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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Nuby Chew Bracelet- New Item

Since my daughter has SPD, sensory processing disorder. She sensory seeks...bites herself, loves to spin and doesn't really get dizzy, loves to jump and chews and licks everything. I try to keep chew things on hand. Until I found these Nuby bracelets, all I could find were flat bracelets. All the bracelets with any design were much more expensive. I am so excited that such a wonderful brand has come up with such a great item for my daughter.

My granddaughter also loves this for her teething. I need to get a couple more so they don't have to share.

Super easy to clean. Just hot water and soap. Let air dry.

The beads are all soft enough to chew but hard enough not to chew through.

BPA free, as are all Nuby products.

A couple colors to choose from.

You can purchase the Grey one from Walmart.com for $4.43

Nuby Teething Bracelet with Round Beads (Choose Your Color)


I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review

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I was sent these pieces in exchange for my honest review

Nuby Stainless Steel Click it Sippy Cup

My grandbaby loves this cup. You would think being stainless steel, that it would be heavy. It is pretty light.

The nipple piece is a soft, silicone spout. Great for beginners.

I love that I can find Nuby products almost anywhere now.

1. Sam's Club

2. Walmart

3. Kmart

4. Target

5. Babies r us

6. Walgreens

7. Amazon

Almost everywhere I shop!

Nuby products are all BPA free for your child's safety.

Nuby items are also very reasonably priced

You can purchase this cup from Babies R Us for $14.99


Check out Nuby at all their Social websites



I was sent these pieces in exchange for my honest review

Sams Club New Wipes

Are you looking for fragrance free wipes? These might be the ones for you!

My daughter has to use Huggies fragrance free, hypoallergenic wipes. Any other brand and she breaks out. I thought we would give this brand a try, since we shop at Sams Club a lot.

The packages are so colorful. I loved them. My daughter did not break out. That was a HUGE plus.

The wipes are not those thin, have to use 3 wipes to feel like you are even cleaning anything, wipes. Great feel and clean well!

The price just can't be beat!

You can purchase these wipes from Amazon for $20!


8 pks of 80 wipes. Great deal! Run to Sam's Club or Amazon now...

You can purchase these from Sams Club for $10.91

Here is what Sam's Club says about it...

Product Description
Item # 69472 | Model BLOOM00
Travel clutch is convenient for carrying wipes when on the go with baby
Naturally scented fragrance-free moisturizing wipes designed for sensitive skin
8 packs of baby wipes (80 wipes per pack)
All-Natural Baby Wipes
Specially designed for sensitive skin, these all-natural baby wipes are made with ultra-pure glacier water and infused with plant-derived vitamins for natural skin protection and healing. The baby wipes are hypoallergenic, so you can cleanse your baby without worry. With Bloom Baby sensitive wipes, keeping it simple and keeping baby clean go hand in hand.

Baby’s Health Comes First
Bloom Baby puts a lot of thought and research into developing products that keep babyy skin as pure and healthy as possible. That’s why these baby wipes have 100% HydroPure™ water as a base. The purer the water from the start, the fewer impurities and bacterial organisms that need to be treated. Starting with pure ingredients is the easiest way to keep it pure. It’s that simple.

Hypoallergenic Formula
Newborn skin can be sensitive to the wide world of new substances. By creating products that are hypoallergenic, Bloom Baby wipes let baby explore that world without stressing baby’s delicate system. It's not just about skin irritants, the wipes also have not come into contact with nuts, wheat or gluten. See the Skin Safe Rating™ chart on the packaging to find out exactly what’s touching your baby's skin.

Baby’s World is Everything
Your baby is the center of your world. Parents care a lot about what that world looks like today and well beyond tomorrow. Every product has an impact, but you should try to look for ways to make that impact as minimal as possible. These wipes are made from natural fibers and are produced using wind energy. In addition, Bloom Baby products are never tested on animals.

Premium Luxury Jumbo Wipes are made with 98% natural ingredients
Enriched with skin-moisturizing Omega-3 and Omega-6 and plant-derived Vitamins A, B-Complex and D
98% natural ingredients in 100% HydroPure™ water
Safe for the most sensitive skin, rash-prone skin and eczema
Hypoallergenic, produced in an FDA facility free of nuts, gluten and wheat processing
Free of chemicals, parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde
No added fragrance
Naturally scented
Made in the USA

I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review