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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Nuby 4 pack of Spoons and Forks

Yes, I am a Nuby Mom but I love Nuby products! I grab for them at the store all the time when I have to buy a new product. The sippy cups are very sturdy and I LOVE the price. I can usually get a Nuby cup for around $3 but have you priced sippy cups? Most of them cost around $5 each. That gets hefty.

These spoons and forks have last through the dishwasher, my dog chewing on the end and my sensory child chewing on them as she eats! I can't ask for better than that!

All Nuby products are BPA free to keep your child and mine safe. The colors are always so much fun! When going on a playdate, make sure to take these bright plastic pieces with you, no mistaking their pieces for yours.

These come in yellow and orange, green and blue, purple and green, red and blue, green and yellow. Chunky sized for your little ones small hand. So easy to wash, just toss them in the dishwasher with all your other silverware. The color keeps and they do not change the shape.

You can purchase these through Amazon for $5.99


Check out Nuby at all their Social websites



I was sent these pieces in exchange for my honest review

Thursday, December 3, 2015

48 Premium Chalkboard Labels by KANAS -

These are so cool!

Teens would love these as much as adults. I know that my teens would have everything in their rooms labeled. My homeschooler would have all her books labeled. This is such a cool idea. Would also be great in the kitchen, label your canisters.

When I was around 13 years old, I decided to make some home made cookies for my mom. I grabbed everything that the recipe called for, including the baking powder ( so I thought). My mom always had her spices and flours in Tupperware. Well, I grabbed the wrong one and my cookies never rose. I cried my eyes out...if she just had of had these cute labels, my cookies hopefully would have been awesome. Well, live and learn.

We have chalk markers that we use and they work great on these labels. Erasing isn't the easiest with the chalk markers. Regular chalk is definitely erasable. We used these to label the shelves. I hate when someone puts a can on a box shelf. Now there is no mistakes.

Nice heavy stickers too. These will not rip. Sticks perfectly and lasts. Different designs to match your personality. The bulk variety pack set includes Rectangle, Oval and two Fancy Vintage Styles of chalkboard label stickers.

You can purchase these stickers from amazon for $6.99


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Vodiy Ombir Pro Multi-tool

This set really is great! The tool itself is a nice heavy metal. Shiny. The parts are not difficult to put in the position to use. I was able to pull each piece and put them back into their storage spots easily. There are so many uses for this tool. The Phillips and Flathead screwdrivers are the most used of them all. This is great for my guys when they go camping and fishing. One tool, solves it all!

The attachable bits are stored in a rubber holder that fits inside the pocket of the multi-tool. That is another great thing about this product, it comes with a handy heavy duty pouch to hold it in. I was very impressed with this tool.

Holidays are coming and the man of your house would be very lucky to get one of these in his stocking! Why not shorten that "honey do list"?

The Vodiy Ombir Pro Multi-Tool Features:• Needle-nose Pliers
• Wire Cutter
• Wire Stripper
• Straight Long Blade
• Phillips Screwdriver
• Flathead Screwdriver
• Bottle Opener
• Can Opener
• Saw
• Awl
• Double Sided File
• 11 Separate Attachable Bits:
• 3 Philips Screwdriver Bits
• 3 Flathead Screwdriver Bits
• 5 Hex Key Bits

You can purchase this product from Amazon for $21.97


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Primed for you Bluetooth Headphones in Pink

These are amazing, I use them everyday for school! They have an excellent battery  life!!! The Bluetooth  headset is really easy to use. They turn blue when they are on. When charging they turn red. Great, clear, and loud sound!!! They come in many different colors! Fit wonderfully in your ears. The charging spot is a very basic charging unit!

With the holidays coming why not check them out for a gift!

These come in black, blue, orange, pink and green. Take to the gym or just for the teens, so that you don't have to listen to their music.

You can purchase these Bluetooth headphones for $39.99


Mop and Broom Organizer, Wall and Closet Mount

I get so tired of hearing "Mom where is the broom"..."Mom where is the dust pan". This is the cure! Well or mostly the cure. With so many kids in the house, there is always one that walks off with any of the hanging objects. Mop, dust pan, broom or kitchen window squeegee.

Holds up to 11 tools, with 6 hooks for smaller tools and 5 automatically adjustable holders which adjusts to each handle's thickness and grips it securely. To release the tool, simply lift the handle and this will unlock the grippers

Each gripper can holds up to 7 pounds of weight
Easy to install - can be mounted on a wall or inside your cabinet. Screws & anchors included

You can hang anywhere with the handy hardware that is included. We have decided to hang ours right inside the kitchen so that the kids (or us) can grab the items at any time. I like that it does not have to be a small handled broom. Each item might have a different thickness. The hooks are great for dustpan handles. This is such a handy product.

You can purchase this from Amazon for $10.99


Personalized Adult Coloring Book by Put Me In The Story

I am all about the unique items this year. I'm not sure if you have noticed this with all the reviews I have done.

I love to color so this was the perfect product for me.

I have colored since I was really little. It is so relaxing to just sit and put that crayon or colored pencil to the page. Have you tried it, as an adult? My family all knows how relaxing it is for me. My aunt, for my 16 or 18th birthday, sent me a large Crayola caddy. It was like bliss in a box. However, until recently, all you could find to color were the children's character books. I have colored a bunch of My Little Pony's and Littlest Pet Shop over the years. It is nice that they have started the adult coloring book craze.

What do you get for the person on your list that has everything? Why not pick this unique gift. This is so neat. The front cover has your name on it. For me, it said "Tracee Keep Calm and Color On". The peaches and blues on the front are so calming. I think the colors were perfect for this book. Inside, on one of the color pages, it is personalized also. This specific page is one that you can color yourself.

Nice thick 64 page book just awaiting your creativity! Heavy duty pages that even the hardest coloring doesn't seem to faze the pages.

You should check them out for great Christmas gifts. This company has so many different books for children and adults, that you can personalize.

You can purchase this special book for $19.99


You can also check out their social media accounts




I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review

Monday, November 30, 2015

Disney Villains Make Up Travel Sets

With all the hype about the Disney Villans, I had to join the pack.

My favorite Disney Villan is Malificent. Have you seen the new Disney Descendants movie? It is the next generation of villans. You meet Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay. Follow their journey in trying to fit in with the children of the characters you love. My friends daughter joined the villan crew for halloween!

The original Disney Villans are Jafar, Malificent, Evil Queen and Ursela.

I received the Ursela set of make up brushes and make up bag.

The brushes are so useful in everyday living. With 2 teens and a preteen in the house, these get used a lot. Come with eye shadow pad, blush brush and more. Very sturdy.

Walgreens Fall 2015 Disney Villains SOHO Makeup Brush Collection
(retail: $9.99 each)

The make up bag is silky soft. Beautifully designed Ursella on the front. Zipper top closure. Large inner compartment. Perfect size handle for carrying your goodies. If you travel a lot this would be great for you. Also, with this time of year would make a great Christmas gift for that villan lover in your house. 

You can purchase these for $28.98 for the Ursella train case from Amazon

Or you can purchase from Walgreens for $11.99. Just look for the Villains display!

I was sent these products in exchange for my honest review.

3 Disney Princess Surprise Eggs

I know it isn't Easter but these would also make great stocking stuffers!

My kids love these and don't care what time of year that they are received.

Inside these cute, pink eggs is a fun surprise. You get a candy, a Disney sticker and 1 of 5 prizes. You prize could be getting a Disney Ring, Mirror, key chain, comb or pencil topper. Your daughter is going to love this and the fun this is, is that you can collect them all!

The egg is not flimsy. If you are like us where we just toss out the eggs to a field, these are definitely going to withstand that! Also, you can reuse for your next Easter party. Would make great party favors too.

You can purchase these through Amazon for $10.99 for the set of 3


These eggs also come in boys designs. Star Wars, Spiderman or other girl ones My Little Pony.

Headband Kit for Girls

Looking for a crafty Christmas present for your daughter or granddaughter? This is perfect. My daughter loves to decorate all her stuff to make sure that it is all her!

My 11 year old is a girlie girl and this is a newly loved product.

There are 10 fashion headbands in assorted colors. There are thick width headbands and thin widths. All sparkle and shine. The colors that came with my box are fushia in both widths, turquoise in both widths, Lime in both widths, a purplish color in both widths, thick silver and thin black.

This box comes with 3 decorative bows, a flow, 12 colored feathers, 50 sparkled jewels and 1 jar of fabric glue

Let your daughter turn any boring headbands, into a work of art!

Right now, this would make the best Christmas present! Would also be great for these holiday vacations where the kids are "bored". Break out the box and watch them create!

You can purchase this product from Amazon for $19.99


1000 Piece Building Bricks Compatible with Legos

Let your child's imagination go wild! This time of the year is horrible with the "I'm bored" "there is nothing to do"....Why not pull out this large bag of building bricks and let them build anything that their imagination can create?

They can build skyscrapers, boats, villages and so much more. Since these bricks are compatible with Legos the creations are endless. Go and grab a few Lego pieces with wheels so they can build cars.

My daughters were excited that there were pink bricks! Most bricks and Legos are primary colors. This bag includes 10 colors and 14 different shapes.

You can purchase these bricks from Amazon for $29.99


I just looked it up on Amazon and a 1000 piece Lego set was $119...do not pay those hefty prices when you can purchase these bricks. Heavy duty and just as sturdy.

Tweez'em Stainless Steel Tweezers

With ultra-sharp, perfectly aligned elongated points, the Ingrown Hair/Splinter, yellow Tweezer is unsurpassed. Keep one in your medicine cabinet and one for your toolbox. This surely will last a lifetime!

You can not miss these yellow tweezers, in your drawer or your medicine cabinet. The pointy end is great for black heads or splinters. The children don't seem to scream when you use these. You aren't digging to get their splinter out. It is like using a pin or a needle. Do NOT let your children use though as they are super sharp.

Stainless steel is great so that they do not rust.

I have issues with facial hair and these get even the littlest hair that doesn't want to be plucked. I loved these tweezers!

You can purchase this great product from Amazon for $9.99


Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Number 1 Cup for Traveling

This time of the year everyone is traveling for the holidays. Traveling with children is challenging when they need to pee frequently. 

We don't travel as much as we used to but when we go, we last about 2 hours and then someone whines they have to pee. Water bottles are not always accessible. Plus pee looks like lemonaide...ewe!

Emily Baldwin, mother of 3 boys, came up with this great idea. She came up with this product out of necessity. 

When designing this cup she wanted convenience and ease. I believe she got durability, also. It has been dropped a bunch and no cracks. 

I loved that she adds wipes in the container for sanitary purposes. We keep wipes around for the babies but it was a genius idea. Not all families have babies. 

The cup fits most automobile cup holders. 

I am so glad that she wanted to make sure that it didn't get mistaken for a drink. On the back of the bottle is a super adorable skull and crossbones. 

You can purchase this cup in orange and black. I think she said that this would be available in other colors soon. 

You can purchase this cup for $12.95

To order just log in to



Grab these quick before you have to travel. Men can use these too! 

Why not check out their social media sites while you are at it:




I was sent this cup in exchange for my honest review

Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish- A Daily Devotional for Adoptive and Birth Parents

I love my devotionals. I have 3, at this moment. I vary as to which one I will read and when. I was so excited to fin out that they have one just for me! Well, all adoptive and birth parents.

Sherrie Eldridge, the author, is and internationally recognized adoption speaker. She has authored more than 5 books about adoption. Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parent Knew. She was adopted herself and understands that perspective. 1 of her grandchildren joined their family through adoption.

We got our little girl when she was 3 weeks old. However, her adoption was not finalized till she was 2. She is still young and it makes me very nervous for the day that we have to tell her the story of her beginning. We knew her biological mom, so lots of the not knowing, does not count for her. But, we did not know the biological dad. It is definitely a different thing for our family. She has never not been a part of it though. We have such a strange story.

If you are looking for a good devotional to help you with all those times. Sherrie as made a devotional of tools to encourage us on our journey.

Do you have feelings of fear? Does your child? Do they have anger issues? Self esteem issues? This book is here to walk beside you and help you to be prepared in all these times in your child's life.

Just to give you a piece of what the book has in store.

Today is November 29th and the devotional for today is:

"And you are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus". (Romans 3:24)

Help grow your child's faith by looking at the events of Moses's life.

Strange, alive, powerful (at the burning bush)
Punishes (when he killed Pharoah and ran to the back side of the desert)
Brings trouble on his people and doesn't rescue them (Israelites in slavery)
Personal (He has become my salvation)
Spiritual father (Israel is my firstborn son)
Creator of his body ("who made your mouth?" when he used stuttering for an excuse not to speak for God)

Which of these does your child identify with? This can be your platform for prayer.

365 devotionals.

This book would make such a great gift for the family getting ready to adopt.

You can purchase this book for $16.99


You can also look up New Hope Publishers, see all the other books they have.


I received this book in exchange for my honest review

Teething Toys PLUS Pacifier Clip/Teether Holder

My daughter is not only teething but has sensory issues. She has to touch and feel everything that has different textures. She has to chew. We see her starting to "react" to certain things and we have to have to remind her to chew/bite her bracelets, necklaces or chewy toys.

This set comes with a car, a train and an elephant. The pacifier clip fits through the premade holes in the teethers. We also use this clip to hold her chewby bracelets. You do not have to worry about choking as the length of the holder is not very long. But, it is the perfect length to clip to your child's clothing and still be able to chew on the BPA free pieces.

COLORFUL and EDUCATIONAL - The teethers not only soothes aching gums and teeth. These multi sensory toys come in different colors and shapes that attract babies and help to develop motor skills.
• 100% SAFE - These teething toys are made of food grade silicone and is BPA-Free, FDA approved, PVC-Free, Latex-Free, Rubber-Free, Lead-Free silicone. It contains no vinyl, phthalates, plastic, nitrosamines, cadmium, or heavy metals. They are taste and smell-free. 100% safe for your infant

You can also throw these in the top of the dishwasher. It is safe to do so. I usually just throw mine in hot water and wash with dish soap. These teether toys dry quickly.

Perfect for your sensory needy child or your teething child.

We attached our pacifier clip to the Beabies flat bracelet.

Little ones suffer so bad while their teeth are trying to pop in. I used to say that it was like a horror show in their mouths. We would try anything to help our children not suffer so much.

These silicone chew toys are perfect for their budding teeth.

You can purchase this set for $12.99 from Amazon.com


Toy Kids and Toddler Shopping Cart

I was so excited to get this toy for my daughter. My oldest son put it together with ease. But my little girl is only 3. This cart bent at the wheels super easy. She still loves it but I will be looking for another 1 before Christmas.
The metal is a great part as most children's shopping carts are plastic. This one looks like the real thing.
My daughter loves to go around the house and "shop".

You can purchase this product from Amazon for $26.99


Black and hot pink polka dots fabric on fold-able wagon seat, fits up to 18" dolls

Dimensions: 23" H by 12" W by 16.3"D

The set in this ad says that it comes with the 23 pieces of shopping items. Mine to review did not.