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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Devotions For Beginning Readers Book Review

Super cute book! I have a little one who desperately struggles with reading. This is the perfect Devotion for him. He doesn't have to struggle with words that he doesn't understand. I love that there is a word segment that is like having a spelling word that is repeated throughout. Repeating words over and over again is great way to help your child learn that specific word.

This book is written by bestselling author Crystal Bowman and award-winning producer Christy Lee Taylor. This book is 240 pages. It is a nice hard back book with beautiful, vibrant illustrations. My 2 year old loves just looking at the bright pictures, while everyone else reads.

This would make a great Christmas gift to a child aged 5-8. I would say, that both boys and girls would love this book equally.

Devotions for Beginning Readers doesn't just help your child read, it helps them learn to pray. Each devotions ends in a simple prayer for your child to pray.

I was sent this book for my children to test and post my honest review. Thank you for reading!

You can purchase this book for $14.99 from


or from Amazon.com for $10.97 in hardback


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Forever Mom Book Review

I thought that this book was very insightful! We are in the process of adopting our youngest child. We have had her since she was 3 weeks old and she is now a little over 2.

Mary Ostyn gave tips and pointers on things to do. She gave ideas to fund raising, which we have done a lot of. Private Adoption and Overseas adoption is not cheap. Now, if you adopt from foster care it can be relatively cheap to free.

Mary posted her heart on these pages. She wanted to adopt and the journey through it. Sometimes the choice is not the one you want. There are so many children out there right now that need a forever family. I have a friend who is over her limit for taking in foster children. They have so many that need homes that they are overfilling homes. Most people want babies because they feel an older child will cause problems. Do not always pay attention to movies. My friend has 5 teens in her home right now. Only 1 has been an issue. But, after being in her home for over a year now, she is doing much better. These kids need loving families.

If you are looking to adopt please contact me and I will try to point you in the right direction.

I was sent this book to read and post my honest review. Thank you for reading.

For list of adoptable children in Missouri go to www.mo.gov and look for adoption listings

Holiday Specs Review

These Holiday Specs are such a neat idea for parties or if you have little kids.

Holiday Specs are made of heavy cardstock, that have dark lenses. Each pair of specs has a unique design for seeing the tree lights. Some see stars that blink, some see elves, all Christmas designs. Just put of the Holiday Specs and look toward Christmas lights. The lights do not have to blink. Although, it does make the experience better since the designs dance as the lights dance. But regular lights are fun too!

Due to having 6 kids, I was glad that the pack I received, to test, came with quite a few. The Santa flashing pin was so cute. We were able to look through each of the Specs and see the dancing designs.

They have Valentines Day, Birthday, Fourth of July, St. Patricks Day and more...Great party bag gifts.

We were also sent 2 of the plastic 3D viewer glasses. Each are $4 or $20 for a set. Christmas trees, Santa Hats, Snow Flakes, Snow Men and Reigndeer.

Check out each of the Specs at http://holidayspecs.com

You can purchase these for:$37.50 for 25

Great for all your parties! Not just for Christmas....

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I was sent these Holiday Specs to test and post my honest review.