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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

TrashPod for your Vehicle

I hate that my vehicle is always a mess! We are always on the go. Between activities, work schedules, errands and travel. Each vehicle takes a beating.

When you are on the go, what is the one thing that gets done the most? Yup, you guessed it....you grab fast food. Kids are famous for tossing the wrappers on the floor. Then you get in a hurry and the trash stays. Before you know it, the vehicle is a trash pit. Or you can just simply have a cup here or a wrapper there. Either way, a trash pod is the way to go. No more Walmart bags, that make just as much a mess as no Walmart bag.

This trash pod is made of a nice sturdy material. It will not break open like a trash bag. My favorite amenity is it's leakproof liner.

The Original AVAROE Car Trash Bag. Your search for the best Car Garbage Bag is now over.Because we thoroughly researched piles of user feedback, and listened to what you were telling us...Certainly once somebody realized how versatile owning a car trash bag was they were ecstatic to own one. But what did they love about it ? and what did they dislike about it?Positive : Good Size (TrashPod YES 12x7x11 in) High quality materials (TrashPod 600D fabric and metal Frame), Leakproof design that also functions as an insulated Cooler with a Velcro lid (TrashPod YES)Negative : The bin is not accessible (we fixed this by making it conveniently mountable with 2 stabilizing straps) The Bin is too small (We fixed this by making a unit 40% larger than competition. The Trashpod is 12x7x11 in; The bag is cheap looking and made of low quality materials (We fixed this by using a metal frame and ultra high quality 600D polyester fabric into a beautiful design)You may we wondering what is the big deal, at the end of the day, this is just a car trash can, That is correct! However, here at AVAROE we are so passionate about our products and meticulous with our design, we believe this is what distinguishes us from our competitors.So if you are looking to clean up your car, grab your TrashPod Today! perhaps 2 as they make a great gift.AVAROE passionately works for you to research great automotive products. It is our pleasure to bring the very best to your driving experience. Avoid the frustration of buying a low quality, small sized bag from our competitors. Spend the few extra dollars and please try us out; this product has satisfied so many people already but if for any reason it's not working our for you let us know within 60 days for 100% money back. The unit is also covered with it's lifetime warranty

You can purchase this product for $17.94


Monday, October 10, 2016

Lasten Wooden Rolling Pin

My 15 year old, daughter, loves to bake! The one thing she has repeatedly asked for is a rolling pin.

There are many different rolling pins out there. You can get plastic, metal, ones with designs on them and wood. I have looked up so many of them to see which is the best. Plastic can melt a little over time or become misshapen. Metal has been a good contender on which one to pick. I thought just for the fun of it getting one with the little designs. But, after seeking it out. The dough can get stuck in some of the little grooves and then it's a mess. So wood it is!

This does not have handles on the end, like some of the rolling pins. I have found that those tend to come loose after time. I like the one piece shape of this pin.

This Lasten rolling pin is easy to use. Easy to wash, also. Which, if you have baked, that is a good product attribute. Baking is a messing thing in itself. I personally really liked this pin.

You can purchase this rolling pin and it's 100% money back guarantee (if not satisfied)for $8.99