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Im a Stay at home mother of 6 children. Myrissa is age 20, Jacub is 18, Victorea is 16, Whitnee is 12, Kirk is 9 and Alivia is 4. We are also getting ready to adopt again! Our sweet new girl is Jessica and is 17!Our newest household addition is Lexee, she is 2 years old. We also have quite a few kids who call us Mom and Dad. My husband is studying for the ministry. We are a very busy family. I want to make sure all you other busy moms, dads, ladies and gents out there get the deals I do. If you would like me to do a review and or giveaway, I'd be happy to share your product with my readers. Contact me for more information. fivelilbassintow@yahoo.com (Please note that most of my email replies go to spam folders so if you contact me and don't hear back, this could be why, please check your spam folder for my reply) You should also check out my co bloggers, if you have a chance. Nicole does book reviews and Jeffrey does outdoor related review, fishing, camping and outdoors.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Zazzle Gifts Review

Zazzle was such a fun website to find. The products are so cute. While looking through the site, I kept thinking of different people that each product would be purchased for.

My 14 year old daughter loves mustache items. If you have someone on your list who likes mustaches, you should check out their selection.


You can also personalize each product. This specific mug that I picked for her, says "Victorea mustache you a question". How cute is that? I was able to personalize by color of mug and by what to say.

There are quite a few different types of mugs to choose from: Classic White (which is the one I chose), Ringer, Two-tone, Morphing (black mug that turns white while hot liquid is inside), Stein, Travel Commuter Mug or the Frosted Glass Mug.

I loved all the options that Zazzle gave me. I'm a picky person. I didn't just have to choose from one product and one color. I got to choose!

This specific mustache mug, even personalized, only cost $16.95

So after picking her product, I kept looking. I, being the mom of 6, never buy anything for myself. So, I was off....what can I find for me? I love to read!

Zazzle has pages and pages of reading gift:


I don't know how long I sat here just searching through all of their unique products just with reading in mind. One of my other favorites is hot chocolate. I decided on a normal mug that I could carry and it would show my personality.

So, I picked my normal mug with just the words GO AWAY IM READING printed on it. I was able to change the colors. My husband loves the Hulk so I chose purple and green. It is really hard to see the green due to the flash of the camera. I was super excited to sit down with my book and my hot chocolate. Maybe the kids would follow the mugs instructions, maybe not. Either way, I got a new product just for me!

This one is also priced $16.95 with tons of mug options and colors

My grandbaby-to-be was next on the list of things to look for. The baby's room will be in monkey theme.

So, I looked up monkey's and baby:



Both had some great baby products and great baby monkey products. I picked this super duper cute monkey binkie

Check out the bottom of the binkie...yes, you are seeing right. I was able to personalize it also. I love this site!! None of my kids names are spelled "correctly". I love to find companies that have products that I can personalize. Zazzle is just that site.

Every product that they have would make a great gift!

Last person that I decided to buy for was my oldest son. Him and his girlfriend have been together for 2 years now and I thought something aimed just at their relationship would be the perfect gift. These 2 kids are crazy about The Joker and Harley Quinn. For the last 2 Halloweens they have dressed up as them.

So, what did I choose? A mouse pad. Perfect gift for my computer geek son. I decided to personalize it with their picture and She is the Harley Quinn to my Joker

These mouse pads are only $10.95. You can't even beat that at Wal-Mart. I'm thinking about picking up one of these with the opposite saying on it for his girlfriend.


Definitely check out this site for all your gift giving needs. Shhhh I won't tell if you pick a gift up for yourself while you're at it!

Check out all their other social media:




Five Lil Bass In Tow soon to be Heaven Sent Six was sent a gift certificate in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sky Zone Indoor Tampoline Park

Sky Zone is the world's first indoor trampoline park. We're the inventors of "fun fitness" and the makers of trampolines as far as the eye can see. We give you one of the greatest workouts ever combined with awesome, healthy fun. We've been voted the number one "out of the box" workout and the "best party ever." Experience WOW - the weightlessness of bouncing, flipping and landing in a pit filled with 10,000 foam cubes.

We are dedicated to providing you with the pure joy that comes with flying. We are sky lovers, thrill seekers and people who believe that jumping is freedom. We believe fitness can be fun and play can be smart. We are healthy and bursting with energy. We fly high and keep it safe. We are Sky Zone. My Readers Save $3 Off Open Jump at Sky Zone and 10% Off a Supreme Birthday Party. Click on the Sky Zone coupon below for more information and to redeem.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Piczzle Personal Puzzle Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

This website is so easy to maneuver.


This really is a pretty neat idea. It would make the perfect picture gift for grandma or aunts! Remember Mother's Day is also coming up! Get such a neat gift for the puzzle lover in your family. This company went out of their way to fix the issue when my puzzle came in damaged. It didn't even seem to be their fault. This company goes far beyond to help their customers. I love that the puzzle does not just come jumbled in a baggie. What you get is a cardboard box with the picture on the front, that you have chosen for your puzzle. The puzzle pieces are nice hard pieces. We took this right out of the box and put it together. I chose the big pieces so that there wasn't anything that could be lost. With 6 kids in the house that is important to me. The picture on the front of the puzzle is perfect. I think if I bought one for a gift though that I would purchase a big one with lots of pieces. It would be more of a challenge. I am happy that I got to do this review. I hope that you take the time to check out their site and possibly buy a nice gift for someone!

Each puzzle can be customized anywhere from 6-2000 pieces.
Shapes come in circle, rectangle or heart
You can get wooden or cardboard puzzles

Why Make a Picture Puzzle?
They offer you an easy, convenient and fun way to:

Preserve cherished memories with family and friends;
Share your sentiments with a thoughtful, personal and fun experience;
Create a joyful gift with photos and words.



Product Description
Piczzle - your own puzzle from your special image.
Piczzle's Cardboard Puzzles are made of outstanding materials, top craftsmanship and the highest print quality. They are constructed of a premium grade cardboard that has been laminated with a glossy finish. Our cardboard puzzles are precision press cut so that all pieces will be perfectly match one another and they are printed using an advanced digital printing technique that results in sharp, multicolored prints.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Daddy Scrubs Tie Review and Giveaway

Father's Day is coming

Product Description

Everyone knows the quintessential gift for every dad is a new tie! Well, we have improved the tradition to create an extra special gift dad is sure to love – and wear!

The fun and playful Wordsearch Daddy Tie is made of 100% printed silk. Each tie comes in a special keepsake box, complete with the quote, “Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a daddy.” Give daddy a tie from DaddyScrubs; he is sure to treasure this gift forever. This tie is truly the perfect gift for


Each time comes in a handy gift box. The top of the box has the same design as the tie inside.

The front side of the box has beautiful silver lettering that says "I'm the Daddy". When you open the box (it's on a hinge) there is a saying about being a daddy.

Every Dad needs a tie. Even if they don't wear it. I think every Dad should be able to say they received a tie at some point in their lives. This is such a neat tie to have. There are 2 other ties you could pick from.
If your husband is the classic tie sort of man than this one might be the one for you.

If that isn't the tie for your hubby than what about a little fun with red?

Would also be great if you were due around Valentine's Day!

Daddy Scrubs was brought about by

DaddyScrubs® is the offspring of Robert Nickell, who fathered his first four children more than 20 years ago. DaddyScrubs® was conceived when Robert, who remarried in 2007, discovered he was about to be a father all over again in the fall of 2009!

Not wanting to endure the pains of wearing uncomfortable street clothes while comforting his laboring wife, Robert hatched the idea of creating doctor-like scrubs for himself. It seemed a natural thing for him to do — since Robert is a pharmacist by profession.

To eliminate the confusion between “who’s the doctor” and “who’s the daddy,” Robert fashioned the concept of “I’m The Daddy®” medical scrubs.





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Five Lil Bass In Tow was send the tie to test and post my honest review. This blog is not responsible for prize delivery.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Amy Adele Labels and personalized items Review


I love all the cute labels and personalized items that this company has to offer. My daughter picked the cute monkey sticker labels for her babysitting jobs. Here is what they look like.

She got to pick her own writing design. She got her name on 1 line, ages of kids she will watch and last line her phone number. Each sticker comes on a sturdy paper, and they stick wonderfully.

They have a bunch of different shirts and cards, invitations and announcements. Great for weddings, baby showers, birthdays and more. Definitely check them out!

Five Lil Bass In Tow was not monetarily compensated for this review. I was sent cute monky labels to test out and post my honest review.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Giant Microbes Review and Giveaway

Sperm and egg $19.95 (this one would make a super cute shower gift!)

I love my sperm and egg. They are even magnetized. I have a doll collection and these have gone in that collection. Made of a very soft and fuzzy outside. So soft. They came with a neat background cardboard with little baby feet.

Giant Microbes has the neatest stuffed "toys" and gifts. I fell in love with their site the minute I started looking through it. My middle daughter loves the different and unusual. I look for those type things alot while searching for items to review. So was tickled when I came across Giant Microbes. They have little stuffed "creatures" for almost all diseases, viruses and micro organisms. They even have a heart that beats!
Giant Microbes also sells ties with the microbes on them, ornaments, squeeze toys, vinyls and more!

Even have this Lyme and Tick!

Kissing Disease is tooo cute! $8.99

Heart Warming™ Mini Microbe Box
Romantic Heart Warming Box includes:

Kissing Disease with embroidered lips
Sperm Cell with an embroidered baby blue rattle
Egg Cell with embroidered hearts
Penicillin with exclusive pink pom poms
Pink Amoeba with embroidered rose
$24.99 each box

Doctors say that if you keep a positive outlook while sick it helps the healing process. I think this company helps that.
I have been sick and in the hospital a lot. I would have smiled getting one of these cute Microbes. Home schooling? This might make a cute way to teach biology.

Get a peek soon!


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Five Lil Bass In Tow was not monetarily compensated for this review. I received the Sperm and egg to test and post my honest review.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Designer Tie by PUCCINI Review and Giveaway

Product Description
We are excited to feature PUCCINI's New Repp-Stripe Collection that is available in 8 trendy colors. Each tie is made from a unique microfiber fabric that looks and feels identical to silk but is more wrinkle and stain resistant. Each tie features two unique colors paired with a contemporary striped design.

The colors this tie comes in

Bright Red & White Striped Tie, Aubergine Purple & Berry Pink Striped Tie, Festive Silver & White Striped Tie, Yellow & Navy Striped Tie, Brick Red and Midnight Blue Striped Tie, Amber Yellow & White Striped Tie, Oasis Blue & White Striped Tie, Deep Burgundy & Gray Striped Tie

That men's fashion & style doesn't have to be expensive can be witnessed by Puccini's latest striped tie collection. A perfect blend of traditional repp-stripe design, one that is typically associated with conservative regimental ties, and bold/bright colors, this assortment of ties will infuse some fresh air into any man's wardrobe. Featuring a modern width of 3.25 inches, this collection is perfect for any modern cut suit featuring narrow to medium-width lapels. Best of all is the price on these pieces. We at Bows-N-Ties.com offer this collection for just $9.90 a piece. Now if this is not proof that a stylish business wardrobe is not just for the top 1%, then we don't know what is. Click on your favorite color below for more information.
New Repp Striped Ties by Puccini - Just $9.90 Each


These ties are made very well for being inexpensive. I am impressed by the price. The colors are vibrant. Very professional looking. This is great for the business meetings, job interviews and also for church. We were able to use for church in a non dressy way. But would look great with a jacket and dress pants. We were complimented a few times on how nice this tie looked. A lot of times men feel that ties are only for the older men but no these colors are perfect for even the younger generation. Eater is coming soon. This would be great for that Easter Sunday suit. With this price you can buy more than 1!

Definately check them out!

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Five Lil Bass In Tow was not monetarily compensated for this review. I received one tie to test and write and honest review.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Whiteyboard Review and Giveaway


A bit about us, and our company: our products are both innovative and inexpensive alternatives to traditional whiteboards. Even more importantly, they are task-oriented tools that direct activities toward goal attainment.

WhiteyBoard was launched in 2010 by college students Saachi Cywinski, Sherwin Kim and recent grad, Jason Wilk. While studying finance, Saachi became obsessed with using whiteboards. During his senior year, Saachi’s school, Loyola Marymount University opened its much-anticipated, state-of-the-art library - a facility that was covered with dry-erase boards from floor-to-ceiling. Saachi practically lived there, using them night and day. Before long, many others starting using them. "I got crowded out, so I decided to make my own floor-to-ceiling whiteboard," the founder remembers. After searching for a cheap, large-size whiteboard, Cywinski realized there wasn’t one to be found! Voila... through trial and error, the boys formulated a whiteboard sticker that can adhere to any flat surface.

Go from UNorganized to FUNorganized. What better way to visualize the week ahead than to have it in plain sight. Our 1.5 x 1 ft. Weekly Calendar allows you to schedule the upcoming week's plans, activities, goals, and much more! At the end of that week just wipe away and start anew. This stick-on sheet is both easily erasable and moveable, making it the ideal choice to graphically display your upcoming plans anytime, anyplace!

Border prevents unwanted markings

Easy on, easy off

Reposition whenever, no residue

A place to think, plan & dream




Small Whitey Board

Personal corkboards or chalkboards are things of the past. List all your important reminders, class notes, recipes, menus and more on our 1 x 1.5 ft. handy-sized white board. Write on then erase, mount then reposition these dry erase boards that feature Whiteyboard's high quality backing and adhesive. This is where versatility meets affordability.

Small Space For Dry-Erase

Easy To Use, and Re-Use

Practical & Tactical

Special Adhesive Leaves No Residue
$10.99 each


Check them out on facebook

We are a home school family so these were perfect products for us! Between 6 kids schedules and 2 adults the weekly calendar was a great tool! All you do is make sure you have a clean surface to put this on, peel back the covering, smooth out any wrinkles that occur as you go, and BAM it's ready to go! There are so many colors of erase board markers to choose from. You can do what we do, every person in our house gets a different color on the calendar. Helps keep everyone in order. This would be great for any bloggers, parents, teachers and even church groups!
You can move these from place to place also. I love that about these. You are not stuck to use in only 1 place. These are very inexpensive for what you can do with them! They have other products also. Definately a company to keep in mind for all your white board needs!

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Five Lil Bass In Tow was not monetarily compensated for this review. I was sent a couple types of whitey boards to try and the post my honest review.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Unique Your Name in Bible Verse Certificates Review and Giveaway




I love these neat spiritual gifts. They took THE BASS FAMILY and wrote an acrostic type poem with scripture verses. Every one they make is unique. You can use your name, your childs names, a pet name, or as we did with ours you can use your families name. We used The Bass Family. I chose this way because we just moved into a new place and I thought what a way to decorate the wall then with a wonderful new piece. There are also bunches of backgrounds that you can choose for the picture behind the poem. Lilies are one of my favorite flowers so I was thrilled to find out they had that to choose. This is sent secured in a hard envelope with cardboard on both sides and a thin clear sheet on the top. They take great care to ensure that your verse gets to you safe. The paper that it is on is not a thin piece of paper it is a good piece of thick stock.

These would make great gifts to give for a christening, baptism, birthday, wedding, graduation, Christmas and even Mother's Day. I know that this would be a great gift for the pastor of your church.

Certificates fit nicely into 8 ½" x 11" certificate frames, 10" x 13" frames (matted to 8" x 10") and 11" x 14" frames (matted to 8" x 10"). All these sizes are commonly available, and can be purchased for very reasonable prices at Wal-Mart, Target, Michaels, and many other stores.

How would you like to win one of these great verses? Just enter this awesome giveaway and one could be yours!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Five Lil Bass In Tow was not monetarily compensated for this review. I was sent one of these great verses to post my honest review about.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Morning Tempest Studios Website Review

A few years ago I found myself in search of a title other than the ones used by everyday people. I wanted to have some sense of importance for what I do, and yet I think what the worst part was that I wasn't truly sure what I did. So I set out on a journey to explore my passions, rekindle the light of my own fire, and make something out of myself.
The adventure took me down the path to starting a restaurant that turned into a cyber coffee cafĂ© dream. After reading and considering the realities of being tied down to one place every day and night with few breaks I realized that I probably am not the best person for owning something like that. In truth, I do have a passion for coffee, a delight in reading, I love the idea of the independence being an owner would give me. I am also pretty moody in the morning, I like my coffee and quiet first thing in the morning and I don’t like having to deal with cranky people. Then there is the freedom of being able to set my own hours, travel with my family, and enjoy having my dog at my side for most of the day that I would have to give up. So that dream wasn’t the best path for me.
I talked to friends and family about where the next road should take me. Most of them pointed to writing books. So I grabbed my keyboard and filled file after file with fairly decent concepts for books. I can write. I know this. It’s almost like saying I can breathe, because writing comes as easy as breathing. But I lack the direct focus at the moment to stick with one set of characters and complete their entire story in 1000 pages. I’m working on it, but that takes practice and determination. I also get side tracked and jumped the rails to explore other things that I wanted to be.
Then came the inspiration for what I currently love most. See here’s the thing, I love babies. Some people like skydiving, some like cars, I like babies. From their tiny little toes to their squeaks and yawns, babies are my thing. So when my friends started becoming baby factories I was in heaven and started making little things for them. However I had to make them reflect my own personality, smooshy puppies and boring butterflies weren’t going to cut it for me.
A few baby blankets, then bibs, turned into onsies and t-shirts. My friends and family loved my creations and I found that I loved the excitement of passing on what I loved to other people. A good friend recommended Etsy.com to me and told me to just check it out. If I liked it, I should sell my work there. For MONEY? Whaaa? I didn’t have any idea that what I did could actually bring in money, it was just for fun.. and it was really a good excuse for me to bring a gift as payment for me getting to hold the baby! Once I saw Etsy and I was inspired. Some of the artists on Etsy were really good! And others were……. well….. some of them are interesting. But people are buying homemade items every day from Indie crafters on Etsy and I was very interested in how this worked out.
Soon I set up shop, started getting an inventory of items I thought were sellable and waited…. And waited… annnnnnd waited. I was pretty disappointed, wasn’t I giving the public what they wanted? Why weren’t they coming to my shop?
Screw this, if I am going to sit at my sewing machine all day, I am going to make what I want to make and enjoy it. I’m going to get up when I want, make my coffee and start whenever I want! I’m going to let Wynter (my canine co-pilot) sit right next to me and take her for a walk when I want and enjoy it. I don’t care if anyone buys my bibs and stuff, because I am going to be happy. Then it happened and the surprise was all mine. “Wait.. you LIKE my zombie baby?” I set down my cranky juice and couldn’t believe my eyes. When I started doing what I loved, people came to my shop and actually made purchases and left me feedback, MORE MONSTERS!
Was it possible I could be exactly who I wanted to be, and have found a way to create a title for myself that I wanted to wear? Apparently it is. I changed the name of my shop from Sassy Sewing to… Morning Tempest Studios. I get to work after the morning mood storms have passed and I have finished my coffee. I can be an artist, a writer, a master of monsters. I make what feels good, what makes people laugh, and what you wouldn’t expect in a baby boutique.
I have been surprised at the way people have accepted me for the not so common crafter that I am. But I am very thankful as well for the joy they have given me. Want to know the best part? I make monsters for babies around the world and sometimes their families send photos.
So my advice to you? Today do what you love, do it proudly and carve out your own piece of perfect in your own life.
When my Brother teased me a few months ago about being just a spoiled housewife I laughed at the idea and announced THIS is actually what I am…
Crysta Icore –
Morning Tempest Studios
Owner • Sept 2011 to present
She is an appreciated Chief Infrastructure Strategist for an innovative cloud based firm that has endeavors that are financial, creative, and humanitarian. And she makes monsters.

You can find Morning Tempest Studios on Etsy.com.
Facebook is also a favorite hangout. https://www.facebook.com/MorningTempestStudios
Twitter is an option. https://twitter.com/MorningTempest
If you feel like reading more blogs, I can be found on my own blog – Dancing with Fireflies or writing on the Morning Tempest blog. http://morningtempest.com/
Or you can just email me – Sales@MorningTempestStudios.com.
Be Well & Do what you Love!
~ Crysta ~
Five Lil Bass In Tow was not monetarily compensated fr this review. I just wanted you to know about this wonder lady and her cute products!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

30 Some Weeks Deoderant Review


What are the ingredients of DeodMom?

Only 2 ingredients. Magnesium hydroxide – a mineral safe enough to eat – and water.

The DeodoMom Cream

0% aluminum, alcohol/glycol

0% fragrance, dye, parabens

100% vegan

Jar or Rollon - which one's right for me?

They both contain the same ingredients. The jar is most suitable for women (the cream is applied with fingers like a moisturizer). The Rollon is our bestselling (popular among both men and women).

Deodorants are usually alcohol-based & reduce body odor by temporarily killing the bacteria that causes the odor. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, are almost always aluminum-based & designed to create a physical plug that prevents sweat from reaching the skin's surface

Aluminum Toxicity

The human body appears to have no biological use for aluminum, however, high concentrations of it interferes with metabolism of several metal ions essential to our health. Kidneys can eliminate aluminum from our bodies effectively, provided it's within an acceptable concentration. Excess aluminum is deposited in various tissues including muscle, liver, heart, bone, and brain.

This deoderant is Aluminum free. I loved it because unlike most roll on deoderants it doesn't leave a wet mess under your arms. Usually you put the roll ons on and have to wave your arm pits dry. Not this! Plus you don't have to worry about the smell of your deoderant mixing with the smell of your perfume. This is scent free. I recommend this. I know when I was pregant all different smells and things bothered me. This one would be great to combat that issue. This product comes in a plain tube. No extra gimics. I like the whole idea. Great little company with a great product. You should check them out! I did not know about the aluminum in deoderant so it was also a learning experience!
Facebook link is:

Five Lil Bass In Tow was not monetarily compensated for this review. I was sent a roll on bottle and a jar of of their lotion deoderant. All opinions and comments are my own.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Daddy Scrubs Review and Giveaway

As all you mothers out there know, fathers get left out alot when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. We carry the baby, we feel it kick, we have the morning sickness and so on. I know that my husband loves attention so this really didn't work for him. I am very excited for this company. I wish they had of been around when we had our c-sections. I so would have bought these as a gift for my husband! He looks soo cute in these! The scrubs are very comfortable! You could wear these for jammies after you have the baby. I know my husband would have still worn them out in public to get the attention of being Dad!

Check out www.daddyscrubs.com This is a site designed for Daddy to be gifts!
Think of maybe when you are getting ready to have your baby shower, maybe go and buy him something special just for his job! Won't he look cute and be the hit of the delivery in one of these?!

Check out this video of this wonderful new dad gift:

Why DaddyScrubs?
Well… why not! Until DaddyScrubs gave birth to this nifty new idea, there was a void in the marketplace for comfortable
delivery room attire for Dad. Oftentimes fathers are forced to lounge around for hours or even days in whatever attire
they initially wore to the hospital when Mom went into labor.
Now, with their very own set of DaddyScrubs or comfy I’m the Daddy™ tees, hoodies, and hats – dads everywhere can
celebrate fatherhood while supporting their significant other in her hour of need,” says Nickell

To eliminate any confusion over “Who’s The Doctor?” and “Who’s The Daddy?”
Robert came up with the concept of the I’m the Daddy™ medical scrubs. And
naturally, he named them DaddyScrubs!

Baby Shower
Gift Ideas

Our assortment of unique gifts and gift sets are perfect for baby showers,
holidays or just as a “congratulations” gift after the big announcement.
Dads at every stage of fatherhood will feel special and appreciated when
he receives a gift from DaddyScrubs!
They have t shirts, hoodies, hats, a manly diaper bag, mugs, water bottles and soo much more to make your man feel special during this time!

There are soo many ways that you can check out this wonderful company:
Follow DaddyScrubs on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/DaddyScrubs
Follow DaddyScrubs on Twitter : @Daddyscrubs https://twitter.com/DaddyScrubs
Follow DaddyScrubs on Pinterest : http://pinterest.com/daddynickell/
Follow DaddyScrubs on Tumblr: http://daddyscrubs.tumblr.com/
Follow us on Instagram with your smartphone! Search: DaddyScrubs
Subscribe to the DaddyScrubs Blog: http://blog.daddyscrubs.com/

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Five Lil Bass In Tow is not responsible for prize delivery. All comments and views are my own. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. I was sent one set of Daddy Scrubs to try and then post my honest review.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

4000 Fan Cake Pop and Push Pops Giveaway!!

Austin Avenue cakes has been kind enough to host our 4000 fan giveaway!! I want to thank you Tiffany for this!

This company makes cakes, cake pops, push pops, cupcakes and more...check out these pictures of some of her great work!

What you will receive as your prize is a dozen cake pops and 6 push pops in your choice color and design!

These cake pops are so moist and yummy! I'm not sure what she does but they just melt in your mouth! She sent the spiderman ones for my nephews birthday and they were a HUGE hit and none were left!I would definately order these from Austin Avenue Cakes. She usually mails them nice and tight in an overnight box. She mailed my nephews from Washington to here in Missouri and there were no issues and like I said were scrumptious!! My kids were like "mom you need to ask her how she makes hers so your can taste that good"...yes thanks kids! lol

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Five Lil Bass In Tow is not responsible for prize delivery. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. All opinions and statements are my own.