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Im a Stay at home mother of 6 children. Myrissa is age 20, Jacub is 18, Victorea is 16, Whitnee is 12, Kirk is 9 and Alivia is 4. We are also getting ready to adopt again! Our sweet new girl is Jessica and is 17!Our newest household addition is Lexee, she is 2 years old. We also have quite a few kids who call us Mom and Dad. My husband is studying for the ministry. We are a very busy family. I want to make sure all you other busy moms, dads, ladies and gents out there get the deals I do. If you would like me to do a review and or giveaway, I'd be happy to share your product with my readers. Contact me for more information. fivelilbassintow@yahoo.com (Please note that most of my email replies go to spam folders so if you contact me and don't hear back, this could be why, please check your spam folder for my reply) You should also check out my co bloggers, if you have a chance. Nicole does book reviews and Jeffrey does outdoor related review, fishing, camping and outdoors.
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Nuby Fish Basketball Hoop Bathtub Toy Review and Giveaway

My 2 year old daughter and 7 year old son absolutely love this Nuby toy! My kids are such fish that bath time is their favorite time of the day. The Nuby set has a couple fish and a net that suction cups to the bathroom wall.

My daughter was so cute....One morning before church, I was in the shower and she kept coming in. I repeatedly told her to get out so that I could take my shower. Finally, I opened the shower door to see my little girl outside the door so that all I could see what her little hands in the bathroom. Why? In her little hands she held 1 fish in each hand. I felt so bad for telling her to get out...she just wanted to share her favorite new bath toy with Mommy. I definitely took those fish into the shower with me and thanked her for sharing. When I was out and dressed for church, she was looking all over my bathroom for her fish. Kids are so cute!

For the older kids, just hang the suction cup a little higher on the wall. We can hear my son in there every time. He screams whooo hoooo. Must have gotten a basket.

There is even a pull string on the bottom of the net to either open the net and let the fish through or to close it and it stores the fish for later.

You can purchase this bath toy for $26.71 from amazon.com


Or from the Fishpond.com for $19.99


Check out Nuby at all their Social websites



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I was sent this Nuby Bath toy to test and post my honest review

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Keurig Reusable Coffee Filter Review + Giveaway

It is so nice to be able to reuse this cup over and over again. No more wasting products. The Keurig is a majorly used product, in this house. I am the only one over 14 here who doesn't drink coffee. My family is able to still buy in bulk, now, and still use the Keurig.

Very easy to use. All you have to do is pour your desired abount of coffee, tea or hot chocolate into the cup.

when you have done that, put the reusable cup into the Keurig

Close up your Keurig and wait for your coffee to brew. So easy, so fast and very eco friendly.

You can purchase this product through Amazon for only $5.95

The reusable cup has a smooth Inner Surface which allows for Easy Cleaning. With lid closed, turn the Cafe@Cup upside down and firmly tap the lid on a counter top; Open the lid and the entire coffee puck should fall out with a slight shake; Rinse the inside of the cup with water and let sit to dry.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Nuby Toothbrush and Toothpaste Giveaway

Nuby does not just stop at sippy cups and teething products. They also have oral care for kids!

Our 2 year old loves to brush her teeth. A lot of the toothpastes out there are harsh on her little mouth. I want to make sure that her teeth get the best of care.

This all natural, tutti fruity toothpaste is fluoride free. Endorsed by Pediatric Dentist Dr. Grace Yum - Founder of Yummy Dental and Orthodontics for Kids in Chicago, IL. This is also made in the USA.

The Nuby brushes come in fun colors. Everyone in our house has a different colored toothbrush. Helps for less confusion. Your child might have fun picking out their special color. The handle has special grippers so that it won't fall out of their hands even when wet. The bristles are soft and gentle enough for even the newest of teeth.

Our daughter even liked chewing on the bottom of the brush, while teething. Always make sure to never leave child unattended while brushing. Make sure, also, to change toothbrush every 6 months. Maybe you can have them pick a new color each time.

These toothbrushes are coming to Kmart very soon.

You can also purchase 2 of these sets from Amazon for $16.51


I received this product to test and post my honest review

Check out Nuby at all their Social websites



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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Drain Wig Review and Giveaway

Do you have hair in the drain issues? Water not draining properly? You should try Drain Wig!

Check out the Drain Wig on the Today's Show. It is an amazing product. With 4 out of my 6 kids being girls, you can imagine the hair that gets stuck in the drain. We recently thought that we were having pipe issues, but guess what it was? If you guessed a hair clogged drain, you were correct! The maintenance man could not believe the amount of hair that came out.

With the Drain Wig you just sink the metal string into the drain holes and let it do it's work. You can use one of these for up to 2-4 months. If there is only 1 girl in your house then you might be able to use longer. Then if you have more than the norm, like a college dorm bathroom, you may need to change more often.

The Drain Wig is actually a pretty inexpensive way to save yourself the trouble of calling a plumber. As an added plus, you never have to touch the hairy mess that you left behind. I am a girly girl and that would totally gross me out. At only 4 for $19.99, save yourself a major expense and a gross chore.

You can order the Drain Wig now at:


Each set comes in 4 flower shower Wigs, 4 bathtub anchor Wigs or a mixed set 2 of each. Each one with free shipping!

Check out Drain Wig on their social media


Duck Commander Devotions for Kids Review and Giveaway

We love the Duck Dynasty family. We love everything they stand for.

My oldest son has the Duck Commander Bible and he loves it

So when I saw this devotional book for the younger crowd, I knew I had to get it. My youngest son looks up to his big brother so thought they could do their daily devotions and Bible reading together.

Each daily devotion has a story that goes along with the text, a passage from Scripture, and a simple prayer.

I love all the family stories

An ideal companion product for Duck Dynasty fans, outdoor enthusiasts, and those who want to grow in their faith, Duck Commander Devotions for Kids is certain to inspire little ones in their faith journey.

The illustration on the front of the book is so cute and definitely portrays the family perfectly. America has fallen in love with the Duck Commanders and their family.

I was sent this book from Thomas Nelson to read and post my honest review. Thank you for reading.

You can purchase this book from Amazon for $14.04


You can also purchase from the Thomas Nelson site but it's so popular it is sold out right now.

Check out all their other great books at



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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dreamtreaders Book 2: Search For the Shadow Key Review and Giveaway

What kid hasn't wanted to be able to go into their dreams? Dreams are such a curious thing. What did my dream mean, was it just nothing and I showing my feelings by my actions in my dreams? So many questions. I think that Wayne Thomas Batson, the author, did a great job. I think his imagination is amazing.

Some Doors Should Never Be Opened

Archer Keaton is a dreamtreader. What this means is that he can explore dreams. Archer is the last dreamtreader alive. He is all alone to protect the Dream. There is a company called Dream Inc that allows the rich to "go into the dream world". But is seems to be falling apart. So before the dream world and the real world collide and fuse together, Archer must save it.

I don't want to give too much of the story as to give it all away. But this is a definite purchase.

This sci-fi book is great! Search For the Shadow Key keeps you on your seat to the very end. My 14 year old is my youth reader, for my blog. She is very honest about her books. You will definitely know if she doesn't like the book. The first in the series was a little slow for her, but this one was suspenseful and full of action.

Search For the Shadow Key was a great read also in that it has important things to learn. The importance of resisting temptation, making sure that you make wise choices and being a light for Christ in a dark world. None of this lessons are always easy to follow. Especially as teens.

I love that there are books like this that keep my teens busy and yet do not have the filth that comes with most teen books.

You can purchase this book from Thomas Nelson for $9.99


You can also purchase the first book Dreamtreaders for $9.99



Amazon for $9.63


I was sent this book from Thomas Nelson to read and post my honest review. Thank you for reading.

Check out all their other great books at



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Thursday, December 4, 2014

10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know Review and Giveaway

We used to be jr high youth ministers for our old church. I wish I had of had this book at that time. This really is a great book filled with quite a bit of wisdom for the teenage girl. Our older teen girls are wise beyond their years. I am saving this for our 10 year old daughter though. 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know will be great for her. Might just save her a couple heartaches. So many teen girls have questions that they don't feel they can take to their parents. It's a heartbreaking ordeal but it happens. Kari Kampakis tries to help girls know what to expect. It's almost like a What to Expect When You are Expecting book.

These ten simple truths can build one big change in your daughter’s life.

When Kari Kampakis wrote a blog post in July 2013 titled “10 Truths Young Girls Should Know,” the post went viral and was shared more than 65,000 times on Facebook. Obviously her message strikes a chord with moms and dads across the country. This nonfiction book for teen girls expands on these ten truths and can reach the hearts of both moms and daughters.

Teen girls go through so many things during their teen lives. Most girls go through being bullied, starting their periods, nervous if they don't get their periods at same age as their peers, wearing bras and hormones. Some experience pregnancy, loss, rape and more. If we can help protect these girls, at least a little, wouldn't you try?

If there is a girl in your life about ready to face these hard years, why not purchase this book for her and save her some unneeded heartache.

You can purchase this book for $12.99 from Tommy Nelson



You can purchase from Amazon.com for $10.34


Check out all their other great books at



Five Lil Bass In Tow was sent this book to read and post my honest review. Thank you for reading!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Nuby Clik-it™ Soft Spout Insulated Cup Review and Giveaway

This has been our favorite Nuby cup yet. With it's soft spout it is so good on our little girls swollen gums.

This specific Nuby cup has the clik it lid. Just twist it on and wait for the click to know that it is locked tight. Some other sippy cups out there leak. I hate that. I love the clik it lids so that my daughters clothes don't get soaked.

Such cute designs also. We chose the owl to test. But, the other designs to choose from are: a knight, spaceship, a whale, flowers and jungle animals. Colors and designs for both boys and girls.

This cup is a little heavier than most cups due to it is insulated. It will keep your drink cooler longer. My daughter didn't seem to notice it being heavier.

This specific Clik it cup holds 9oz of whatever liquid you would like to fill it with. I do not recommend pops though as the fizz doesn't pop up out of the lid. Most sippy cups are that way.

You can purchase this cup from diapers.com for about $7.99

Five Lil Bass In Tow was sent this cup to test and post my honest review. Thank you for reading.

Check out Nuby at all their Social websites



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Old Factory Candle Gift Set and Giveaway

These natural soy candles are a neat gift item for that hard to buy for person. I didn't realize they would be so small

but don't let that fool you. When you open the lid a wonderful scent permeates your nose. My husband and a couple of my kids love the smell of coffee, so those are the scents that we picked. There are so many to choose from, in packs of 3 each.

Fall Harvest
Pumpkin Spice
Autumn Leaves

Happy Holidays
Christmas Tree
Candy Cane

Winter Wonderland
Hot Cocoa
Roasted Chestnut
First Snow

Rose Petals
Dark Chocolate

Fresh & Clean
Olive Blossom
Fresh Linen

Spa Day
Green Tea

Sea Breeze
Hawaiian Lei

Coffee Shop
Coffee Bean
Chai Tea

Man Cave
Straight Razor

High as a Kite
Bag O' Cookies

New Born Baby
Baby Powder
Baby Shampoo
First Blanket

50 Shades
Vanilla ***
Jasmine Bubbles

They have a promise for you:

Every purchase is 100% Guranteed. If you are not comlpetely thrilled with the fragrance or appearance of these candles. We insist you send them back (at our expense) and we'll give you a full refund. No hassles. No headaches. That's our promise to you.

These candles are exclusive to Amazon.com you can purchase them for $25.


Beautiful soy candles with self trimming cotton wicks. Each with a tan colored cover so that it should go with any d├ęcor. These are said to be able to burn for 20 hours. We haven't burned one for that long yet but will keep burning.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Devotions For Beginning Readers Book Review

Super cute book! I have a little one who desperately struggles with reading. This is the perfect Devotion for him. He doesn't have to struggle with words that he doesn't understand. I love that there is a word segment that is like having a spelling word that is repeated throughout. Repeating words over and over again is great way to help your child learn that specific word.

This book is written by bestselling author Crystal Bowman and award-winning producer Christy Lee Taylor. This book is 240 pages. It is a nice hard back book with beautiful, vibrant illustrations. My 2 year old loves just looking at the bright pictures, while everyone else reads.

This would make a great Christmas gift to a child aged 5-8. I would say, that both boys and girls would love this book equally.

Devotions for Beginning Readers doesn't just help your child read, it helps them learn to pray. Each devotions ends in a simple prayer for your child to pray.

I was sent this book for my children to test and post my honest review. Thank you for reading!

You can purchase this book for $14.99 from


or from Amazon.com for $10.97 in hardback


Check out all their other great books at



Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dura Tags @Jolly Awesome Pet Tag Review and Giveaway

Our pets are part of the family. We have Sophie, our 6 year old yorkie.

She is my little love puppy. So sweet. She got out one day and we couldn't find her. I was devastated. I started making phone calls because I had taken her collar off to give her a bath and hadn't put it back on her. We finally found out she was picked up by a puppy pound, here in town. Took us a while to get her back. Her tags didn't have out updated information on it, even if she had of had her tags on. I really learned my lesson!

Shortly after this happened, I found out that I could do this review. I am so thankful. We have new updated tags for 3 of our beloved pets.

Hershee, my daughters, mixed yorkie who is almost a year old.

And our adult cat Katniss (she is cat on the right)

The process to get these adorable tags is so easy. Just start off by going to www.JollyAwesomePetTags.com and looking around.

3 personalized tags normally cost $16.95 but right now through their sale the set is only $14.95.

You can also just purchase 1 pet tag for $12.95

Just go to their website and click on create tag. Once there just pick if you want the 3 or 1 and click on that link.

Design Tool Instructions
Like many online design tools, our online tool allows you to upload a photo and resize it to fit the tag. The best looking tags are those where the photo covers the entire tag

On the front of the tag you put your pets picture, you can add their name to the front if you would like. And all the information for your pet goes on the back. We have Sophie's name, address, her age and my phone numbers. I do not want to lose her again. We got one tag for each of the 3 animals. Each one with phone numbers, address and name of the pet.

I will not be posting a picture of the back of the tags due to all our personal information is on there. But you can customize by using different colors for the words. I used black so that the words were very easy to read.

These pet id tags are not flimsy. I did try to bend it and it did not bend. These are made of a heavy plastic. Hershee is a very energetic and wild puppy. She has not managed to scratch or break her Dura Tag™ while running or playing. I am so pleased with the durability of these tags

My advise would be to definitely make sure that you get your pet tagged. Losing a pet is so hard...

The more tags you buy, the bigger the discount.

About Dura-tags™
Dura-tags™ are a new type of pet ID tags that consumers create online via our online design tool. Consumers upload a color image of their pet to be shown on one side of the tag and enter text information on the back. Unique to our offering is our flagship product that allows customers to create 3 "mix or match" tags for $16.95. Dura-tags™ are fully guaranteed and are designed to withstand physical abuse.

What we have found is that pet lovers of all kinds (dogs, cats, birds, fish, horses, etc) love our tag concept because it provides a custom photo pet tag that is unique and original and provides extra tags for pet gear or other accessory items.

About the Company:
JollyAwesomePetTags.com was founded out of a true need. Seeing a lack in the marketplace for a truly custom pet tag, Dura-tags™ was founded with the sole purpose of providing pet lovers with a uniquely original pet ID concept. More than a "one-word" noisy metal tag, Dura-tags™ are a “noise-free” option that provides pet owners with a tag that is both unique and an “one-of-a-kind original” that is strong and durable.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Funkins Reusable Cloth Napkins Review and Giveaway

Does your school support and ask for you to support being more environmentally friendly? Let Funkins help with that!

Funkins has so many bright and fun designs to their cloth napkins. Pick a theme you want and they probably have it!

Check out the awesome selection at www.myfunkins.com

According to studies the average child throws away 67lbs of lunch waste each school year (www.wastefreelunches.org)
Switching to cloth napkins is just one small step that will make a big impact.

These Funkins are just all out fun to have around. Plain white napkins are boring. Spice up those lunchboxes and that dinner table. Your kids and family will thank you.

Funkins are 13x15- 2 sided cloth napkins. So easy to clean. These can be washed and washed and washed. With 6 kids, I know this from experience. I wash everything in cold water but these have never bled onto other items. The color stays wonderfully.

Birthday parties, holiday parties or just know of someone that needs a little pick me up. Why not pick them up a Funkin or 2!

Funkins are between $7-$10 and their neoprene bags to match some of the designs are around $29.99

They also have wet bags http://www.myfunkins.com/large-pouches/ , children's smocks http://www.myfunkins.com/art-smocks/ and coin wallets http://www.myfunkins.com/wet-pouches/. Just pick your design and run with it.

Washing instructions are on one side of tag and a spot to write your child's name is on the other side:

Funkins can be used as both a napkin and a placemat, brightening the table and making clean up easier. They also provide a great protective barrier for public eating surfaces. Keep a few in the car for wipes and spills!

So many to choose from! Girls designs for the little lady


Boys designs for the little man


Check them out and start the lunch boxes to become a fun experience!




I was sent 3 holiday designed Funkins to test and post my honest review.

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Brave Girls Bible Stories Book Review and Giveaway

Why not join Hope, Gracie, Glory, Faith, and Honor and they go through the Bible and see why they can be brave too. Women in the Bible were brave. God helped them become the strong, brave women that they were. Our girls can be that way too!

I am not a very brave person. I tend to hide behind my husband. But I have tried raising strong girls. I sometimes envy women I see with lots of bravery. I love Ruth and Esther's stories. Brave Girls shows you so many strong and brave women of the Bible. Some you might know and well, some you may not. But all the stories are written in a way that it is like the women are telling you their stories. This book is very easy to follow and great Mommy/daughter time.

Meet Hope
Ready for a game of football? Yeah, I know I’m a girl. And girls aren’t supposed to play football, right? Well, you haven’t seen me with my brothers. Every Saturday afternoon we’re out in the yard playing flag football with our neighbors. And if it isn’t football, it’s soccer or softball. We even have a volleyball net! I guess that’s one advantage to living on a farm outside of town—plenty of room to play hard.I actually have a girly side to me that likes to dress up and be pretty and all that stuff. But give me a pair of broken-in jeans, a T-shirt, and a good group of friends, and I’m happier than a homecoming queen.I guess you could say nothing in my life is all that fancy. Farm life just isn’t that way. But I have a terrific family. I’m the oldest, and my two younger brothers are twins my parents adopted from the Ukraine when they were two years old. I love those guys, even though they bother me sometimes. We all work together around the farm and around our church. We help out with the local charity too because we can’t get over how good God has been to us. And sharing His hope with others? Well, it beats football any day.I do admit that I have a challenge I don’t like to talk about—reading. I do okay in school for the most part. But when I read, the letters get mixed up, and sometimes it looks like another language to me. They call it dyslexia. I call it embarrassing. But I do my best to remember that God can help me tackle this challenge. And He’s where I’m learning to put my—you guessed it—hope!

Meet Glory
If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? I’m kind of torn. Half of me would want to be on a high mountain somewhere, enjoying a beautiful sunset. Or maybe the beach, look-ing out across the sparkling waters. But the other half of me would be just as wonderstruck walking down the streets of New York City with my mom and sisters, shopping for all the latest fashions! I mean, you can never have enough boots, right? Or scarves and earrings and nail polish to match? Yes, I know it might sound weird, but there is a common thread to everything I love: beauty! I love beauty wherever I see it. In this awesome world God created, in a gorgeous dress in a store window, and in the great hugs I get from my friends. I think God’s beauty is everywhere—you just have to look for it.Lately, I’ve had to look a little harder. Life at home wasn’t so pretty, and just last summer my parents got divorced. For a while, I got really mad at God and forgot about the good in the world. But then my friends from the youth group started writing me encouraging notes and inviting me over. Their love and friendship was, well, beautiful—and it got me noticing all the other amazing ways God shows His love to me. I’ve started to see how God can take even the ugly, hard things in life and turn them into something good. I’m working on forgiving my parents and praying that God will use me to encourage other girls like me. You know, God can take even the messiest of situations and use them for His glory!

Meet Honor

My friends say that wherever there’s a challenge, I’m the one to take it! Maybe that’s why I always pick up stray animals and bring them home. I love to care for my furry friends and figure out how to make them better. I’m always going to the library to find new books to help me in my animal rescue mission! In fact, I love to read books in general. Last summer I started volunteering at the library so that I could help other kids learn to love books too.But my biggest challenge lately hasn’t been at the library or with my five pets. It’s been at school. Studying has always been easy for me, and I was thrilled when the principal said I could skip a grade. But I had a really hard time fitting in with the older kids. They didn’t seem impressed with my intelligence, so at first I tried dressing and talking more like they did, even though I knew it didn’t honor God. That didn’t work either.I just ended up feeling guilty and more out-of-place than ever. Turns out they weren’t the kind of friends I needed anyway. It’s a good thing God has given me an awesome youth group. My leader and friends there have helped me remember who God says I am.So who am I, really? You could say I’m God’s girl, even though I don’t always act like it. But I am learning how to honor Him more. And one day I hope to take all the abilities God has given me and use them, maybe to become a veterinarian or zoologist or something. Whatever I do, though, one thing’s for sure: I want it all to honor God.

Meet Gracie

Let’s just say it’s all by God’s grace that I’m here. And I’m not just saying that because of my name. If it had been left up to me, I’d still be in my old home-town of Perkasie, Pennsylvania. We’re talking beautiful green hills and parks on every street corner. I was born there, and I knew everybody (and everybody knew me) . . . And then we moved. I thought life was over. I wanted my old friends and old world back, and I was pretty stubborn and loud about it.In my hometown, my family and I didn’t talk about God much. But once we moved here, we started going to this church, and there were some girls in the youth group who were . . . nice. More than nice, really. They were cool. They liked to do fun stuff and all, but they also weren’t afraid to talk about things that matter—like what we’re supposed to do with our lives. I used to ask myself that question sometimes, like when I was walking through the woods by my house or listening to my music. These girls were able to show me the answer in the Bible. I always knew there had to be a God who made all those beautiful things. Now I’m beginning to know who He is, thanks to God Himself, those girls, my church, and, yes, even my parents who moved me here. Wanna know something else kind of funny? The only time I ever sang back in Pennsylvania was in my shower at home. I loved it, but I was afraid to sing in public. Now I’m in the choir at church, and I’m singing about God to anybody who’ll listen!

And last meet Faith

Have you ever known anybody who is homes-chooled? If you haven’t, now you do! My sister and I have been homeschooled all our lives. I miss my friends, but I still love learning at home because I have more time—to finish my work, to hang out, and to think. I’ve even used that time to start reading the Bible on my own because I really want to make God happy.But to tell the truth, I tend to try to please more than just God. I want everyone to like what I do, which has made me quite a perfectionist. Even though my name is Faith, I think a better name right now would be “Worry” because I’m always worried that I’m going to disappoint someone, including myself. The only time I get away from those thoughts is when I’m painting, my favorite hobby. Fortunately, I find lots of time for that, which is starting to pay off. I’ve been asked to help the younger kids with their art projects at camp this year, and I’ve even won some local art contests!The girls in the youth group are helping me too, and I love spending time with them. They remind me that God already knows all about my mess ups and sins but loves me anyway. I guess I’m learning that my faith is not a bunch of “dos and don’ts.” It’s about a relationship with God, who knows the real me, and He is working on me to make me more like Him. That’s what real faith is all about—believing that God loves me, forgives me, and sees me as His very own work of art, no matter what!

Brave Girls is a 224 page book that speaks about 30 strong Women of the Bible. Just let your daughter read this and she won't want to put it down. Beautifully illustrated.

You can purchase this book right now for $13.59 from the Thomas Nelson website


Our girls can't get enough!

It's His love that makes us strong

Check out all their other great books at



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Friday, October 17, 2014

Share a Blessing Sticker and Postcard Book Review and Giveaway

Are you the leader of a Missionette's or Royal Rangers group? How about a home group? This is the perfect booklet to have around. Let's show our children the great way to uplift peoples spirits. This creative little book is chuck full of 1,000 stylish stickers and 24 super cute post cards. Each postcard has an encouraging message for kids to share!

This would be great to have this kids send to friends in the hospital. Even thank you notes. My kids love to find other children who are sick and in need of a pick me up.

This has been beneficial to our 10 year old and our 14 year old. Both girls but I feel that boys might like to send them also. Why not get them involved too.

You can purchase this book from Amazon.com for $8.99


Or from Thomas Nelson.com for $9.99


Check out all their other great books at



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I received this book to test and post my honest review

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nuby Fruitsicle Popsicle Molds Review and Giveaway

Now the toddlers can be just like the big kids!

My older kids run around with the popsicles that are shaped like tubes. It is really hard for our 2 year old to use them. She can't figure out how to raise the ice with each bite. She also can't use scissors to crop off the top of the plastic as she goes along.

We have also tried the $ store frozen popsicle makers, too big. Nuby just came out with the perfect item for our toddler!

Toddler size popsicle trays! The bright colors caught her eyes the minute we pulled the tray out of the box. Each color is bright and shiny just like the rest. Boy and girls colors so they aren't too boyish or too girlie. Although, now, I can't keep my older kids out of her popsicles. I guess they never really grow up.

We have tried apple juice, white grape juice, grape Kool-Aid and even just water. Not only are these a great summer time item to have but are great for teething toddlers. We have given these to her when we find her roaming the house chomping on her fingers.

These do take a little elbow grease to get out of the spots though. I wouldn't call that a complaint, because it keeps her from getting up on a chair and getting a popsicle herself. The pull isn't too bad. I've also heard that if you run it under warm water for a second or 2 the popsicle will come right out.

The base under the frozen juice is wide and ridged so that it helps in keeping the juice from spilling out. Plus, as with all Nuby products this is BPA free. Nuby is all about keeping our kids safe.

I had all my younger nieces and nephews over this weekend and we just passed out the Nuby Fruitsicle Popsicles. If you are energetic enough you could even put pieces of real fruit in the juice. Would make a great after nap snack.

Each of the 4 slots hold 1 oz of juice. Just enough for them to enjoy. Also great if you make your own baby food. Mix and freeze.

You can purchase this through Amazons baby store for $8.98


Check out Nuby at all their Social websites



I was sent this Fruitsicle Popsicle Mold to test and to post my honest review

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Man Stuff Devotional Review and Giveaway

Men's devotionals seem harder to find than women's. I wonder why that is? Men need that extra time with God too.

Tommy Nelson has over 200 devo's for men! I went looking and was amazed at the amount. If you are looking for a good devotional for your husband this would be a great one for you. Follow along with Josh Turner on this manly Christian journey!

My husband feels like if a book touches his hand he will start on fire. With that said I gave this book to a friend of ours, who is a children's pastor, to review for me. Mathew loved the book. He said this was an easy read and really got you thinking and into the Word. As a Father of 8 it was truly a blessed time to be able to sit and read and really connect. Most men go to work, come home, have dinner and go to bed. In between work and children and life they have to try to have an intimate relationship with God also. Not an easy task in this majorly busy world. Being the Father of 8, being children's pastor at his church, Mathew is a VERY busy man. God has called him to this ministry and to this life. Now to try and keep himself fed. If you can't "feed" yourself you can not find a way to "feed" your flock.

This hardback 224 page book is amazing. There is even a forward by Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty. This is a must buy item! For only $16.99 from the Thomas Nelson site you can't beat it!


The cover even makes you want to pick it up and read it. Man/Father holding his children in a loving manner...

You can also purchase this book from Amazon for $14.04


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Five Lil Bass In Tow was sent this book to read and post my honest review

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Princess Bible Review and Giveaway


This Bible is super cute! I absolutely love the princess crowns on the sides

We homeschool and for Bible class she has been using the King James Version of the Bible. Not the easiest version for children and teens to understand. When we received this book she grabbed it one day to see what the verse said in it.
She was so excited at how much easier it was to understand. (It's the New King James) So now for Bible class we use this Bible instead. So glad to be able to test and review.

Going Deeper, A Princess Heart Study:*Super Special Sheila Section* a 13 week Bible study that features key topics of the Bible and what they mean for your “Princess Life.” Each week is a four-page section and will be set in the center of the Bible as a special section for girls and parents to learn from and enjoy. This is the first children’s Bible that includes many helps and a 13 week independent in-depth Bible study

This hardcover book is perfect for girls 7-10. But my 14 year old loves it!

Help your child get further into the Word with this cute Bible!

You can purchase this book through Tommy Nelson.com for $26.99


Or you can purchase from Amazon.com for $19.43


You should check out Sheila Walsh, Women of Faith speaker, she is the author of the award-winning Gigi, God's Little Princess series, God Loves Broken People, The Shelter of God's Promises, The Storm Inside, and a novel, Sweet Sanctuary. Sheila lives in Frisco, Texas, with her husband, Barry, and their son, Christian.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

God is Always Good Book Review and Giveaway

Do you have a curious child? This book answers so many curious questions about God's love for us. I have so many friends with foster children. We are privately adopting our youngest but she has never been through stress or distrust. I am glad to have this for her when she gets older though. She may feel grief, she may worry and there is always scary times while growing up.

Follow these sweet illustrated animals as they tell you about God's love He provides and tells us how we can show others of His amazing love.

Each page has a scripture verse to go with that page.

This 32 page book has these Features & Benefits:
•Kids have lots of fears, and this book helps them feel safe
•Comforts kids by addressing needs and fears with Scripture and a soothing message
•Soft illustrations and sweet text make this message inviting for young children
•Padded Hardcover

You can purchase this book from Thomasnelson.com for $12.99



you can also purchase this from Amazon.com for $9.35


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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Good Night Little Punkin Book Review and Giveaway

Such a cute board book for the younger crowd.

We have 2 kids that struggle with reading. We get them the younger kids books so they can practice the easier words.

This book is so cute. This family goes out to the harvest party with their son Milo. Milo is tired but refuses to leave as he wants to do all the activities. (I think all of us parents can understand) So he does almost all of them. They go looking for Milo and he is sound asleep against a hay bale.


You can purchase this book for

You can also purchase this book now at Sam's Club

or from Amazon.com for $7.92


Cute colors and graphics. Thomas Nelson has some awesome reads for your little budding believer. Check them out online at:


Check out Tommy Nelson/Thomas Nelson social sites



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Giant Microbes Common Cold Soap Dispenser and Stuffy Review and Giveaway

I can not say enough good and fun things about this company! I have worked with them 3 other times and we have loved EVERY product we have gotten. All Giant Microbes products are unique. Do you have a friend who has everything? I'm betting they don't have one of these...

Each Giant Microbe is a virus, disease or illness for people or for your computer.

My ultimate favorite product that I have received from them is the Sperm and Egg. We have 6 children so it is perfect. This product would also make a great shower gift. So cute and cuddly, and again unique. You can bet it won't be a gift that the couple will get duplicates of.

See why I say it is so adorable?

The products they have are, in my opinion, ones that everyone on your list will love!

We have also gotten to test the cancer Microbe. My daughter loved this one. We have had so many family members and friends die of cancer. It is so hard and not something to take lightly. I think that the cancer Microbe would be a great gift for a friend who is battling. Why? Because the grey side has a frown face, but the healed and cancer free side has a smile face.

Those are just a couple of the products we have written about in the past. Todays products are equally cool!

The common cold. A booger to all of us. That season comes and you dread the sneezing, coughing and runny nose.. There are precautions to try not to get it. Washing your hands is one of those preventative measures. So, look what Giant Microbes has produced:

A soap dispenser in their "common cold" design. How cool is that?! You can put just about any soap for hands or dishes in it. The foaming soaps are a no go as they have to have a special pump. We LOVED this product. It seemed to encourage the kids to wash their hands. In fact couldn't stop them from using it. This is well built and sturdy.

You can find it here for $9.95


We also got the Giant Microbe Common Cold "Stuffy". The cutest stuffed toy or display item. Would be perfect for a doctors office.

These "stuffy's" are super soft!

Billions of people a year catch the cold. Now you can get one too! Learn all about the Common Cold with this cuddly companion.

For $9.95 you can purchase this adorable toy.


You really should check out this awesome website and all the products they have to offer!


Check they out on all their social media:



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Five Lil Bass In Tow was sent these 2 Common Cold Microbes to test and post my honest review