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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Tucker Toys E-Z Grip Balls

This ball has great grip for throwing and for catching! The balls are all a bright color combination. So easy to clean. Play inside or out for hours of fun. Take the family to the park and play catch. You will probably get some cool comments on this awesome set up.

You can purchase this ball from Amazon for $8.50


You can also look up their social media sites:





Beets Blu Bluetooth Wireless Key or Lost Item Finder

This was actually a pretty cool idea! My oldest 2 children loose their keys, cell phones, wallets and more. My son went to the play store on our Galaxy S5 and attached this to his phone for his wallet. Just slip this device in your wallet, purse, cell phone case, onto your keychain. You can go into the "app" site and it will ring an alarm so that you can find your missing item.

You can buy multiple key fobs. This is great for bigger families. Everyone can have the Pager tag. These are not that expensive. It will definitely save you time in the morning on the way out the door if you have set your keys down somewhere while getting ready!

If you can figure a way of attaching this to your tv remote, ya might be set! We lose ours all the time.

Compact size. This little device is about the size of a silver dollar. The noise is loud enough, from the alarm, to hear even if it's in a crowded purse.

You can purchase this handy device for $19.95


Beets Blu has other Bluetooth products. Just look up Beets Blu on Amazon.

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I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review. ALL opinions are my own.

Mini USB Port Type C Multi Charger Cable

How many of you have a house with multiple devices? I know that with a household of 10, we constantly are trading chargers. We finally had to use different colors of polish because everyone kept taking off with the others cords. This Jastek 5 device charger cord is cool! I can charge both kids tablets so that neither gets upset that theirs isn't charging yet.

We do not have any apple products, but if we did, we could charge them at the same time as both tablets.

With so many different things you can charge, your life should be a little bit at ease. No more arguing and fighting. You can plug the USB piece into a charging block or laptop. Take it on the go and charge from your car.

You can purchase this set from Amazon for $9.99


Kids LED Digital Alarm Dress Watch

My little man struggles with the concept of time. With a watch, we can now tell him to be home at a certain time. We can show him what the time looks like on his watch. Makes learning time a lot easier on him.

This watch has a nice feature of having a light. You can tell time in the light or dark.

The color is bright and it is a very sturdy watch. The face is made chunky which is good for first time watch wearers.

You can purchase this watch from Amazon for $14.99


Superman- DC Comics- Backpack

My son is obsessed with super heroes. Whether it be Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Flash or more. He loves them all! He was so excited when he got this bag! You would have thought it was Christmas!

This bag is unique in the fact that it is not just a screen print or a plastic design. This bag has a plush molded chest piece. It is made like the front of Superman's costume. 2 large pouch pockets. The main pouch fits a large binder. The padded chest pocket is great for their pencil box or for their lunch. This bag is also great for overnights.

Product Description
DC Comics Superman 16" "Molded Padded Chest" School Backpack 

⦁        Measures 16"H x 12"W x 4.5"D
⦁        Exclusive "Molded Padded Chest" Design

You can purchase this backpack from Amazon for $13.98


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Colordrift Christina 54 x 84 Inches Curtain with Grommet Finish - Neutral

My living room looks so pretty today! I was just able to put these up. I now look like I have a home. With a bare open window, it just was blah.

Now look at it! Elegant design. Pretty colors. Works great with most d├ęcor.

You can purchase these curtains from Amazon for $(they are sold out so no pricing available)


Nowborn Baby Grooming Kit

This little grooming set is nice. It has 7 pieces. Baby clippers, baby scissors, a comb, brush, toothbrush for toddlers, a gum brush for babies and the neat carry bag. The carry bag is a nice sturdy material. Most carry bags for grooming sets are plastic or a thin material. I'm pretty sure that this material would withstand the beating of a diaper bag.

I like the colors. You could, in my opinion, use this for a boy or girl.

Great baby shower gift! I would have loved one of these for mine.

This company has many more products. search for Nowborn ;)

You can purchase this set from Amazon for $19.99



CiPU Diaper Bag

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag!! This bag is not only big enough to hold all the baby and toddler essentials, it is basically water proof. Now I do not mean to pour a bottle of water inside. What I mean by this is that my son spilled a bottle of juice onto the table wear this was sitting. I jumped up ready have a huge fit and it was not soaked through. It was damp but nothing that a dry rag didn't cure! Now, I am NOT a new mommy. I have 6 children. I have been a mom for over 20 years. I have had numerous diaper bags. (I had a diaper bag obsession) I wonder where this bag has been all this time.

At first glance, you would think that this bag was also a different material. It is a lightweight material that is so easy to wash off anything that hits it.

I was able to put diapers, pull ups, wipes, extra clothes, a book for myself, sippy cups and binkies and more! Both side pockets are big enough for sippy cups, bottles or even my venti Starbucks cups fit in the pockets. This has 2 different handles to interchange. I liked the shorter handle, so kept it that way.
The stroller handles were perfect! I always hate putting my bag underneath the stroller. Now it is perfectly accessible.

Have I said how much I loved this bag??!! I just wish I could have found this bag sooner. But, at least I found it for the youngest one.

Would be a great baby shower gift!! It is a little on the expensive side but in my opinion, it's very worth it!

You can purchase this set for $139.99


Electronic Pencil Sharpener with USB attatchments

I am in love with this product because it has a USB option!! I hate going through batteries. I was able to plug it in to a USB wall charger or my computer. There aren't many companies that have this option for their product. I have 4 in school and 1 homeschooled. We have to sharpen pencils on a VERY regular basis. It is nice to be able to do it without it being one of the small hand held sharpeners. Those take some good hand power.

USB is the way to go!

You can purchase this USB sharpener for $9.96