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Friday, September 16, 2016

Nuby Glow in the Dark Binkies

These BPA free pacifiers are a great idea! I was so excited to get to try these.

Product Description
Available in 0-6 months & 6-12 months +
Glow in the Dark Handle
Orthodontic baglet
Massaging Nub-eez™ soothe and stimulate gums
Hygienic Air System reduces skin irritation

Nuby's nite time BPA free pacifier is perfect for naps and night time soothing. It's glow in the dark handle makes it easier to find in the dark. To make the handle glow: expose to light for several seconds, turn lights off and watch it glow.

I have not seen another baby company come out with glow in the dark pacifiers. I love this. We had had enough of the crying in the middle of the night and searching with your hands, in the dark, and not being able to find the small plastic soother.

It's hard enough to find a dropped binkie in the daytime, let alone at night....

Just let these sit in the light for a few minutes, turn off the light and you will be able to see the handles glow. Very nice for night time searching. If the baby is old enough, even better, they can find the binkie in the dark all by themselves. Definitely makes for am easy night for mom and baby.

Our little girl has never been a huge binkie baby but she loves them for teething. Her night time screaming is curbed with these on hand. I am so glad that Nuby came up with this idea. I am sure I am not the only mom who is happy for this new invention.

These come in varieties of colors. Great for every day and every outfit!

This pacifier comes in 0-6 and 6mths plus

Each set of these costs around $5-$7 depending on where you purchase them.

Amazon carries them for $6.99


If you look some Babies R Us carry these. For some reason not all. Buy Buy Baby had them at one time also.

Check out Nuby at all their Social websites



Nuby Flip Spout Easy Grip Sippy Cup

As we get older we are having to find more mature sippy cups. However, due to sensory issues, trying to find such cup is a pain. I have been testing out Nuby sippy cups and this one seems to be liked!

We went out to eat and she was really attached to this cup. Her niece tried to use is and it was not a nice exchange.

This cup comes in a couple colors, for you to choose from. Sort of cute thing is that the color of the cup and the color of the lid are different. This makes for a colorful drinking experience.

Smooth drinking spout and grip middle. Makes it easy for little hands to grip.

10 oz / 300ml
9 months +
Flip spout keeps the spout clean & hygienic
Free Flow for natural easy drinking
Grip- it base allow you little one to get a firm grip
Suitable for hand washing with warm soapy water or can be placed on the top rack in the dishwasher

You can purchase this cup from Walmart.

Check out Nuby at all their Social websites



I was sent this cup in exchange for my honest review.

Night Night Farm Board Book

I sort of like night time books. Not that most books aren't night time books, but....

My favorite time of the day is snuggle time with my youngest. She asks me questions and snuggles and we almost always read a book. I try to keep her bringing the Tommy Nelson books. Not only are they smaller, but they are on her level. Plus they get her in the "mood" to say her prayers and relax.

The Night Night Farm Board Book is cardboard and sturdy for those little hands to hold. Each page has cute little farm animals that tell the rhyming story. When I read to her, my voice always goes to the sing song sound of the rhyming books.
I think our favorites were the bath time pigs! This book also helps your child learn the sounds that the farm animals make.

You can purchase this cute board book from the gateway for $7.19


or from Amazon for $6.01


Check out all their other great books at



I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review

Monkey Mat

The *NEW* Quilted Monkey Mat is your cushy, portable mat for in/outdoor use that can go everywhere! Luxurious yet affordable and with lots of fun features, you can enjoy the waterproof base, central loops for attaching items, spill resistant top, weighted corners, loops for stakes, and the attached ultra-compact pouch to take everywhere! Perfect for park, beach, dirty floors, concerts, picnics, sporting events, camping, and more. No more bulky blankets! So go ahead - Make your space, any place! www.monkeymat.com

My readers get to save! Use coupon code "USFAM" for $5 off + Free Shipping!
http://usfamilycoupons.com/coupon.php?regionid=75&bid=12778&dealid=2716 .@usfg

After looking through their website, this mat comes in so many colors and designs. I love the pink camo! These are only $11 with free shipping as long as you have the coupon code! This is not a bad price at all!

Here are the Monkey Mat Social Media profiles:
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/monkeymatmama/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MonkeyMatMama(please use #QuiltedMonkeyMat #MonkeyMatLifestyle)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MonkeyMat/?hc_ref=SEARCH&fref=nf
Pinterest: Monkeymatmama

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes

In my house, I am the one without a sense of humor. When I make a joke, I am the only one who laughs. I have totally resigned myself to that. If my family laughs at the same time that I do, it's because I laughed.

This book was full of super funny jokes.

I have a bread allergy. One of the funny jokes to me was:

"Anyone with a wheat allergy who routinely eats pasta is just a gluten for punishment". I laughed pretty hardy at this joke!

This book has over 1,001 Punny jokes.

I think that your Dad would love this book. I know my husband did.

Just a little story....

The day that my husband and I met. I was working at Perkins and was really busy. Well, in walks this man. He follows me around the kitchen and back area. I'm thinking ok this guy is weird. He is telling everyone that he was in the military and just got back. I guess he came in to find out his schedule now that he was back. Anyway, one of the first things he said to me was a joke. He says " do you want to hear a joke"? I said "yes" and he says " A horse walked into a bar and the bartender says why such the long face"....I laughed and guess what? We are one 22 years of marriage. I guess that jokes really are something that attracts people.

Does your dad love jokes? I totally recommend this joke book for him!

You can find this book to purchase from Amazon for $9.69


I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review

The Identity of Angiarts- Book

This book was definitely different than most books that I have read or reviewed. I love Sci-fi and books of that nature.

This book included, genies, sorcerers, leprechauns and more. It was definitely a book with action in it. You follow princess Angilika. This is her journey is finding her true being. It was a story of mystical proportions.

INTRODUCING !! A perpetually adventurous muse on a mission to inspire the cultural history of the City Beautiful! The Identity of "AngiArts" is a modern-day legend that stages the fictitious life and identity transformation of a 21st century comic-book-style cartoon character for the Arts. I created this identity with the sole intention to rally and promote the arts and culture movement in downtown Orlando. The story narrates her fairy-tale life before the reality of her current presence-where she came from and how she got here; who she is today and why she landed in downtown Orlando. But what is this book really about? It's about a lot of things at once! It's about a soulful revelation in my life to reinvent myself; It's about a little farm girl from Miami who tells the story of her childhood dreams in fairy-tale format; It's about imagining something very original. Yet, I was totally inspired by all the great artistic icons of the second millennium, like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and even the great American icons like Norman Rockwell and Charles M. Schulz. But really...it's all about making art happen in my community the "AngiArts" way. This Letterbook Story you hold in your hands was written to be read while relaxing on a picnic blanket on the shores of the beautiful Lake Eola. It stages an interactive, literary theatre experience like no other. After a brief adventure through literary fantasy, art sculpture lovers, letterboxing enthusiasts, and other literary adventurers are instructed to follow the monument map at the end of the story. Your mission is to ponder a moment of soulful self-prophecy, while embarking on a personal quest for artistic inspiration. Letterboxers, seek the letterbox treasure cache hidden somewhere at the "AA" landing sight. "Presto!" You're there! Don't forget to bring your logbooks. And, "Leave No Trace." You are standing at the Monument for Artistic Inspiration. The Identity of "AngiArts" is the result of a personal, inner-thought process that has possessed me to react with such intensity. It dramatizes a "heart-quakin' and a soul-shakin' adventure," delving deeply into the fantasy of my dreams, but resurfacing its way upward...right back into my present life...turning full circle to portray my unique "Walking Works of Art" creations to you. "I hope you have just as much fun and inspiration reading this book as I did writing it!

You can purchase this book from Amazon for $33.99


For more information please look into http://www.angiarts.com

I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review.

That's Not The Monster We Ordered- Children's Book

I have done a couple reviews from this author. I have loved them all. The latest one was My Grandpa is a Dinosaur. All these books are by Sky Pony Press company.

My littlest loved this book. I made the monster noises, to make it exciting.

The little boy in the book, has a friend who gets his very own monster. Everyone is so jealous. This monster can do so much cool stuff. He could yell louder than a pet lion. He could go down the stairs better than a slinky. He could carry the whole class home on his shoulders.

The little boy finally convinced his mom and dad to get one. So they ordered the best monster they could. The loudest, fastest, grass-eating and time-travelingest monster they could. But when they received their monster...it wasn't what they thought they had ordered. No one was impressed. He was more of a practical joker. What you order and what you receive might not be the item you wanted BUT that monster might be just the monster you need.

There are great morals to this for us all....

Sky Pony Press has quite a few really cool children's books. www.skyponypress.com

You should check them out.

Richard Fairgray, the author, has been publishing since he was 7 years old! He lives in New Zealand.

Terry Jones has done a lot of works with the author. Including the books I have reviewed.

You can get That's Not The Monster We Ordered for around $16.99 for hardcover. You can also purchase for the ebook.
Great for ages 3-6

Don't forget to also look for Gorillas in our Midst $16.99 and My Grandpa is a Dinosaur $16.99

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Good Good Father -Children's Book

I absolutely love the song Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin I could listen to it over and over again.

I was excited when I found out that I was going to get to review the new kids book. It has not been released yet.

This book will be released on October 4th, 2016. You can preorder it from Amazon for $10.51 for the hardback version or for $6.99 for the Kindle.


You get to follow, little bear, Tucker on his journey. Tucker loved his friends and all his friends needed help. Some friends were sick, some always fighting, some hungry and some couldn't read. Sweet little Tucker wanted to help them all. I knew he could ask the King for help. But he felt he needed to bring the king a gift. What do you bring a King?
Everyone he passed on the way to see the King, told him different items that might make the perfect gift. When Tucker finally got to the castle the King ran to Tucker and told him that he was glad to see him. The King told Tucker he brought the perfect gift. The King went down, with Tucker, back to his friends. The King gave help to everyone who needed it. Tucker finally understood that he was a Good Fathernot just a Good Father but a Good Good Father. Tucker, in the end, asked the King what gift was the perfect gift? The King answered that Tucker was the perfect gift.

God loves us to come to Him. He will protect, teach, give us what we need, make us well and fill our lives with music and laughter but most of all, He loves us like a Good Good Father. What more could we ask for?

I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review. I am so thankful for this opportunity. This book was even a great reminder for myself, as an adult.

Hampton Creek Foods

We don't have too many food allergies, in this house. The main ones are just that my oldest daughter cannot drink any % of milk. The milk has to be skim. The other one, is that I cannot eat any bread products. So, I eat a lot of gluten free. With having said that, we are always looking for gluten free, and sometimes, dairy free. Hampton Creek has lots of those type for you.

Just Mayo is not only gluten free but it is also soy free and egg free.

Important Information

Nutrition Facts Serving size: 1 tablespoon Nutrient Qty %DV Calories 90 Calories from Fat 90 Total Fat 11 g 17% Saturated Fat 1 g 5% Sodium 65 mg 3% Is or Contains Kosher Is or Contains Gluten Free ServingSize-InGrams 14 g

Non-GMO Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, Filtered Water, Lemon Juice, White Vinegar, 2% or Less of the Following: Organic Sugar, Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar, Pea Protein, Spices, Garlic, Modified Food Starch, Beta-Carotene, Calcium Disodium EDTA (to Preserve Freshness).

Just Mayo. Flavors unleashed. Non-GMO; Cholesterol-free; Vegan; Egg-free; Dairy-free; Soy-free; Lactose-free; Gluten-free; Kosher; No artificial colors or flavors.

We were loving the creamy flavor. Very easy to spread and no nasty smells.

My recommendation is that if you have food allergies, try this! I am betting you will love!

Check out this recipe with one of their other products...yum yum

You can purchase this container from Amazon for $10.13 but I have heard it is much cheaper from Walmart


You can find this company and it's products on Social medias, all over!









I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review. Thank you for reading. All opinions are my own.