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Friday, April 10, 2015

5 Reasons to Celebrate National Sibling Day

Friday, April 10 is National Siblings Day, a day for the 80 to 90 percent of Americans who have siblings to celebrate their brothers and sisters. Celebrating Siblings Day can be as easy as sending a card, sharing a meal or doing a favor for a sibling.

“There is no relationship like the ones we have with our siblings,” said Montclair State University Family and Child Studies professor, Dr. Jonathan Caspi. A leading expert on sibling relationship dynamics, Caspi is the author of Sibling Aggression Treatment and Sibling Development: Implications for Mental Health Practitioners. He has identified five reasons to celebrate Siblings Day:
1.Siblings may have a greater influence on who we are or who we become than our parents and peers do, according to a growing body of research. Sibling relationships are intense relationships involving support, love, competition and conflict. Like it or not, so much of the way we handle relationships, closeness, competition, give support, argue, resolve conflicts and play we learned from our interactions with our siblings.
2.Recent research is showing how important sibling support is for bolstering resilience and coping with difficult life experiences.
3.Sibling relationships are the longest-lasting relationships most people have – and more people have siblings than they have children or spouses.
4.Only with a sibling can you authentically commiserate about mom and dad and the crazy things families do!
5.Siblings are who we confide in. They know our deepest secrets and share in family experiences – both the good and the bad. Witnesses to our most embarrassing and proud moments, they are the keepers of shared memories and personal histories.

Created by Claudia Evart, the Siblings Day Foundation established a National Siblings Day, celebrated on April 10, the birthday of Evart’s late sister, Lisette. Since 1998, 85 governors – including former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman – have signed Siblings Day proclamations in 49 states.

For the roughly 20 per cent of Americans who are only children or “singletons,” there is National Only Child Day, which is celebrated on April 12.

“The advantage of being a singleton is that there is no competition for parental resources,” said Caspi. “This is often an explanation for reported high achievement of only children, who tend to be high achievers like first-borns.”

The downside? “The lack of sibling support, which is so important in resilience and coping.”


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pick Geek Guitar and Bass Pick Set Review

If you have a child who plays the guitar, then you know how many picks you go through. These disappear quicker than socks in the dryer. I didn't have to worry about her breaking the picks just losing them. But it is a good advertisement for Pick Geek because each of the picks have the logo and company name on them.

Each tin of these picks would make a great gift. Birthdays, Christmas or for your child, how about their Easter basket. Yes, my older teens still get baskets.

There are 32 picks in each cube. But 16 Picks in the tin we received. The little metal tin is about the size of a tin of mints and would fit anywhere. Just toss the tin in your pocket or guitar case. It snacks shut so that you don't have to worry about them falling all over your bag. The tin has what they are calling a click clack lid. Just push on the middle of the lid to click it open and push on the sides to clack it shut. Very simple. It was nice though that my 2 year old couldn't open her sisters case. Out of the 16 Picks there are 4 different thickness of picks: Extra Heavy (1.5mm); Heavy (0.96mm); Medium (0.71mm) & Thin (0.46mm)

Pick Geek picks come with a five year, no hassles replacement guarantee. And as if that wasn't enough, the pick boxes are being shipped in a FREE Kraft cube gift box, offering a bit of flare and making it an easy purchase for gifting.

We have some Bass player friends who would just love these. Also a great way to make sure all your guitarists have the same designed pick.

You can purchase this product from Amazon.com for $11.99


Dreamtown Toddler Pillow Review

As most parent know, you can not put a pillow in a child's bed until they reach a certain age. Our little girl has loved my pillow for over a year now and she is 2. She has been very unhappy not having a pillow. When I saw the Dreamtown Pillow, I thought how perfect that would be that she can now have her own pillow.

Chiropractic reviewed and recommended as little one's perfect first pillow. Contains less fill than most toddler pillows but still firm. Size 14x19 with poly/cotton 100% hypoallergenic blend cover and polyester filling.

My daughter is absolutely loving her new pillow. I think she finally feels like one of the big people. It is the perfect size for her crib. It does not fit side to side in the crib for their is plenty of room for movement and not suffocation.

You can purchase this awesome pillow with pillowcase for $18.99 from Amazon


This pillow is perfect to the little ones aged 2-5 years old. We have a lot of allergies in the house so are very happy that this pillow is hypoallergenic.

Mold Resistant and Mildew Resistant. The Poly/Cotton fiber blend allows for pillow and casing to be machine washed and dried without worry. They truly hold shape.

We have not had to wash ours yet. She is ok to drool and sweat and it will not mold? Can you imagine. Our adult pillows would be a nasty mess.

You can also use this as a travel pillow. Most people buy these tiny little pillows, a small pillow gives me a headache. If you purchase this Dreamtown pillow it is still travel size and yet is not stiff like most travel pillows. It is light and fluffy.


Pillowcase: Machine wash normal with like colors. Dry on normal cycle. Pillow: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry gentle, low heat. Pound on flat surface to reset fibers. Fluff to shape.

Brave Girls Devotional Books Review

Brave Girls Faithful Friends

You can purchase this book from Tommy Nelson for $7.99


You can also purchase from Amazon.com for $7.99


Each devotion will include:

•A relevant opening scripture from the Bible
•A thought-provoking devotion to encourage a faithful and friendly heart
•An engaging closing prayer to help the reader become the ambassador of friendship God wants her to be!

My daughter loved both of these Brave Girls Devotional books. When I gave them to her she thought it was just a story book.

But when she opened it up she kept saying "look it has"... She loved that she gets to write her own thoughts from the devotional. The book has other neat ways for your child to interact. We encourage prayer and definitely encourage our children to share their faith with their friends. It is very important. I pray that reading this book will help her be more prepared when her friends ask those important questions.

Girls deal with so much on a daily basis and some girls don't have a person to lead them in the Godly direction. Brave Girls can help!

Each of these books is a full 90 day devotional for girls ages 8-13.

The Brave Girls series has girls that your child can relate to. The girls are Hope, Glory, Faith, Honor and Gracie.

Great purchase for that preteen in your life.

Brave Girls Better than Perfect is the other book in this set that I reviewed

You can purchase this book for $7.99 also from Tommy Nelson

Check out all their other great books at



I received this book set in exchange for my honest review

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Infuser Water Bottle Review

I love the color of this bottle. Very bold red. Your water bottle will not be mistaken for anyone else's bottle. Gym or work get your bottle noticed!

This infuser bottle has 4 main pieces. The lid, the fruit or veggie carrier, the "mesh" lid to veggie carrier and the bottle itself.

Now if you would like to use the bottle without the infuser piece, it will work! All you would need to do is not screw in the infuser piece.

This FlavFusion (TM) 25 oz Infuser Water Bottle has a neat feature, in that the lid locks. This is great with kids in the house. My cup is always empty because the kids walk by and grab my cup. I can lock the littler ones out of this one.

Clearly shown are the locked and unlocked positions

Fruit or veggie infused waters can do so much for your digestive system. Some infused recipes can help with weight loss. You should check some of the recipes out online to see which one works best for you. I like strawberry and kiwi the best. I tried cucumber and wasn't too impressed. Find what works for you and add it to your infuser.

Do not microwave this cup. Wash by hand or with a bottle brush. Not bottom dishwasher safe.

Although when it said made with triton plastic I chuckled. No this bottle seems indestructible. My son who is 6'3 dropped this cup while walking in the house. The cup hit the floor and bounced once. Never cracked or came apart or leaked. I am impressed!

Have fun!

You can purchase this bottle from Amazon.com for $17.95


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

No-Tie Shoelaces by FastMile Review

I hate to have to tie and retie my shoe laces. If they aren't tied then you walk on them and could trip. Which is definitely a danger. But I also don't want to wear Velcro shoes. Gone are the days of Velcro! Just buy these no tie shoe laces, which fit all sizes of shoes, and off you go. These come in black and white. I would love to see them start carrying bright colors too. I know my teen girls would buy a pair of those.

Take out one of the elastic strings and lace your shoe. Over and under or straight across the shoe, it doesn't matter. When you get to the end of your shoe just thread through the knob. Once through there put into the bell shaped piece. Tie off and cut off the excess lace.

Easy to use and easy to wear. We have athletic kids so this is great for their shoes. No more worrying about their shoes untying while running.

Also great for pregnant women who can't reach their feet anymore. Just slide on your tennis shoes and you are good to go. Great for elderly people who cant tie the small laces anymore.

You can purchase 3 pairs from Amazon for $11.77


Monday, April 6, 2015

Nomex Oven Gloves Review

My house is a HUGE baking and BBQing house. During the summer, the grill is always going. These are the best gloves to handle those extremely hot pans and cookie sheets.

Use while camping to throw those logs on the fire. Normally even with those long metal fire sticks, your hands feel like you are getting burnt. Keep your hands cool with these 100% premium cotton insides. The outside gets hot and the inside (where your hands are) stay nice and cool. No more worry about your fingers going through the weave of crocheted pot holders or your older pot holders wearing thin. The inside of these gloves are so soft and comfortable. You will want to wear these as winter gloves, not just to cook with.

These gloves block up to 662F. I have only cooked up to 450 degrees but they still stayed cool on the inside. These gloves not only cover your hand but your wrists and forearms. Now if you are like me and have small hands these go up your arm half way. Both sides of the glove are dotted with silicon so that there is no slipping of a hot product.

These Nomex Oven Gloves do carry a warning: Do not use these while wet, The water can transfer the heat to your hands and seriously burn you. If the gloves get wet, stop using immediately and dry before next use.

Feel free to toss these in the washing machine just make sure to air dry.

Do you need to change a light bulb? Don't want to burn your hands? Grab your Oven Gloves and undo that light bulb.

I love that The Kitchen Concepts company supports the Wounded Warriors Project. My husband is a veteran and my brother and father in law are both wounded vets. This is a project close to my heart.

If you would like more information on this project go to:


You can purchase these Nomex Oven Gloves from Amazon for $19.97


Breast Milk Donation for Premature Infants Expanding in Missouri

The Milk Bank opens two new depots in Missouri

INDIANAPOLIS – No medicine works for premature infants like human milk, but many infants in the NICU don’t have access to this resource. The Milk Bank, a nonprofit human milk bank serving NICUs across the Midwest, is now expanding into Missouri so more families can be part of this lifesaving mission.

The Milk Bank is opening two new milk depots in Missouri March 31, one at at Little Flower Family Medicine in O’Fallon, Mo. and one at Amber Sky in Maplewood. This will allow eligible mothers in the area to drop off their milk donations, where they will then be sent to The Milk Bank’s pasteurization facility in Indianapolis and distributed to NICUs across the Midwest. When no milk depots are present, donors must package and ship their donations to The Milk Bank. Currently, the only depot in Missouri is in St. Louis at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital.

The Milk Bank, a HMBANA-affiliated, nonprofit milk bank, ensures that fragile infants get the highest quality donor milk. Donors are screened for eligibility, and they must pass a blood test to donate their milk. The Milk Bank accepts donations through a child’s second year of life and has dispensed over 1 million ounces of donated milk since its founding in 2005.

“We are thrilled to open more milk depots to welcome more Missouri mothers to our mission,” says Janice O’Rourke, Executive Director of The Milk Bank. “When more mothers become aware of how easy the milk donation process is and how they can be a part of it, we will be able to help more infants.”

Both opening celebrations are Tuesday, March 31. The Amber Sky depot’s opening is at 10:30AM at their location (3100 Sutton Blvd.), and the Little Flower Family Medicine opening is at 2:00PM at their facility (207 E. Pitman St.).

About The Milk Bank
Since 2005, The Milk Bank has been committed to providing pasteurized human milk donations to infants in hospitals’ neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) throughout the Midwest. The Milk Bank is a non-profit organization that accepts and pasteurizes human milk donations from fully screened and approved donor mothers, ensuring the highest quality donations. The Milk Bank has milk depot locations in five states for donor convenience. The Milk Bank is also partnered with Indiana Blood Center, making each of their locations function as a milk depot as well.

I received this advertisement to post on my blog. No compensation received

K2R-803 Portable Power Bank Review

This was SO handy this weekend!! We went out of town for Easter. My family only goes about 3 hours away. But, with 4 cell phones, tablets and more we are always trying to charge something. I have the Galaxy S5, my daughter has the Iphone 4, my husband the Galaxy Note 4 and our other 2 children have older phones. The reason I state this is that this charger covered all phone plug ins. It comes with the power bank itself, the charging cord and then has an Intelligent LED iPhone 5 USB Cable. Loved Loved Loved this set!

The day we left, my sisters husband had taken her charger to work with him. Her phone is seriously picky and would only charge with that specific cord. We were at lunch and she was complaining that her phone was about to die and she was so upset with her hubby. I whipped out my portable power bank and plugged her phone in. Not only did hers get almost 1/2 charged in about a half hour, but then I plugged my phone into it for the drive home. It charged my Galaxy all the way in about an hour. I totally recommend this charging bank. You never know when there might be an emergency with no way to charge your phone. Do not get stuck in that predicament. I would love to have each of my kids have one of these on hand.

Blue light means it's charging and red means it is fully charged.

Also, I almost forgot, this has a handy dandy flashlight feature. There is a button the side of the bank. Push this button 1x to see how much power is left and a second time to use the bright lights for a flashlight. Great to have for camping!

You can purchase this product from Amazon for $24.95