss products in them.

Elite Fat Burner is a liquid gel cap.

Just take 1 gel cap daily. Very easy to remember. Some of the weight loss programs, you have to take 1 a half hour before eating each meal. How are you supposed to remember that. I like the easy 1 a day.

Why Should You Try Elite Fat Burner?
• Our unique 3-blend formula helps to boost your metabolism so you convert fat to energy, resulting in weight loss and increased stamina and focus.
• Guaranteed to work for you! We stand behind our product and believe you will see fantastic results or we will graciously refund your money.
• Made in the U.S.A.: Vitamin Elite products are manufactured in the U.S. in a facility that is GMP certified by NSF with FDA-compliant equipment.

Do not forget to eat healthy, drink lots of water and definitely exercise. This will help aid the fat burner. It will also help you in your quest to lose those unwanted pounds.

Not all products help everyone in the same way. Try this product and see if it works for you. I wish you the best of luck in your weight loss quest!

Safety Information
Warning: Not intended for persons under 18. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Do not consume with other products designed for weight loss or energy enhancement. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Read warnings. Use only as directed

Boost your metabolism and curb that appetite. If you are busier and not hungry, so no snacking all day, you are keeping from extra unwanted calories.

You can purchase this product from Amazon for $24.95


Film Stickers for Fuji Mini @Sticky Shoot Review

Film Stickers will make your pictures fun and unique. Let your kids decorate those boring school pictures. Film stickers will make your child be the hit of the classroom.

These stickers are made for Polaroid pictures, but you do not have to use them exclusively for this brand. Take any picture, fit the sticker to where you want it, lay it on, cut around it and voila you are done. These stickers are perfect for scrap bookers to use on their pages. Bright colors with fun designs. Perfect sized windows so you don't have to cut anyone out!

The True Benefits and Features Of Sticky Shoot Frame Stickers
- 80 Different designs
- Stickers perfectly fit for your Instx photo Film
- Colored, well designed and fun decoration for your Instax photos
- Much cheaper price than of pre-designed Instax Films
- One-day shipping
- Easy to use, only three step appliance function (instruction is added in the box)
- Extraordinary and fun accessory for picture decoration
- Can be used for occasional notes and messages
- Approved by Instax photographers

These were so easy to use! My daughter had a blast going through old photos and decorating them with Film Stickers. The inside window can be used to write a note about the picture and then stuck to the back. Great way to remember why some pics were taken or what the date was. I have a tendency to forget when I took the picture.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Berry Sleepy 100% Fruity Sleep Aid Review and Giveaway

Are you exhausted? Not wanting to take harsh medicines to sleep?

Did you know that passion fruit has serotonin in it? I did not....Serotonin and Melatonin are natural sleep aids. Both are the natural way to get a full nights sleep.

Goji Berries have a blend of magnesium and thiamin, ideal for high-quality rest. Tart Cherries contain optimal levels of melatonin to help you stay asleep.

Take these and sleep like a baby

When you open the bottle, the pills smell yummy. A lot better than most pills.

Do you have any insomniac friends? Recommend this product to them. Since this is all natural, it is safe enough for older teens. My 16 year old son is a very busy boy. By the time he gets in bed, you would think that he would just pass right out. No, his brain is still in overdrive. Just 1 of these before bed and he sleeps so well. I definitely recommend this product. I love how it is safe and gentle for almost everyone to use.

You can purchase this product from amazon.com for $ 29.95


Petite Plus Super Weight Loss Suppliment

I have had such problems with my weight since I have had children. 6 children, 4 of which were C-Sections, really does a job on your body. Have you been looking for a product that can help you in your fight to lose weight.

Lots of people buy so many different products

Raspberry Ketones
Garcinia Cambogia
Green coffee BEan Extract
Rhodiola Rosea-The added Rhodiola Rosea is nature's most powerful and trusted energy booster and stress reliever.

With Petite Plus all those products are in 1 pill. Each pill burns fat, boosts energy and relieves stress.

Just take 2 capsules, once a day 30 min before eating. Make sure to take those pills with a full glass of water for best results. Drinking more water all helps flush your body of toxins.

This product is great for an appetite suppressant. Just think, if you aren't snacking all day long you aren't going to get those extra empty calories.

Remember as with all weight loss products, eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise will help in your weight loss quest.

You can purchase this product through Amazon.com for $ 35.00


Colored Shoe Laces Review

Who wants boring white or black shoe laces? These days it`s all about the colors. Pink, blue, green, purple, grey or multicolored. I look for the bright colored shoes with neat laces. No, I`m not a teenager.

So frustrating when your shoe lace breaks or the plastic comes off the aglet. (end of the shoelace)

The shoe laces are an important part of protecting your feet.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ladybird Pacifier Holder Review

This pacifier/binkie holder is the cutest! We have already had friends ask where we got and if they could have it. Each section of the holder is wood. The clip is painted using non-toxic and lead free paint. Very safe for your baby told hold, chew on and drool on. The paint will not chip off. The clip is Saliva Resistant so paint will not come off due to baby sucking and drooling on it

We have a little girl but friends of ours with a little boy wanted this clip too. Such springy colors that this is the perfect time to purchase.

1. Only use under supervision.
2. Not for use in bed, cradle, playpen etc.
3. Don't take the pacifier clip apart.
4. Don't attempt to lengthen or shorten the cord other than by using the twist lock.

This clip can be used on almost all types of binkies. We used it on the soothie binkie. But it works on Nuk, Gerber and also on the Nuby pacifier. The gem ended ones are the hardest.

The colors are very stimulating to a baby's brain. Color and shapes help stimulate learning at this young age. Touch and textures are great also.

Our 2 year old uses pacifier holders to hold her chew bead necklaces, bracelets and chewy's. She needs the sensory stimulation. She is a chewer. The colors and designs are also great for children with these issues. She likes the smoothness of the wood. I watch her carefully when she uses this since she has all her teeth. But she hasn't gotten any knicks in the wood or the paint. That should tell you how good this clip is made. I recommend this clip for those of you looking for 1 that is strong and can withstand a beating.

You can purchase this product from Amazon.com for $17.64


Easy open and close clasp

Precious Moments God Watches Over Me Book Review

My 18 year old daughter collects Precious Moments. When she found out that she was pregnant, I thought this would be the best book for her to read to her little one. She was so excited when it came in the mail.

One look at the hard back board book and she was in love with it. Each page is filled with the adorable child like Precious Moments characters. Kids love rhyming books. This book follows you through the day and shows how God watches over you. He is there when you get up, He is there when you go to bed. God never leaves.

The scripture verses are such that little kids can understand them. That is very important when trying to get little ones to understand the Bible.

I am thankful to BookLook Bloggers for allowing me read this book in exchange for my honest review.

You can purchase this book through Amazon.com for $8.68


or through Tommy Nelson for $9.99

Since 1978, Precious Moments has grown into an evergreen brand recognized worldwide, with more than 12.5 million books and Bibles sold through Thomas Nelson.

Refillable K-Cup Review

It is so nice to be able to reuse this cup over and over again. No more wasting products. The Keurig is a majorly used product, in this house. I am the only one over 14 here who doesn't drink coffee. My family is able to still buy in bulk, now, and still use the Keurig.

Very easy to use. All you have to do is pour your desired abount of coffee, tea or hot chocolate into the cup.

when you have done that, put the reusable cup into the Keurig

Close up your Keurig and wait for your coffee to brew. So easy, so fast and very eco friendly.

You can purchase this product through Amazon for only $5.95

The reusable cup has a smooth Inner Surface which allows for Easy Cleaning. With lid closed, turn the Cafe@Cup upside down and firmly tap the lid on a counter top; Open the lid and the entire coffee puck should fall out with a slight shake; Rinse the inside of the cup with water and let sit to dry.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pm169582a799e5b6c46fdfd432379f60d8

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace - KG Baby Review

Have you been up day in and day out with your teething child? Are you looking for relief? I honestly thought that these were just some new product with just the hope of working. Our little girl wore this necklace all day yesterday. She was so pleasant to be around. Poor girl wasn't chewing on her fingers or the toys she was playing with.

She has been working on these molars for what seems like forever.

• Provides soothing pain relief within a few hours. No more sleepless nights!
• Reduces drooling and the bumpy neck and chest rashes.
• Boosts the immune system to fight gum inflammation.
• Recover full energy and avoids fever & fussiness
• 100% Natural. No chemicals or negative side-effects.

Find Out How The Features of Our Necklaces Provide A Complete Teething Solution For You and Your Baby!

• Highest quality ancient amber, certified authentic from Eastern Europe.
• Each amber bead is double knotted on both sides for safety.
• Easy-to-use screw clasp keeps the necklace secure.
• Includes a beautiful sheer organza gift pouch.

For a limited time, each order includes a silicone teething pendant as a free bonus

I am impressed! The colors can be worn with anything. No trying to find the right color for a boy or girl. I fully recommend these! Buy one now and save yourself a couple sleepless nights. It will not take all symptoms and pain away but reduces a LOT!

You can purchase these from Amazon.com for $15.89


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Stretch Mark Cream

Only some stretch marks are welcome to some people. I am proud of my stretch marks from having children. BUT there are some stretch marks that no one likes to welcome. The ones from growth behind the knees, on the hips, even on the chest. Not always your favorite thing and usually during swimsuit season it's those places you want to hide. This does not take them away but it does help lesson the marks. My daughter just had her baby 1 month ago and has used this since. She says that it is smoothing and is not a greasy lotion. Just rub some on every night and let it soak in as you sleep.

If you have stretch marks you want to try to help, try this product.

You can purchase this product through amazon for $21.67


Flat Teether Necklace and Bracelet Review

This set of flat teethers is unique. Almost all the baby stores sell the ball teether necklaces and bracelets. But this one is flat with a slight design, so has a different feel to it. The bracelet to this set is my daughters favorite teething bracelet, that she has. We have bought quite a few teething/chew products. This bracelet/necklace set is perfect to wear for casual. We can go to spend the day out shopping and it goes perfect with just a t-shirt and jeans.

The silicone, BPA free necklace is so safe. This set is also top shelf dishwasher safe. We just use hot water and dish soap and then air dry. You choose which washing option is best for you. These teething necklaces dry very quickly. I love that!

Do you have a child with sensory issues? These are great for them. Our daughter has to chew. These are perfect for her. We have a friend whose little girl has some other types of issues and her little girl always has on her chew necklace. You can pick whichever color suits your outfit or for the price why not get them all?

We have attached the bracelet to the Beabies binkie/chew holder so she can have it attached to her at all times

They have turquoise, magenta, blue and black.

You can purchase these sets for $19.97 from Amazon.com


Bright colors for your child and for you to look your best.

We have tried so many different teething products. I also love that she is not soaking and wrecking my good jewelry. I just wear the pieces that are suited for her.

Round Teether Necklace and Bracelet Review

I don't know how many necklaces that I have had broken in the 19 years I have been a mom. I was so excited when companies started making these teething items. Our 2 year old has been so happy that Mommy lets her "play" with her jewelry. The chunky round balls are perfect for them to put in their mouths. Because it is chunky it pushes on the gums and helps the pain that comes from swollen gums.

We have a friend whose little girl uses these beads all the time.

I chose black because it goes with everything. I have a set from another company in pink and the balls do not stay in place and the pink does not stay clean. I have had this black set for over a month and the pieces do not move, the black has not lost it's "shine", and the clasp has not lost it's hold.

You can wear these for dressy or even just with a t-shirt and jeans. Today, I wore with a dressed up outfit for church and she chewed on the necklace the whole service. The other day, while at Wal-Mart, she had the necklace in her mouth while we were shopping.

Our little girl has some sensory problems also. The feel and shape is something she loves. She has to chew and this is the perfect product for her to chew on when she feels the need. She is not chewing on my good silver and gold jewelry which can be harmful to her.

If you are looking for the perfect shower gift, this would be it. It would also make a great birthday gift for a new mom.

These come in different colors: white, grey, red and turquoise Choose your favorite color!

You can purchase this product from Amazon.com for $20.97


Nuby Fish Basketball Hoop Bathtub Toy Review and Giveaway

My 2 year old daughter and 7 year old son absolutely love this Nuby toy! My kids are such fish that bath time is their favorite time of the day. The Nuby set has a couple fish and a net that suction cups to the bathroom wall.

My daughter was so cute....One morning before church, I was in the shower and she kept coming in. I repeatedly told her to get out so that I could take my shower. Finally, I opened the shower door to see my little girl outside the door so that all I could see what her little hands in the bathroom. Why? In her little hands she held 1 fish in each hand. I felt so bad for telling her to get out...she just wanted to share her favorite new bath toy with Mommy. I definitely took those fish into the shower with me and thanked her for sharing. When I was out and dressed for church, she was looking all over my bathroom for her fish. Kids are so cute!

For the older kids, just hang the suction cup a little higher on the wall. We can hear my son in there every time. He screams whooo hoooo. Must have gotten a basket.

There is even a pull string on the bottom of the net to either open the net and let the fish through or to close it and it stores the fish for later.

You can purchase this bath toy for $26.71 from amazon.com


Or from the Fishpond.com for $19.99


Check out Nuby at all their Social websites



a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was sent this Nuby Bath toy to test and post my honest review

Forskolin Weight Loss Pill Review

A lot of people are trying to lose weight. Weight loss is not an easy thing. Women and men alike struggle day in and day out. Do you choose weight Watchers or do you go with other weight loss meals. The weight loss product that a lot of stars are using is Forskolin. Just take 1 weight loss pill in the morning, and 1 in the evening. Use this with your daily workout for an extra push for weight loss. I have tried this for a little bit and I am never hungry. In fact, I totally forgot to eat 1 day, since I wasn`t hungry. This is not good, so please remember to eat. Even if you are not hungry, eat a little something so that you don`t get sick. Weight loss is great and all but you still have to have a certain calorie intake.

Works on your body's hormone-sensitive fat-storing tendency. Once it stimulates your "dormant" fat-burning enzymes and hormones, it melts fat cells and flushes them from your body! Basically, it "ignites" your metabolism by waking up sluggish hormones!

You can purchase this product for $17.95 from Amazon.com