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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Nuby Wash or Toss Stackable Bowls

As a parent, who is always on the go, these are a life saver. I have to make things fast and easy for myself and my kids. These Stackable Bowls have made my job just a little bit easier. I just grab a bowl, grab a lid and toss in the snack. We take cereal, fruit and or crackers with us almost every trip.

Comes with 6 bowls and 6 interchangeable lids. Bright colors too! Red, yellow, peachy/orange, blue, green and purple. Little whimsical designs etched on the sides.

BPA free

DO NOT boil these bowls. You can, however, toss in top rack of dishwasher or simply use a bottle brush with hot soapy water.

Always check temperature of food before feeding child. I would not put in microwave for a long period of time.

I was sent these in exchange for my honest review.

Available at these retailers:

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I was sent these bowls in exchange for my honest review

Oliver's Heroes: The Spider Adventure

Follow Oliver, Mandy, Wiggles, Buster, Scraps, Frenchy and Mr. Bean on their adventure to find this striped and polka dotted spider. Every day they gather, under The Big Tree, to find out what adventure they are going on that day. Todays adventure begins when Wiggles tell the "heroes" about a strange spider that he saw. That spider scared it's person, a little girl.

My mom always taught me that bugs were more scared of me than I was of them. Why not purchase this cute book and learn the lessons that these cute dogs did.

Oh my goodness Oliver looks just like my Rennat.

Through the whole story, I was picturing my Rennat as Oliver. This story is so cute and has a great little lesson to it.

These dogs are real and have their own website. Go check them out!


You can purchase this book for $9.95


I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Night Night Daddy Board Book

My older kids love camping with Daddy. They look forward, all winter, to their first camp out of the season. Each one has had their special time fishing with Daddy. I am not the camper or the fisher in this house!

Our 3 year old keeps begging to go fishing with Daddy. I think she may get to go this year. But until then, her favorite thing to do with Daddy is her prayers.
Daddy does her prayers with her every night before she goes to bed. If we are apart then she does them over the phone.

This book shows raccoon daddy and child as they go through their bedtime routine. In the end, prayers and sleep. So cute! Daddy time is very important, too!

You can purchase this board book for $9.99


You can purchase this board book for $7.99


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I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review

Night Night Mommy Board Book

My 3 year old makes me read her the "Mommy" book, over and over again.

This book is so cute. I love the otter mommy and child. I am glad that it doesn't gender specify. I have an 8 year old son so loves Mommy to read to him too. The book has a routine that is really close to ours. Dinner, bath, snuggles and prayers.

The dynamic between the otter and her pup is something to smile about! With rhyming verse. Kids love to hear the pages that rhyme.

I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review

You can purchase this book for $7.99



You can purchase this book for $9.99


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I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review

Winners for 2016

Amanda Leigh Elliot- Easter Lamb Book
Melissa Johnson- Walmart gift card
Dani Tanner- Stainless steel Nuby sippy cup
Amanda Tu- Chipmunk adventure prize pack

No Mess Bibs By ZIzu Babies

These bibs are unique in that they are a rubbery feeling. Plus if you see the neck piece that hooks the bib around the child, it is unique in itself.

I absolutely love how easy to clean these are. Just wipe down. I like to spray with antibacterial spray after eating.

Thick enough to keep from falling apart, but thin enough that your child can still move while wearing it. No more stained up bibs!

You can purchase these unique bibs from Amazon for $18.99 for 2


Perfectly size bibs- easy to clean & go
- Do you want to enjoy more time with your baby and get everything done and clean?
- Do you hate when you get a Bib for your baby that doesn't fit well?
- Is mealtime cleanup with your kids wearing you down? Do your kid's clothes seem to have food stains all over them?
-Do you want the best quality for your baby and value for your money?

The No Mess Soft Bib fit your baby perfectly. Great FOOD Catcher and is Easy To clean-This soft and comfortable bib catches food that "misses" baby's mouth.
-Made with 100% FOOD GRADE SILICONE, the bibs will make your life easier when it is time to clean up after meals.
- GOOD VALUE & DOLLAR SAVED- Shirt saver, No more buying packages of bibs OR ruining clothes from falling food.
- PERFECT FIT & EASY TO CLEAN! The Baby Bib is tailored to perfection, catching all spills, stains, crumbs and drool off your baby or toddler's clothes! Cleverly shaped so that it does not lean on the edge of the table or Highchair but rather hangs down.
- A Baby Bib with snaps that is COMFORTABLE TO WEAR. Soft, lightweight, and with Adjustable neckband.

FREE BONUS GIFT IN EVERY PACK- Baby Heat sensitive spoon, its a great help to know the suitable temperature of foods or water when feeding your baby (BPA, Phthalate free & dishwasher safe!).
-You will get our LIFETIME GUARANTEE because we are confident that you are going to love our NO MESS BIBS BY ZIZU BABIES. If you are not satisfied with our bibs, ZIZU BABIES will refund your purchase!

Aposon 0955-Orange Sport Watch

This is a nice looking sports watch. The colors are vibrant. I love that this can be for a boy or man, girl or woman. Not only did my husband and son love it but then my 15 year daughter ended up with it. She won!

It was pretty easy to set up. Just follow the little paper of instructions. This would make a great gift for the sporty person on your list.

You can't beat the price!! $12.99


Product Description

• Original Japanese Quartz Movement: provide precise and accurate time keeping

• Dual Time Display: analog and digital

• Stainless Steel Dial Case Back Cover

• Shock Resistant: perfect for both outdoor and indoor sports, such as running, climbing, ect

• 3 ATM Waterproof: 98 Ft / 30 M (Lifetime waterproof, not suitable for long time underwater activities - shower, swimming. Please DONOT press any buttons underwater.)

• Electronic LED Dial

• LED Back Light

• 1/100 Second Display

• Hourly Chime Time Report Function

• 12 H / 24 H (Military Time) Supported

• Calendar with date, week, month

• Alarm mode function

• Stop Watch Timer, 1/100 second Chronograph supported


• Case Material: Silicon Rubber, Plastic

• Band Material: Silicon Rubber

• Mirror Surface: Mineral Glass Mirror


• Dial Color: Orange and Black

• Dial Case Diameter: 1.7 inch / 4.3 cm

• Dial Case Thickness: 0.6 inch / 1.6 cm

• Band Color: Black

• Band width: 0.8 inch / 2 cm

• Band Length: 7.9 inch / 20 cm.

• Band Clasp Type: Buckle

• Watch Weight: 3.1 oz / 89 g


• Please DONOT Press Any Buttons Underwater. Also avoid the use in extreme hot or cold temperature.

• If mist or droplets found inside watch surface, please contact manufacturer immediately for maintenance to prevent moisture corrosion of the internal components.

• Clean the strap by a soft cloth on regular bases is highly recommended.

• Too much water contact will shorter watch life.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Snug Play+ Kids Headphones

I am SO in love with this pair of headphones! My daughter has SPD and noises at the store are just too much for her. It is a nightmare taking her to the store. Even noises at home sometimes are too much. Her tablet wasn't charged to go to the store yesterday and OH MY GOODNESS!! It was a horrible trip. We got home and she got her tablet and headphones and was relaxed again.

My mom purchased some headphone for my daughter for Christmas but they are so big due to them being for adults. These are snug so they are pretty close to noise cancelling.

I can not rave enough about these headphones! I also love that they fold. Makes it easy to store in a backpack with the tablet.

I was sent these in exchange for my honest review. I am sure you might look at this and think "oh she has to say that due to being sent these" no! I honestly am loving these for my daughter and she doesn't have to keep pushing them up to her ears!

You can purchase these form Amazon for $17.95


Backseat Car Organizer - Kids Toy Storage - Comes with Visor Organizer

Tired of junk roaming all over your vehicle? I was, until I brought this into the van. You can store so much! Sippy cups no longer roll around while you are driving. I love being able to keep extra diapers and wipes in the van. Child screaming they need a snack? Just reach into your organizer of surprises! This organizer is so handy! Very well put together. Mesh holds a lot.

The visor organizer is just as well put together. Hard backed so that it keeps it's shape. 3 pockets and a mesh "pocket". Love this set!

You can purchase this life saver for $15.97

Backseat organizer size: 22.1" x 12.4", length of the straps: 48" bottom, 16.5" top.
Visor organizer size: 12" x 6.9"

The material on these make it easy to wipe clean! Great thing when you have kids!

One Spring Lamb- Children's Board Book

This cute board book has counting and colors along with the story. Each turn of the page has a new number...

One spring lamb
Two white lilies
Three Easter dresses
Four nice ties
Five butterflies
Six baby ducklings
Seven Easter baskets
Eight tulips
Nine cupcakes
Ten little bunnies

There is much more to this cute little story but these are the numbers, counting up.

My youngest loves the front cover. It is not just a flat surface. The flowers and grass are raised a little with glitter on them.

Help your child count God's spring time blessings

You can purchase this book for $7.12


Check out all their other great books at



I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review

The London Day School Character Education Books

Koby- the little blue kangaroo who worried all day

As I am an adult worrier, I loved this little book. Koby would spend his days worrying about this and that. He didn't want to worry but it always happened. One day his mom asked him what was worrying him. When Koby started to tell her that he was wasting his days away and how to change that, Koby started to enjoy his time. Little by little, he changed his ways.

The pictures were so cute and the story line was great! Perfect for those little ones to hear or to read.



Betsie Bee- the little bee who learned to share and care in preschool

Betsie Bee is used to sleeping in and having all her toys to herself. When suddenly she is in preschool. She still wants all the toys and plays by herself. She has to learn that if she wants friends and to have a fun time, she has to share and become part of the group! By the end of the year, she has friends and has learned all the important sharing tools.



I love the illustrator of these books. All the characters are cartoon like. So cute!

Arabelle- the bat with the most wonderful pink glasses

3 out of my 4 girls wear glasses so this was one close to home. Arabelle has a really hard time seeing as she goes to do her day to day tasks. She needs glasses. Arabelle is so worried that her friends are going to make fun of her. Her dad picks the cutest pink glasses. When her friends see her, they love her glasses. No need to have worried. later her friend Clive gets blue glasses too!



These 3 books are great for those kids getting ready for preschool, daycare or any social setting. I loved these. I would totally recommend these. Great gift for any worrier, any child getting ready for glasses or any child entering school!!

I was sent these books in exchange for my honest review