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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Baby Travel Bed Review

This product is great. I co slept with all 6 of our children. I had something like this when your youngest was a baby. Not nearly as soft or sturdy. This nice baby travel bed has the bumpers up top to keep the baby from rolling over.

Need to go on vacation? Just zip up your bag and throw the shoulder strap on and go.

This portable bed is not just for sleeping. We have gone into many bathrooms and there is not a changer in site. We have has to put a blanket or a changing pad down just to keep the kids sanitary. I'm not real big on public bathrooms anyway. This was a nice clean way to keep from having to lay the baby on the floor.

Outside is so easy to clean. Just wipe down with a rag.

If you travel a lot this would be a great product for you to purchase. You can store wipes and diapers inside for all your travel needs.

Would make the perfect shower gift! A couple different colors to choose from.

You can purchase this product from Amazon.com for $ 34.95


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Baby More Co Baby Wrap

Do you like to babywear? Does your child do better if you carry them everywhere?

My kids were carried everywhere. The only thing we had when they were little were the front pack carriers. They were bulky and in my opinion uncomfortable. I wish that we had had something like this.

My grandbaby is so content when she is attached to her mommy.

You can still do dishes, laundry, vacuum and more with BOTH hands. Before it was carry baby with 1 hand and do what you could with the other.

You can choose from 4 colors: Grey, Black, Oxford Blue & Pink

Just my 2 cents. If you are on your first child and don't want to have to buy another wrap if you have a boy next time, buy blue or black.

We have a grey colored one and love it. No one mistakes her for a boy. So no worries there.

Nice stretchable material. Its a super long piece of soft material that you wrap around yourself. There are a bunch of different ways to wrap but the way shown for this one is:

My daughter is 5'6 and weighs a tad over 200lbs. This wrap fits her nicely. I am 5'4 and about 250 and it doesn't fit around me as well. I am rounder. This is a super wrap though! There are MANY different way to use it. Check out Youtube videos to find out more ways.

I FULLY recommend this wrap! If you have a preemie this is a must have item.

You can purchase this product from Amazon.com for $35.20


Pratisphere Ice Sphere Molds

This is so neat! I wanted to do this review so bad, after I saw them advertised. I opened these quickly when I received. The Ice Ball Mold is so easy to do.

So, you are holding these 2 pieces in your hand, open them by pulling it in half. The mold is made of a nice heavy plastic. When it is time to fill the mold, just stick the mold under the faucet and water will fill in the hole at top.

Once the Ice Ball Molds are filled just pop them in the freezer for a few hours.

Once frozen just removed, split the silicone ball in half and remove the frozen sphere. Perfect for party drinks. You could also put Kool-Aid or juice in them. Put a sucker stick in, wait till frozen and you would have a super sized popsicle. Great for those really hot days! We loved these!

You can purchase these from Amazon.com for $16.99


Monday, June 15, 2015

Velocity Boards Retro Cruiser 22" Skateoard

Velosity board, my kids favorite package so far! This board was the hit of the neighborhood

You can purchase this board for $27.95 from Amazon.com


Retro Wave Cruiser 22" Complete Banana Skateboard
• Designed for Maximum Grip! Unique Textured Pattern on Deck
• Complete Board Set w/ 6" Trucks, Wheels, ABEC-5 Bearings, Hardware!
• Approx. Truck Axle Width: 6", Approx. Truck Hanger Width: 3"
• Deck Measures Approx. 22 x 6"

We love love love this product! Would make a great gift! Great for that new skater. We had kids 2-14 riding this in our driveway. Take your child to the skate park and let them watch and learn. May learn something cool. Would not recommend for kids over 150 lbs.

Easy Peasy Patches Inc.

Easy Peasy Patches are just that, easy peasy!

Throw your garment, to be patched, in the dryer for a couple minutes, remove and apply patch.

My son stole the flag patch right out of the shipping envelope. The monster face is holding his pants together.
The girls took the rest. So many designs to choose from.

You can choose from skulls all the way to plain colored patches.

I like the ease of using. a lot of patches need to be sewn or ironed. These just heat and apply.

Product Description
Easy Peasy Patches are a brand new, patent pending product; there is nothing on the market like them! EasyPeasy Patches are extremely durable, permanent, fabric sticker patches. They require NO ironing or sewing and will go through the washer, dryer and dishwasher. Easy Peasy Patches can be used to Mend, Decorate and Accessorize anything: from jeans and backpacks; to water bottles and sporting equipment. Easy Peasy Patches were created as a solution to a 'mom problem': children wearing out the knees in their pants before they outgrew them; but they have turned out to be so much more! Easy Peasy Patches are great for Crafting! They can be cut to any size and drawn on with permanent ink markers. Easy Peasy Patches now has a series of Craft Kits that are ideal for boys and girls to personalize all of their belongings.

You can purchase the patches individually or in a group at


This set costs $19.99 for the 6 patches.
You can check out there other social media sites at