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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide Day 7 Long Story Short Game by Game Chef

Christmas, New Year's Eve...families get together and love to play games and have fun. This game is so fun, even for the teen crowd!

Just from the explanation it is a teen game. Hilarious game of truths, twists, tweets and texts. Long Story Short is a hit party game that mixes social media with the time-tested fun of storytelling.

Each round, the Storyteller shares an experience or story with the group using the fun story starters. The storyteller tells a story that is either true or false. Players then make the long story short by creating a headline, drawing a picture, writing a text, or crafting a tweet for the story told. Players compete for the best short story. Long Story Short will have everyone ROTFL for hours. LOL!

This can be played with kids 13 and up and you can have 4-8 players. If you have more people than that it is good to make teams. Long Story Short is a game fun even in teams. The silly stories that are made up are guaranteed to keep you and your friends laughing for hours. We have lots of teens in the family and they loved this game. Would be great for birthday parties and sleep overs also.

At $24.99 it is a great party game price.

Game Chef also has a game called Rollick and our church youth group LOVED this game.

You can check out both of these games at


Both of these games would also be great ice breaker games for a meeting. Can you see a bunch of business people playing this game? I can! Break that ice and get everyone communicating. Order now to get before New Year's Eve. You will not be disappointed in these games. The boxes are good quality cardboard boxes. Nice and sturdy. I have little ones in the house also and these boxes have withstood being pulled and sat on. The cards don't seem to tear and have even been sucked on by the baby and are not destroyed. I do not know what they cover the cards with to let them be shiny but it helps them stay intact also. I FULLY recommend these games!

Five Lil Bass In Tow received Long Story Short to use and then post my honest review. Thank you for reading!