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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Every Day a Blessing A year of God's Love Devotional Review and Giveaway

My son loves his one on one attention that he gets while having his devotional time with Daddy. They sit down every night since this books arrival and do their devotions together. I love to peek at them and watch. My hubby is the most patient during this time. Our son is a very busy child but the devotions are short enough so that he actually doesn't get antsy.

Every Day a Blessing is written by Jean Fischer and illustrated by Carolina Farias.

"Look around and see the blessings of God- each and every day"!

Each devotion has a scripture verse and a short devotion and then it has a neat little "do this" type thing. For example: Name 3 ways you can help animals and people in the winter

Each of these hardback devotionals are $16.99 each on their website


In my opinion this devotional is great for both boy or girl ages 4-9.

Great way to show your children the benefits of spending quality time with God while they are still young.

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Five Lil Bass In Tow was sent this devotional to read and post my honest review. Thank you for reading!

Princess Girls Bedtime Devotional Review and Giveaway

This devotional is the greatest book I think my daughter has ever received. She looks forward to having her devotions at night now. Her and I used to just sit and read mine together before bed. She didn't quite understand all of mine but she did sit and listen. But now she gets all excited! Each of our girls are God's princesses. Each devotional page has a different color writing. It keeps them wondering what the next color might be.

Each page has a neat prayer at the bottom, after you read the devotion. If you don't have a nightly prayer this is nice to have and if you do have one then it is nice to add to your personal prayer. Our little girl loves to read the devotional out loud to us and then we read the prayers together. Each devotion is short so their attention span isn't taxed.

Definitely a girls devotion to check out! The front has a raised princess crown and sparkles. The devotional was written by Sheila Walsh. So pretty and detailed. The cover is a very sturdy hardback. The index in the back of the book shows which pages you can find each subject on. Anger, Bullying, Choices and even Trust. Great way to find the subject of the perfect devotion, if your daughter/s have a question.

If you would like to see the devotional before you buy here is a video to show you about it:

Each hardback edition of this devotional is $14.99 from their site.


You can also visit them on their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thomasnelsonfan

Their Twitter is @tommynelson

Check them out and if you do buy this devotional I would love to hear what you think! Please leave me a comment!

Five Lil Bass In Tow was sent this devotional to test and to post my honest review. Thanks for reading!