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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Grandma Kisses Board Book

Tommy Nelson has some pretty awesome books for Children. All are faith based and help children to see the love that God has for them. These books are a great way to start your child's Christian walk.

Grandma Kisses is such a cute book full of rhyming pages and pictures of all sorts of different animals. Each page is a new animal grandma with her matching grandbaby. My children have 3 grandmas. All 3 are different and unique. Each one of them does different things with them. It is their special love. One of the grandma's take 1 kid out every other month to eat with her. My mom doesn't get to see the kids as often since she lives out of state. But when she does, she loves to cuddle them and read to them. The childrens other grandma doesn't really get seen. She visits about once a year. They do love when she comes though. I can't wait till my mom comes in a couple weeks. She is going to love this book! I know, as a new grandma, I love this little book. My grandbaby loves all the colors.

The different animals that your children can see, in this book, are...


Great book to take to grandma's house, on your next visit!

You can purchase this book through ThomasNelson.com for $9.99


or you can purchase from Amazon.com for $8.99


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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Put Me In The Story- Adoption Book Review

I can not even express in this review what a neat book this is....I cried through typing in all the information on their site.

The front of the book, in itself, is perfect!

My cover says " I Wished For You, Alivia" and adoption story

Underneath a picture of a Mommy bear and a little bear it says "Made Special For Alivia" " Made Special By Mom"

So super special and a book that she can have forever. The cover is made in hard back and the pages are regular heavy duty paper.

In our story, I couldn't have any more kids. I always dreamt of having 6 kids. I had to beg my husband to let me have #5 as I didn't not have good pregnancies. We had 4 miscarriages before we even had kids and then 4 more intermingled between the kids. My body hates pregnancy. Well, my husband gave into be have #5. It was the roughest pregnancy I had and he came a month early. He was perfect though. I don't think he got the preemie memo...But me on the other hand almost died having him. I spent the greater portion of his first couple months in the hospital and in lots of pain. They told my husband that I might not make it. I got fixed and was very depressed about it. I didn't feel whole....some of you might think that this is selfish. But as I grew up, it was just my sister and I. I always had wanted a big family. About 4 years after my son was born, I started praying that I would get pregnant. Yes, I was fixed. My husband kept telling me to quit praying for this because he didn't want to raise our kids alone. So for about a year I quit praying for that. Every time I saw a baby or a pregnant lady though my heart broke for that 6th child, I could never have. I felt maybe I was doomed to wait until my kids had kids. I was heartbroken.

I kept hearing people tell about their adoptions. So my prayers changed. I started praying that God would find us the perfect child for our family. My husband was ok with that prayer. As time went on, my prayers graduated. "Dear Father, please bring us a child, it doesn't have to be a baby but please help them be under 1"..."Dear Father, I'm not going to be picky as to the child you bring us, but please, if you can bring us a girl"..."Father, I have always loved red hair, whatever child you bring us, could they please have red hair"?

A little over 3 years ago we went back to our old church and got involved with the youth group. There was a pregnant girl in our group. We had talked about what she was going to do. (there were extenuating circumstances as to why were talking about these things) When she had her little girl, she would bring her to church and asked me to hold her. Oh, I was in love! There was something about this baby. I can't explain what it was. The girl in our youth group always handed her to me saying that "the way you look at her, I can tell you love her". When the baby was 3 weeks we started keeping her for days on end, that turned into weeks. I won't go into all the details but we ended up with custody till June of the next year. On May 24th, 2013 the Mom came to us and said she was pregnant again and that we had loved the baby and if we were interested in adopting her we could! I was so happy and felt my heart was complete! Our family would finally be done. On December 31st, 2014 she officially became Alivia Lucille Grayce Bass. My prayers we fully answered. It was a little girl, under 1 and with red hair. Her hair is not bright red but she is definitely auburn! God answered my prayers down to her hair color.

When I was sent the opportunity to review this book, I jumped on it!

The first real page, upon opening the book, says "My beautiful answer to prayer! You completed my heart and our family" This could not have been more perfect!

My husband doesn't cry for anything and reading this book, he cried. All through the book there are places that have personalization.

"Mama and Alivia Bear snuggled in their favorite cuddle spot. "Mama" said Alivia. "tell me again how I'm your wish come true".

I recommend this book to anyone who has adopted. This will be a treasured part of your childs life. A book that they can keep forever.

Put Me In The Story, has so many other titles also.

The Gift Of an Angel
The Gift of a Memory
Hooray for You
The Gifts of being Grand
I Love You So
Dear Daughter
Dear Son
Dear Granddaughter
Dear Grandson
Dear Mom
My Shoes take me Where I want to Go
Fish Kisses and Gorilla Hugs
Happy Birthday to You
I Love You So Much
You are my Wish come True
Big Sister
Big Brother
If I could Keep You Little
Night Night Book

Check out all these books and more at http://www.putmeinthestory.com/?utm_source=silverpop&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ecommerce&utm_content=09_25_15_PM_Bedtime_Sale-&spMailingID=23599189&spUserID=MTM3MTQxOTQ0MzYyS0&spJobID=642673747&spReportId=NjQyNjczNzQ3S0

Each book is about $29.99 But right now the books are half off if you use code DREAM at checkout!

I was sent this book to read and post my honest review

Count My Blessings 123

Every night my youngest daughter says her prayers with Daddy. She goes through the list of all her siblings and her niece.

This book shows little ones how to say thanks. There is a page that says "Thank you, as I get dressed, for which sweater would be best"! I love that it shows children to be thankful for even the clothes that they wear.

Hopefully, we as parents, have taught this to our children. God gives us so much to be thankful for, everyday.

Each of these pages has a 3D page on the left, that fits into the "indention" on the other page. With our youngest being sensory seeking, this is perfect for her. She gets to feel the pages not just read them. As you can see from the pic she loves this book!

Tommy Nelson provides us a way, in books, to show our children about God's love.

You can purchase this cute little board book for $7.06 from Amazon.com


You can also purchase this book straight from the Thomas Nelson website for $9.99


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I received this book set in exchange for my honest review. While you are at their site, why not look up all their other great books!