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Friday, May 24, 2013

Gear With A Past-Gallo En Fuego Review


Carry the gear with a history forged in fire.

The Inspiration

Gallo En Fuego (guy-o en fway-go) means "Rooster on Fire" in Spanish. Each of our products is designed by 2 Red Hens Studio designer Lori Holliday. Inspired by her husband, a firefighter for fifteen years, Lori wanted to honor him and his fellow heroes, who put their own lives on the line every single day.

The Material

We’re proud to source most of our hoses from New York City. There, after years on the battle-lines, even the toughest fire hoses have to retire from the field. That’s when we get them. And their history shows: many carry distinctive marks from the fire ground.

At our custom workshop we clean the hoses, all the while keeping their individual character intact. Then both the inner rubber lining and the tough woven exterior become the raw materials we use to hand-craft our Gallo en Fuego wallets, belts, and other products.

The Cause

Gallo en Fuego salutes our heroes, America’s Firefighters. We’re honored to partner with National Fallen Firefighters Association in their mission to remember America’s fallen fire heroes and assist their survivors in rebuilding their lives. From every sale we donate a portion of our proceeds to help the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

The Models

Every man you see on our site is an active-duty firefighter; some are also paramedics. And they all save lives for a living. They don’t need to be professional models to look good in Gallo en Fuego gear, and neither do you. To see more of them, browse our online look book.

I loved the idea of this site and the cause it stood for! Without firefighters and EMT's where would we have been during 9/11? Those men and women work hard to make sure that we are safe. They put their lives on the line each time they go out! Fire hoses are an important part of their job. This company has a great way of retiring those hoses and putting them to good use. Why carry around any old wallet or wear any old belt, when you can wear one that has helped save lives. Wear something with meaning, with character and definitely something with style.

The Gallo En Fuego iPad cover is constructed from genuine decommissioned fire hoses. Fire hoses' renowned strength and durability stems from their unique construction, which uses a double-jacket outer fabric layer made from polyester to protect its rubber liner. The heavy-duty, durable design features a flip stand, an elastic band to secure the case; plus this smart cover automatically wakes the iPad when opened and it to sleep when closed. Use it proudly knowing it once saved a life.

•Compatible with iPad 2 and iPad 3. 10" L x 8" W x 1" D. (1 lb.)
•Constructed from genuine decommissioned fire hoses
•Use it proudly knowing it once saved a life.



Made from decommissioned fire hoses. Gallo en Fuego salutes America’s Firefighters by donating a portion of our proceeds to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation to help families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Keep bills, credit cards, and important papers safe in a wallet made from real fire hose, Each wallet is handmade from genuine decommissioned fire hose and often bears distress marks from being in service. Handmade. Each is one-of-a-kind and will vary slightly. The wallet's heavy-duty design contains the original rubber lining of the fire hose for extra strength and durability.

Looks a lot sturdier than most wallets on the market these days.



Our handmade belts often bears distress marks from years of service, fighting fires and keeping us safe. Wear it proud knowing it once saved a life! Each is one-of-a-kind and will vary slightly. The belt's heavy-duty design contains the original rubber lining of the fire hose for extra strength and durability. Made in the USA. Available in 4 Sizes:
•Small - 28"-32"Waist
•Medium -- 32-36" Waist
•Large -- 36-40" Waist
•Extra Large --41"-45" Waist
•Made from decommissioned fire hose.
•Fireproof, extra durable
•Made in the USA.
•Width: 1.325”
•Seven-hole size adjustable
•Hand wash with cold water.



My son proudly wore his Gallo en Fuego t-shirt! My sister is an EMT and works very closely with her towns fire fighters. This is not an easy job. We proudly support these excellent teams! I am glad that we got to test this shirt. It was a nice heavy material. I was glad for that as my son is 5 and is very hard on his clothes. This shirt has withstood his test! When testing shirts I like to pull on the material near the seams and check to make sure they stay together. I am happy to say that this shirts seam didn't budge. They have done a great job putting these together. You will not be disappointed!

Our incredibly comfortable, super soft tees have a broken-in appearance to look and feel like a well-worn favorite. Honor the men and women of the fire service, or the everyday hero in your life, with a Gallo En Fuego shirt.
•Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
•100% cotton

$19 each for the children's and adult sizes



Gallo En Fuego also carries collars and leashes for your 4 legged friends.



Five Lil Bass In Tow was sent 1 t-shirt to test and then post my honest review.

Michael Buble To Be Loved CD Review

This cd has some great songs on it! I loved that they were all upbeat.

Track Listing:

1. You Make Me Feel So Young

2. It's A Beautiful Day

3. To Love Somebody

4. Who's Lovin You

5. Something Stupid featuring Reese Witherspoon

6. Come Dance With Me

7. Close Your Eyes

8. After All featuring Bryan Adams

9. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You with Naturally 7

10. To Be Loved

11. You've Got A Friend In Me

12. Nevertheless (i'm in love with you) featuring The Puppini Sisters

13. I Got It Easy

14. Young At Heart

A couple of these were ones you would know from kids movies. With 6 kids it is a neat thing for them to know some of the songs and for the songs to be appropriate for them to sing. The music these days is a little on the harsh side for kids. Michael has a great voice.

His Cd To Be Loved released on April 23rd, 2013 and costs around $9.99 for the Cd


Great Cd with great music! Check it out!

Five Lil Bass In Tow was not compensated for this review. I was sent a link to listen to the songs. I did this review for One2One Network

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

SpareOne to help the Oklahoma residents PLEASE READ

SpareOne is committed to helping everyone LIVEPREPARED

The SpareOne emergency mobile phone can save your life by automatically connecting to emergency services at the press of a button, or provide a lifeline of communication to loved ones in time of need and support. SpareOne - a cell phone powered by a single AA battery contained in a talk-through waterproof bag.

Donating for Disasters - Buy One, Give One!

By using this specific code at check-out BUYGIVE01 on SpareOne.com, you benefit in three ways:

1. Take $20.00 off each phone ordered

2. Own a must-have, modern-day emergency kit item

3. Create an automatic donation on your behalf – every phone is matched

Your favorite blog will also be featured and donation results will be tracked!

Help spread the word by sharing the code with your social groups. You never know the impact that you will make until you try.

Order now so we can ship your donation to areas affected by the recent tornadoes.


Donating for Disasters

Provide the GIFT of SpareOne phones to victims and volunteers impacted by local emergencies and devastating natural disasters. The first 72 hours are the most critical; help keep them connected!

Just make sure that when you check out you definitely put this code in to get this deal and donation. Your Specific code is BUYGIVE01

Five Lil Bass In Tow was not compensated for this in any way. Thank you for reading!

Just a Drop Review

Q: What is Just a Drop?
A: Just a Drop is the first personal toilet bowl odor neutralizer that works to eliminate 98% of bathroom odors directly at the source.

Q: How does Just a Drop work?
A: Simply put one drop in the toilet before you go to the bathroom. Just a Drop creates a seal directly on the waters surface, blocking odors from escaping, until they are flushed away, while leaving behind a, fresh scent.

Q: How long does it last?
A: A bottle of Just a Drop has enough liquid to last for 400 uses. Single use packs are equivalent to one drop each

I hate the smells that bathrooms carry. The smell of old urine is nauseating! This is a neat little product. All you need to do is squeeze 1 or 2 drops into toilet before you sit down and it creates a deodorizing layer that effectively blocks smelly personal odors. I squeezed in a couple drops and the bathroom smell was gone. It was as if I sprayed an aerosol sprayer. Aerosol cans are very bad for you and for the environment! This is a safer way to make the bathroom smell go away!

Just a drop is also environmentally friendly. Just a Drop is a highly concentrated plant extract that is safe to use in any toilet. It is safe for those with septic tanks, suitable for home office and portable toilets.

The ingredients include plant extracts, disinfectant and fragrance.

Just a Drop has a few scents to choose from. Each of these cute little containers is a pretty color also.

This has been recommended by Doctor Oz and has even been featured on The Doctors.

Eucalyptus, Refreshing Spring, Morning Rain, Citrus Splash, Lemon Fresh, Sunshiny Day and Floral Oasis. Each one of these 2 pks costs around $15.99. Each bottle is 0.5oz.


Five Lil Bass In Tow was sent a couple samples to test and post my honest review

Ladibugs Lice Treatment Review

About Ladibugs

Created by moms for momsLisa Rudquist, R.N., and Rachel Knutson, R.N., the founders of Ladibugs, Inc.

In 2010, when Lisa Rudquist and Rachel Knutson first learned their kids contracted lice at school, they were worried, embarrassed…and itchy.

As registered nurses, they were shocked to find the over-the- counter treatments made their kids’ eyes burn and smelled terrible. Worse yet, they also contained kerosene derivatives, pesticides and petroleum – the last things you want to put on your child’s head.

Lisa and Rachel learned there were no organic or all-natural treatments on the market. But instead of running from the bugs, they faced them “head” on. After an impromptu minivan conference in the school parking lot, they channeled their energies into finding a better way to annihilate the critters.

Ladibugs was born

Ladibugs takes flightStop Lice Before It Starts

In May 2011, the Ladibugs product line was tested at select Kids’ Hair locations in the Midwest. In just one month, Ladibugs lice prevention and elimination lines became the top selling products for Kids’ Hair.

Ladibugs products are now being sold in salons across the country, including Great Clips and Kids’ Hair locations. Ladibugs is constantly expanding its reach

Has your child ever had lice? If so you know what an absolute pain it is. No matter what you try it seems like an endless cycle of bugs that do not like to die. About 6 years ago my nieces brought lice into the house. I have 3 girls with lots of thick hair. Inevitably my girls got them. We would go through piece by piece out pull out the nits and eggs to no end. It was endless and exhausting! Our pediatrician had us trying all sots of lice meds but nothing was working. Then my mom, who lived with us, and I ended up with lice also. One night we actually had an assembly line going. It was crazy! I have to say that even a speck of dust in my girls hair now makes me panic. It took us over a year for our house to quit getting the lice back. It was a horrible nightmare I would NEVER wish that on anyone!

I am so glad there are now natural products out there without all the harmful chemicals that burn your eyes and stink terribly.

Stop an infestation before it startsLadibugs lice prevention Shampoo, Conditioner, Mint Spray, and Detangling Spray.

Ladibugs offers a full line of prevention products for daily use.

Ladibugs Shampoo and Conditioner are made with the highest-quality natural products and essential oils including peppermint oil that lice find offensive. Use daily and help defend hair from lice infestation.

Ladibugs Mint Spray is a first-of-its-kind lice-fighting tool using a specialized mint formula to help ward off head lice. Sprayed daily on coats and backpacks, it helps prevent head lice infestations.

Ladibugs Mint Detangling Spray is made with the highest quality, all natural, essential oil of peppermint, making this a superior product for both its detangling properties, as well as assisting in warding off head lice. Use after sleep to detangle bed head, and after bathing to condition while detangling.

Getting rid of lice naturallyLadibugs lice elimination Serum, Mousse, and Metal Microgrooved Comb.

You’ll love the smell, but the lice hate it!

Elimination products include Ladibugs Mousse made from a yeast based enzyme (a natural dissolver of nit glue) and Ladibugs Mint Serum, a blend of olive oil and peppermint that soothes the scalp while eliminating lice.

When used with the Ladibugs Metal Micro-Grooved Comb, lice don’t stand a chance!

The scent isn't bad at all. Especially after a year, back then, with smelling all the horrible types of lice treatments!

Definitely check out this awesome company if you ever find yourself in need of treatment!


Five Lil Bass in Tow was sent a kit to test and post my honest review.

Old World Gourmet Cream Cheese Bar Giveaway

Old World Gourmet is an upscale food and beverage company with unique, innovative products.  Founded in September 2001 by DeAnna Sullivan, the Georgia-based company continuously invents new recipes that take ordinary flavors to extraordinary sensations.  One of its most popular products, the Vino-Licious line of frozen wine mixers, is the first of its kind and makes any bottle of wine a delicious adult slushie.  

OWG also offers gourmet snacks, like the Original Cracker Smack that adds flavor to any sleeve of crackers, and unique mixes that turn a bottle of beer or wine into a hearty loaf of bread.  OWG products are sold online and in fine gift retailers across the country.  To learn more about OWG and see its full line of more than 100 products, visit www.OWGshoponline.com.  Whatever the occasion, OWG serves up the fun!

Once Upon a Time...on a Sunday afternoon

more than 10 years ago, a husband and wife sat talking about what they wanted in life. The long talk led

na Sullivan and her husband Dan

to realize how little time they spent together due to their jobs. The next

day, they both submitted letters

of resignation.

Shortly after, knowing

she wanted to run her own business, DeAnna began a venture with a food company

to prepare a

glazed nut product.


(successful) year


the venture led to joining forces with the Six Flags company in the Atlanta area, and a move for

the Sullivans from Florida to their current

residence in Georgia.

The glazed nut product continued to succeed and DeAnna was tasked with bringing a hot

beverage alternative to the theme park

her first chance to produce her own recipe. As luck would have it, DeAnna had already developed such a drink at home and had a

personal fan club for her “granny’s church punch. The Six Flags food and beverage

gers quickly

d and approved

what became known as


orld Cider.

It was

a hit and park guests were

soon asking to purchase the cider by the gallon to take home.


saying “it’s not for sale to take home, proved DeAnna had something remarkable…and that she

didnt know anything about how to get

it to market outside

of the park. She decided to go out on her own and took the idea to hebank. “Its a pipe dream, a want to be business.

Application fo
ar a business loan denied.”

Still, DeAnna was motivated and luck was by her side again,

this time through a friend 
who was promoting

his own products through the gift market trade show circuits. He offered to share his booth and Old World Gourmet, LLC officially

began with Old World Cider and a candy-coated cinnamon glazed nut on

display at the Philadelphia Candy and Confection Show on Sept. 11, 2001. DeAnna, at the age of 44, sold her first order of three

cases and the wheels

started turning for more to come…

DeAnna continued


create new products, earning

several Best Snack awards. With

, she was even

determined to set

Old World Gourmet

apart from other food

. She started experimenting with out-of-the-box

ways to enjoy wine. As she thought

about temperatures you typically

serve red and white wines, she found herself pushing the limits

to move wine into


freezer. DeAnna

personally developed

the flavor profiles and created a series of, now named Vino-Licious, adult wine slushies.

This innovative beverage was nothing anyone in


and beverage industry had

heard of or even attempted to create before. Now, at age 55, DeAnna attributes the Vino-Licious


and Old World Gourmets success

to her

unwavering determination

and dedication. Over the past 11 years, the Sullivan’s small business has grown exponentially, currently selling more than 100 products online and in fine gift retailers in all 50 states.

But the story doesnt end there. DeAnna will tell you, “these are the

best pages of my life. Old

World Gourmet

is in it for the long haul and DeAnna

plans to bring


and exciting products to market for years to come.

I tried the Butter Me Up Cream Cheese Chewies and the Strawberry Cream Cheese Chewies.

Butter Me Up Cream Cheese Chewies

This buttery dessert bar will be the envy of every guest they’re served to. Made with lots of “old fashioned” goodness with sweet modern technology!! Easy to make, freezes well, sinfully rich with only minimal effort!! Makes a great after school snack or coffee and dessert treat!! 

Strawberry Cream Cheese Chewies

What a heavenly dessert bar! It's like a piece of velvet strawberry cheesecake. It is such an easy recipe to make with your kids or grand kids! Beautiful presentation, freezes absolutely wonderfully ( if there is any left to freeze). It is gift ready. Perfect for that " covered dish " outing, picnics, BBQ's, school bake sells or just for yourself. Perfect afternoon compliment to a fresh cup of coffee.

I loved both of them and everyone who I shared them with also loved them.  Now think about it - Butter, Cream Cheese, (powdered sugar) - seriously what is not to like!  And the Strawberry is just as delicious.  

They are delivered in these really cute bags:


In addition to the mix in the bag you need:  Eggs, Cream Cheese, Powdered Sugar and Margarine (although I used butter).  

A special deal for you - use coupon code SHIP50 – it’s good for free shipping for all orders that are $50 or more!

Other products include:  Wine Mixers, Cocktail Mixers, Gourmet Snacks, Bitch Bags (you really gotta check these out!, and Party In A Pitcher.  

PLUS - OWG is giving away one package of Strawberry Cream Cheese bars to a lucky reader - enter the Giveaway Tool.