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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nuby Teether Tagz Review and Giveaway

Our little girl has suffered terribly with her teething! She is 8 months old and still no teeth. Poor baby chews on everything. These Nuby Teether Tagz have just saved us from her teething on things that should not be in a baby's mouth. The ears or wings have teething pieces on them. The plastic is the rubber like on most teethers.

The 3 different animals they have are the butterfly, the rabbit and an elephant. All so cute with bright colored materials.

•Playful characters that are cuddly and comforting
•Super soft for your baby to cuddle
•Textured teething parts on the end of their ears help soothe and comfort teething toddlers

Each of these cost around $6.99 at Buy Baby Direct


Nûby™ Teether Tugz™ toys are playful characters that are cuddly and comforting. The mix of different fabrics make them super soft for your baby to cuddle, while the textured teething parts on the end of their ears help soothe and comfort teething toddlers.

This has been a wonderful addition to her teethers. I know I say this with each Nuby review that is a material item but all their cloth animals dry so fast. I LOVE that about them!

All materials are 100% polyester. Internal fabric is 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Teething surface is TPE. BPA free!

They are so cute! Check him out!

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Five Lil Bass In Tow was sent this cute little guy to test and post my honest review. This blog is also not responsible for prize delivery.

Clever Relish Wipe Wraps Giveaway

Cleverrish Logo

Hosted By: Simply Southern Couponers

Sponsored By: CleverRelish 

CleverRelish creates unique products to solve life’s little, and sometimes big, parenting problems. Instead of looking at the plain wipe boxes you can accessorize them for any room or space. All the moms in your neighborhood will want one to. These Wipe Wraps make the perfect baby shower gift for any new mommy-to-be. 

This is one of the neatest baby products I have seen in a very long time! Kudos to the Clever Relish company!

 To see more about CleverRelish read Simply Southern Couponers full review

Clever Relish 1Clever Relish 2

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Event Details:

Date: June 28, 2013 - July 12, 2013

Open to US residents. Must be ages 18+ to enter.

Prize: One lucky viewer will receive (10) CleverRelish WipeWraps of their choice. (RV $149.50)

Complete the Rafflecopter form below to enter. All winning entries will be verified.

Good Luck and thank you for entering!!

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Almondina Snacks Review

Grandmother’s Secret

Grandmother’s secret recipe is a no added fat,
no-cholesterol cookie for our time.

Almondina® is the inspiring success story of a man whose great loves include both music and wonderful food. For generations his family loved his grandmother Dina’s most secret cookie, which she called Petit Gateau Sec. Yuval Zaliouk, an internationally known symphony conductor and gourmet chef, always had a special place in his heart (and stomach) for this exquisite, crispy wafer with the delicate flavor of roasted almonds and the natural sweetness of plump raisins.

“Generous as she was in giving away her recipes, Grandmother Dina kept the one for Petit Gateau Sec a total secret until the end of her life. Only then did she finally reveal the secret to her daughter, Ahuda, my mother.”

“It is with her blessing and with pride that the Zaliouk family shares these delicious, healthful wonders with your family.”

Long after his grandmother’s death, Zaliouk became aware that the remarkable characteristics of this addictively delicious but extremely nutritious cookie fell squarely in line with the growing demands of health-conscious buyers at the end of the century. Within seven years having started baking in his kitchen, the cookies, renamed Almondina® for his grandmother, were available in all fifty states, sought after in seven foreign countries, and had brought him recognition as Entrepreneur of the Year.

This all-natural, crispy almond cookie has no cholesterol and no added fat, salt, or preservatives. It is wonderfully crunchy and does not have to be dipped. It is a delightful accompaniment for coffee, tea, soft cheeses and fine light wines. The rush to eliminate fat from gourmet foods too often has also eliminated most of the flavor, a fact which is in sharp contrast to this enticingly delicious cookie.

Since the introduction of the classic Original flavor, eight more distinctive variations have been introduced, all of which continue to be packed with roasted almonds. A recent innovation, Chocolate Cherry, combines the almonds with dark chocolate and plump cherries.

First off I have to say that I do not like nuts. I have been given opportunity to tast a lot of things I normally wouldn't like by doing this blog. I do however love biscotti so had to test these out! I fell in love with Almondina! Each snack was not just a nut filled snack. The flavors in each of these were great! My ultimate favorite one was the Ginger spice! I loved them all but the overall fav had to be that one!

Almonds, Flour (wheat flour, malted barley flour), Pure Cane Sugar, Egg Whites, Diced Ginger, Natural Flavors. Kosher Pareve.

Each package of these is 4oz of great flavor for $3.49 each!

Here in Missouri they carry these at 6 places. Glad to hear they are so easily accessible! How about near you?


Each piece is crispy but not hard. Even our 8 month old was able to gum these, she loves these! I had to hide some of these so that I was able to get some to test for myself. I sat down one day with a package and before I knew it I had eaten all but a couple pieces!! Yes, they are that good! Thanks goodness the calories aren't too bad... I shouldn't have eaten them all but they were too good to stop!

The cherry chocolate ones even had pieces of dried cherries in them! Truly worth running to the store and buying some to eat with your coffee or even with a little ice cream for dessert OR just eating alone while reading a good book!

Since Cancer is a big thing in our family I was interested in finding out that Almonds can help with:

Almonds & Chemotherapy

A randomized clinical trial has confirmed what many people suspect — that ginger can decrease nausea caused by chemotherapy. The effect goes beyond that provided by standard anti-vomiting drugs.

How Almondina's are made:




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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Action baby Carrier Giveaway

Like I've mentioned before, I love carriers because they eliminate the need for a stroller on short trips. The Action carrier allows me to travel with my 4-year-old without the need for a stroller. My 4-year-old is very independent and loves to walk but when we go to Disneyland or fairs he gets tired of walking by the end of the day. It's nice to have the Action carrier on hand so he can hitch a ride or take a short nap.


Action makes a variety of carriers made for babies or toddlers. I have the toddler carrier which is 3 inches taller in the body than their regular carrier, as well as offering an inch longer hood and 2 inches smaller in the shoulder webbing (because they are used mostly for back carries and gives you a tighter fit). The base of the “seat” is 19 inches across. All of the webbing on the toddler carrier is the same as their standard carrier.

The Action carrier has held up very nicely. I feel like my child is safe and secure. I especially love that it can hold a child from 15-45lbs! That's a lot of weight and a great work out for mom or dad! The Action carrier has a clip that sits just above you hip to alleviate the tension on your shoulders.


And a chest clip that helps secure the carrier and not having the shoulder straps slide off your shoulders.


The flip hood that is attached is nice but my son is so tall that it didn't fit over his head. Another thing I wish it had is a storage pocket of some sort. I love to travel light and don't always like to carry my purse. But the over all look, feel and function of the carrier meet my expectations.

Want to win a carrier of choice!

Review brought to you by BabyDashCo

Enter Below

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mediterranean Snack Fiery Tomato Review and Giveaway

Discover Baked Lentil Chips, a delicious, heart healthy alternative to ordinary chips. Inspired by the balanced lifestyle of the Mediterranean region, this all natural, gluten-free snack is made from high protein, nutritious lentils, garbanzo and adzuki beans. Baked Lentil Chips are ideal for sophisticated entertaining, or simply adventurous snacking with your favorite dips and spreads or straight from the bag!


Have you ever tried a lentil chip? These chips are great! Nice and crunchy, also what it great about them is they are thicker than potato chips. You actually feel like you have a chip in your hand. These type of chips are great with cheese sauce or salsa. But the Fiery Tomato are great to snack on alone! Great flavor, with the perfect amount of spices! Great even for that picky teenage boy. My oldest son LOVED these!

Each bag runs $2.99 for each 4.5oz bag. That is better than most chip prices you see in the store. But this one is healthy for you. Mediterranean Snacks are also certified Gluten free.

You can find these chips in some stores. Check your nearest grocery store to see if they carry them. If not why don't you ask to see if they can start to sell, lots of stores will try to bring in the products you like.

Check out these snacks here



Five Lil Bass In Tow was sent 1 bag of Fiery Tomato to test and post my honest opinion. This blog is not responsible for prize delivery.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Baby Mio Review and Giveaway

Are you looking for a unique set of baby items? We love matching sets around here. Baby Mio has the cute stuffed toy that goes with bathrobes, slippers, mini blankets and many more items. There are 6 cute animals to pick from. Each animal comes with it's own unique set. Our favorite set is Mooky the Cow! I love cow print stuff. The nice thing about the cow prints, and animal prints in general is that most of the time you can use for both boy and girl.

Each of the pieces came nicely wrapped in Baby Mio ribbon. When I was unwrapping I thought "what a nice bow this will make". I had fun making the bow and since I love the "bigger is better" I made a big bow.

Since Our Giveaway is for a bib of your choice I thought I might introduce you to the animals first and then show you the bibs that you will get to pick from.

First lets meet Mooky the cow:
In the grass I love to play, while I produce milk each day! I have special spots and love to “moo”. You are special to me, too

Millie the Giraffe
I can see you from miles away. My spots will surely brighten your day. Your dreams and stories I love to hear, so take me with you and keep me near!

Jax the Tiger
I sleep by day and prowl by night. I love to cuddle, so hold me tight. I will always hear you when you call, for my ears can hear sounds big and small!

Kona the Monkey
Bananas are my favorite treat. I always peel them before I eat! I love to swing and sit in trees. Would you like to play with me?

Mellvin the Moose
I lose my antlers every year, but they grow back so have no fear! I only eat plants and sticks. Let’s go outside and have a picnic!

Finally ChiChi the Cheetah
I’m the fastest animal on land. I love to run over fields and sand. My many spots help me hide. Let’s play hide-and-seek outside!

You can not tell from the pictures just how soft these animals are. Our Mooky the cow is so soft you just want to take a nap on him. (13 inches tall) When we took it out of the box the baby had to stop and kiss the cow. It was so cute that I wish I had of had my camera ready. Would have been perfect for this review.

The blankets come in either pink or blue backed. The sizes are 30x40, this is not a receiving blanket, it is so plush! The Tag Along blankets are also plush and come in either pink or blue backing. The Tag Alongs are smaller so that you can just drag it around with you as a comfort wherever you go. The size is 17x17.

The bibs are soft and absorb quite a bit. Our little one has spit up issues and this bib definitely passed the test.

The Baby Mio Collection debuted in November 2010. Each product is sure to put a smile on your child's face. Baby Mio is perfect for birthdays and or baby showers. Perfect as a full single animal set or pick and choose for the perfect zoo for your child.

Here are pics of all the bibs you will get to pick from:




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Friday, May 31, 2013

Liz Lovely Cookies Review and Giveaway


Liz Lovely brings you cookies with a higher purpose. As Liz puts it, "Authenticity from start to finish." That means an uncompromising commitment to perfection, and a relentless approach to social responsibility. We don't cut corners, and we don't prioritize profits over people or the planet.

A Labor of Love

We've come a long way since 2003. It's been a treacherous road fraught with peril. Every day requires courage and dedication. But the rewards are many. Like the encouraging emails, phone calls, and visits we get every day from our fans. Thank you for your support. We couldn't do it without you!

Their Goals

1. Make real food using 100% natural ingredients.

2. Create sustainable jobs that support the American dream.

3. Bring hope & joy to people living without dairy, eggs, and wheat.

4. Promote cruelty-free food by being a certified vegan bakery.

5. Use green packaging alternatives as much as possible.

Liz Lovely has so many scrumptious flavors of vegan and gluten free cookies! My family thoroughly enjoyed each and every cookie that came in our box. There was not one that they didn't like. Each one was soft to the touch and moist to eat. A lot of times cookies need a glass of milk to eat them with, Liz Lovely cookies were perfect all by themselves.

My box came fully wrapped with care. There was even a pretty ribbon tied on top. It reminded me of how people used to get their boxes from the bakery back in the "old days". Liz Lovely seems to take the time to show you the care and love they put into their business.

Every flavor is 100% Dairy Free, Egg Free, and Certified Vegan

Each 2 pack of cookies is $3.99 each and worth every penny! http://lizlovely.com/collections/cookies-by-the-pack

The gift sampler boxes run from @$18-$26 each. http://lizlovely.com/collections/cookie-samplers-and-gifts

Liz Lovely also carries chocolate covered Oreo type cookies. Each pack of these costs $6.95 for an 8 oz pack.

If you join their fan club you have a chance to win free cookies. Who can beat free cookies!?

We got to try these awesome flavors: Gluten Free Snickerdoodle, Gluten free Double Chocolate Fudge, Gluten Free Ginger Molasses, Gluten Free Peanut Butter, Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Mint, and Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Mint. So yummy. A couple of the flavors were even sprinkled with sugar! I love sweets but we don't keep too many around the house so these were a great treat!

Check out their store locator to see if there is a store near you that carries these yummy cookies!



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Monday, May 27, 2013

Disney Store Giveaway

The Disney Store celebrated the grand opening of the newly designed store at Bayside Marketplace in Miami on Saturday, May 18, 2013. The newly designed store, along with the many others opening across America, offers a new concept that includes interactive and magical experiences for Disney fans of all ages, aiming to “Create Magical Moments for Guests of all Ages”!

In celebration of the grand opening, as well as in anticipation of the release of the Monsters University movie, they are giving away a gift bag complete with a 15" Monsters University Sully Plush ($19.99), a Monsters University Journal ($16.50), a Monsters University Water Bottle ($12.50) and a Monsters University Tote Bag ($3.50).

Giveaway starts Wednesday, 5/22/13 at 12:01am and ends on Thursday, 5/30/13 at 12:01am. It is open to US residents ages 18 and older. No purchase is required and a purchase will not increase chances of winning. Refer to giveaway widget for complete rules and details.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Old World Gourmet Cream Cheese Bar Giveaway

Old World Gourmet is an upscale food and beverage company with unique, innovative products.  Founded in September 2001 by DeAnna Sullivan, the Georgia-based company continuously invents new recipes that take ordinary flavors to extraordinary sensations.  One of its most popular products, the Vino-Licious line of frozen wine mixers, is the first of its kind and makes any bottle of wine a delicious adult slushie.  

OWG also offers gourmet snacks, like the Original Cracker Smack that adds flavor to any sleeve of crackers, and unique mixes that turn a bottle of beer or wine into a hearty loaf of bread.  OWG products are sold online and in fine gift retailers across the country.  To learn more about OWG and see its full line of more than 100 products, visit www.OWGshoponline.com.  Whatever the occasion, OWG serves up the fun!

Once Upon a Time...on a Sunday afternoon

more than 10 years ago, a husband and wife sat talking about what they wanted in life. The long talk led

na Sullivan and her husband Dan

to realize how little time they spent together due to their jobs. The next

day, they both submitted letters

of resignation.

Shortly after, knowing

she wanted to run her own business, DeAnna began a venture with a food company

to prepare a

glazed nut product.


(successful) year


the venture led to joining forces with the Six Flags company in the Atlanta area, and a move for

the Sullivans from Florida to their current

residence in Georgia.

The glazed nut product continued to succeed and DeAnna was tasked with bringing a hot

beverage alternative to the theme park

her first chance to produce her own recipe. As luck would have it, DeAnna had already developed such a drink at home and had a

personal fan club for her “granny’s church punch. The Six Flags food and beverage

gers quickly

d and approved

what became known as


orld Cider.

It was

a hit and park guests were

soon asking to purchase the cider by the gallon to take home.


saying “it’s not for sale to take home, proved DeAnna had something remarkable…and that she

didnt know anything about how to get

it to market outside

of the park. She decided to go out on her own and took the idea to hebank. “Its a pipe dream, a want to be business.

Application fo
ar a business loan denied.”

Still, DeAnna was motivated and luck was by her side again,

this time through a friend 
who was promoting

his own products through the gift market trade show circuits. He offered to share his booth and Old World Gourmet, LLC officially

began with Old World Cider and a candy-coated cinnamon glazed nut on

display at the Philadelphia Candy and Confection Show on Sept. 11, 2001. DeAnna, at the age of 44, sold her first order of three

cases and the wheels

started turning for more to come…

DeAnna continued


create new products, earning

several Best Snack awards. With

, she was even

determined to set

Old World Gourmet

apart from other food

. She started experimenting with out-of-the-box

ways to enjoy wine. As she thought

about temperatures you typically

serve red and white wines, she found herself pushing the limits

to move wine into


freezer. DeAnna

personally developed

the flavor profiles and created a series of, now named Vino-Licious, adult wine slushies.

This innovative beverage was nothing anyone in


and beverage industry had

heard of or even attempted to create before. Now, at age 55, DeAnna attributes the Vino-Licious


and Old World Gourmets success

to her

unwavering determination

and dedication. Over the past 11 years, the Sullivan’s small business has grown exponentially, currently selling more than 100 products online and in fine gift retailers in all 50 states.

But the story doesnt end there. DeAnna will tell you, “these are the

best pages of my life. Old

World Gourmet

is in it for the long haul and DeAnna

plans to bring


and exciting products to market for years to come.

I tried the Butter Me Up Cream Cheese Chewies and the Strawberry Cream Cheese Chewies.

Butter Me Up Cream Cheese Chewies

This buttery dessert bar will be the envy of every guest they’re served to. Made with lots of “old fashioned” goodness with sweet modern technology!! Easy to make, freezes well, sinfully rich with only minimal effort!! Makes a great after school snack or coffee and dessert treat!! 

Strawberry Cream Cheese Chewies

What a heavenly dessert bar! It's like a piece of velvet strawberry cheesecake. It is such an easy recipe to make with your kids or grand kids! Beautiful presentation, freezes absolutely wonderfully ( if there is any left to freeze). It is gift ready. Perfect for that " covered dish " outing, picnics, BBQ's, school bake sells or just for yourself. Perfect afternoon compliment to a fresh cup of coffee.

I loved both of them and everyone who I shared them with also loved them.  Now think about it - Butter, Cream Cheese, (powdered sugar) - seriously what is not to like!  And the Strawberry is just as delicious.  

They are delivered in these really cute bags:


In addition to the mix in the bag you need:  Eggs, Cream Cheese, Powdered Sugar and Margarine (although I used butter).  

A special deal for you - use coupon code SHIP50 – it’s good for free shipping for all orders that are $50 or more!

Other products include:  Wine Mixers, Cocktail Mixers, Gourmet Snacks, Bitch Bags (you really gotta check these out!, and Party In A Pitcher.  

PLUS - OWG is giving away one package of Strawberry Cream Cheese bars to a lucky reader - enter the Giveaway Tool.