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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nuby Safari Chimes Review

This toy is aimed at the younger crowd. It is made for children ages newborn and up. Since its BPA free it is very safe for all children!

So neat of an idea that it is a toy with a plastic hook at the top like the Link a doos. You can hook this toy to the car seat or your stroller. I hooked it to my diaper bag so I always have a toy on the go.

The cloth piece between the hippo and they link has a chime in it. It isn't an obnoxious chime either it's kind of a cute noise. The cloth in this toy is like most other cloth Nuby toys. When the Safari Chime Hippo is drooled on or wet it dries super quick. I love this part about the Nuby brand toys. It is so easy to clean also. Just wet a rag and wipe the dirty spot off, set it on the counter and it will dry within about a half hour.

There are a couple different animals you can chose from also: There is a Hippo, like we have, a horse and what looks to be an alligator. So cute and all made for either boy or girl.

You may be able to find this at Kmart as I have found a LOT of Nuby products there.

You can find this toy on Amazon and on Lamaze.com Idealbaby.com each one costs about $4.99





We were sent this toy to test and post my honest review

Nuby Twisty Bugz Review

Such a cute little toy with many things ways to entertain your angel.

Each of the corner pieces to play with are a different design. There are 4 twisty toys. One is a ladybug, one is flower, one is a bumble bee and then one is a butterfly. Each single piece twists.

This toy is BPA free and is for children aged 3m and up.

Most Nuby items can be found for purchase at Kmart. Kmart has such a wide variety of Nuby toys and have at great prices!

You can also buy this toy from Buy Baby Direct http://www.buybabydirect.com/twisty-bugz-teether it runs about $8.99

Our little girl loves this toy! Quite a lot of baby toys don't have any way to interact with them, so all it does is just sit there. Our little one is 11 months old and loves the toys that give her something to do.

If you are looking for a great toy for your child or for a gift this would be a great idea. I fully recommend this product!





I am a Nuby blogger mom and am very proud to be one!

Thank you for reading this review. We were sent this product to test and post my honest review.