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Friday, October 21, 2016

My Baby's Heartbeat [Gender Reveal] Bear

Having a baby is one of the most exciting times in a woman's life. But it does also come with some stress.

What will my baby look like?
Will my baby be healthy?
Will I deliver vaginally or have a C-section?
Will baby be a boy or a girl?

These days, so many moms and dads are throwing gender reveal parties. They do it with balloons, glitter, cake colors and more. This little bear can help you announce what gender your baby is going to be.

The box comes with both blue and pink....

Once you open, there is a cute bear that comes in either pink or blue. The bear is holding a neat little frame that you can place your sonogram picture. In the box is also a little plastic red heart. This heart is so you can take to your doctors appointment and save that precious heartbeat sound. This records and keeps 20 seconds of heartbeat. This will last forever if you upload the heartbeat to the website that comes on the bears paperwork.

Each of these bears is retailing for $39

Quite a few ultrasound studios have these for purchase. Why not ask about it the next time you go in? If they do not sell these you can purchase through:

This company has also come out with other animals to choose from.


I received this bear in exchange for my honest review.

Lime Green Silicone Cutting Board

I personally love this board. It is thick so will not bend under your cuts. I was cutting pretty hard and there are no marks on the mat. The green color is nice and bright. This won't get lost in the cupboards. You can roll up and "lock" into place to pour out the food you cut. VERY easy to wash, when done. I just used hot water and soap. I like that sort of clean up!

You can purchase this cutting board for $17.97


Welch's Halloween Designed Fruit Snacks and Safety Tips

We like to find healthier choices for the kids on Halloween. Fruit snacks are a good option since they don't look like fruit. You can sneak it in, if you have to. My kids love fruit snacks. Although, I have to say that Welch's fruit snacks are more like gummy candies.

You can find these snacks at your local grocery store. So much fun. These have pumpkins, ghosts, bats and witches shapes. Check your local grocery store today! You have just a week left before those little ghouls and goblins coming knocking at your door.

Available in the Mixed Fruit Variety, the 28ct boxes is available nationally for $4.99.

Kids get so excited on this day. They are all dressed up and ready for the free candy!! BUT stop and share these safety tips with them so everyone can have a happy and safe time trick or treating.

#1. ALWAYS look both ways! Even though you are out trick or treating there are still people out there who are not and they are not watching for you or your child.

#2. If you are driving somewhere make sure you have enough gas and a phone to call home in any emergency. You do not want to be in the dark with no way to reach someone.

#3. NEVER go into a strangers house! If they invite you in politely decline and leave. Try to stay with an adult or let your parents know exactly which direction you are going and have a curfew.

#4. Vandalism is never cool! Throwing eggs at cars and houses is not cool. Someone has to clean it up and it could be you, if you get caught. You can also be arrested and punished as a juvenile. So, don't think that it's fun only if you can get away with it. It's never the right thing to do! Think about how you would feel if someone did that to your house and how bad it would make you feel. (I got this one from a safety site)

#5. Try to wear something bright on your costume. Black costumes cant be seen in the dark and pose more of a risk of getting hit by a car. Carrying light sticks in a good way to ensure being seen.

#6. Consider using a flashlight or glow stick instead of a candle to light your pumpkin. If you do use a candle, a votive candle is safest.

#7. Do not approach a vehicle looking for directions or a missing child. Find an adult.

#8. If someone tries to grab you scream, kick and draw as much attention to yourself as possible.

#9. Do not take shortcuts or cut through alley ways always stay in well lit areas

Have a happy and safe Halloween!


I was sent a bag of these yummy snacks, to show you a new design. I hope that you like!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pin Clips

So many times people work in cubicles and it gets a little difficult to put up pics or make your space yours. These little panel hooks work great! Just slide the "hook" piece into the cubicle wall and push down. Once the panel hook is in, all you have to do is hang what you want.

Bring in pictures of your dogs, your kids or even just home made drawings. Forget the kids pics only being put on the fridge. Make your personal space, yours.

You can purchase these from Amazon for $11.95 for a set of 24


Product Description
CLIP between Pinclip and panel - Use your fabric board to clip business cards, personal memos photos, pictures, notes, appointments, schedules, mail, and so much more. Each Pinclip can hold up to 10 standard sheets tightly.

Hanger - Hang pictures, clocks, whiteboards, documents, keys, and even a coat. Each stainless steel Pinclips holds up to 2kg.

STABLE, STURDY DESIGN - Pinclips will not falling off Because of Boasting an anti-separation hook in backside. It will not move even pushed upward.

VERSATILE USES - Can be used in wallpaper and woods. But Pinclips cannot holds up to 2Kg with wallpaper.

SMALL - It will help you to stay organized

Nuby Bathtub Submarine

This is so fun to play with. You pull the string at the back of the sub and it makes the "wind up toy" noise while the tail pulls back into the sub. This toy does float in the tub and it will move if you pull the tail. I'm not sure that ours made it to the bath more than once. The girls keep carrying it around and pulling the tail. My sensory daughter, just loves the feel of it vibrating. It really is a cute little toy. I'm thinking about getting my granddaughter the other color so they will quit fighting over this one.

You can purchase this for $9.49


This would make a great baby shower gift or hey, Christmas is coming!!

I was sent this product to play with and post our honest review. ALL words and opinions are my own.

Check out Nuby at all their Social websites



Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Berlando Super Soft Baby Blanket

I am in love with this blanket for the main reason of it being so soft!! My little girl loves soft. She rubs it on her face or down her arms. This helps her feel safe.

This blanket would be great for the coming winter months. Perfect size to lay on the lap of a baby in a car seat. With not being able to put a coat on a baby, this is perfect.

Because of it being grey and white, this is great for a boy or a girl. I actually love Berlando products. I have one of their diaper bags, also. Very well made.

Again, very very soft!

Would make a great shower gift

You can purchase this soft blanket from Amazon for $13.85


Keysocks for Woman

Woman who dress up for church or for work have a difficult time, sometimes. You can wear knew highs with dress shoes in slacks or hose or tights with dresses, but what about just leggings? Do you tend to just go barefoot when you wear leggings for dressing up?

Wearing shoes without socks or something to keep your feet safe, is very unhealthy. Your feet can get all sorts of weird stuff if you don't wear something over them. BUT, with leggings, what are you to do? Keysocks has created a way for your feet to be safe and comfy, and you to be stylish. No one will ever know, it will be our secret!

You can purchase this great accessory from http://www.keysocks.com/ Each pair costs about $14.

These Keysocks come in black, yellow, brown, rose, nude and lavender. Great to get a pair for every outfit!

You can also check out their social media sites:





I was sent a 3 pk to try out and post my honest review. ALL words and opinions are my own.