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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lost And Found by Colleen Coble Review

The setting of Lost and Found is in a small town in Michigan, named Rock Harbor. I WOULD recommend this book to a friend, because lets you know that even Christian families aren't perfect. And that they even go through their own problems.

Emily O'Reilly and her best friend, Olivia Webster, are looking throughout Olivia's house to find a wedding picture for a party. The 2 girls go into Olivia's parents room, when they come across an old photo taken on Olivia's adoption date. The two girls then try to figure out and find who and where Olivia's birth-mother is. In a twist of events, Emily's step-mom goes missing about a week after the school catches on fire. In the same week Emily's mother comes back to gain custody of Emily and her younger brother, a month after Emily's mother gets released from prison.

Check out this book and others from the Tommy Nelson group. This book runs around $9.99


I believe that this book is best suited for ages 8-17. Check your local bible book store for this book.

Five Lil Bass In Tow was sent this book to read and post my honest review.

You Go First by Mercer Mayer Review and Giveaway

Are you looking for a really cute book, for your child, with a great moral to it? Look no further. I love Mercer Mayer books for my kids because they can have a very cute story and yet it is Christian based.

You Go First is about one of the Critters who wants to go first. This Little Critter believes that she is best if she goes first. Throughout the story the Little Critter finds out that it is much more fun if you let the other person go first.

Each page is filled with colorful pictures to keep your child's attention. In my opinion these Little Critter books are for children ages 2-10. The Little Critter books run about $3.99 each in the US.

If you pick this up from Tommy Nelson they are $2.99 right now.


Check out Mardel and other Bible book stores for a great selection on this and more from Mercer Mayer

I received this book as a Tommy Nelson Blogger mom, to test and post my honest review

If you would like a peak at the book:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fundraising Pasta Review and Giveaway

My kids are all about their sports. My 1 daughter is a cheerleader and my oldest son plays football. We are very familiar with fundraisers. Some of the ones that these schools ask these kids to do are dumb. But pasta? Most people eat pasta on a regular basis. My family is definitely some of those people. We love spaghetti, lasagna, macaroni and cheese and even ghoulash. All of these pastas can be made with this companies bags of pastas. Do you have a lot of picnics in the summer? they have an awesome macaroni salad recipe. The bag for the pasta salad comes with the mix and the noodles. So easy to use!

I love that this company has so many different shapes of pasta.

They have Mizzou, which is a big thing in our house, and many other famous sports teams. They also have lots of sports, football, basketball and even cheerleading. There are cats, dogs and farm animals.

I loved that they have supporting breast cancer pasta! Part of the proceeds actually go to support the breast cancer cause.

Each bag of pasta costs around $6.50 each. Not a bad price for what you get and how much even 1 bag feeds. These truly go a long way. If you can't tell we loved our bags of pasta that we got to test. My oldest daughter has hidden the Mizzou pasta and won't let anyone near it. If you don't get some of these to have as a fundraiser they would also make great gifts. I think it would be neat if your husband has the guys over to watch the game and for a snack you have that teams pasta made for them. I know my husband would think that was great! You can be so creative with these. If you are a teacher having this kind of dried pasta laying around would be great for those art projects.

I can't wait to have this giveaway in a couple days, you are all truly going to love this item! Keep your eyes pealed for the giveaway. It will be a mixed box of their different pastas.



Our fundraising program is simple and effective. There are two ways your group can sell Fun Pasta:
Brochure Sales + Online Sales: Your participants will sell from a colorful brochure and also with an online link described below. Here’s how brochure sales work:
1) Money will be collected up front by your participants and you will deposit it into your group’s account.
2) Using their order forms, you will enter your participants’ orders and place your brochure master order through your leader dashboard.
3) After the net amount owed to us is received, your order will be delivered to your organization for distribution. For brochure master orders over $4,000, your group will keep 50% profit and for brochure master orders less than $4,000 your group will keep 40% profit.
4) Your online account stays open until the month after you turn in your master brochure order. Example: If you turn in your order sometime in March, your online account will close April 30th. A check for 40% of all cyber sales will be sent to you one week after closing.

Online Sales Only: Out-of-town family and friends can place orders from our website…and your group gets the credit!
1) Online customers pay to have their order delivered directly to their doorstep. Your group earns 40% (before shipping) of all online sales.
2) All online orders over $75 get free shipping!
3) Please email us when you are ready to close your account. Profit checks are cut at the end of each month and please allow at least two weeks for your profit check to be processed and mailed.

Two ways to reach your customers means more sales…and more profit for your group! There’s a fun pasta shape for everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Five Lil Bass In Tow was sent this package to test the pasta and post my honest review. This blog or any posting the giveaway for it are not responsible for prize delivery