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Im a Stay at home mother of 6 children. Myrissa is age 20, Jacub is 18, Victorea is 16, Whitnee is 12, Kirk is 9 and Alivia is 4. We are also getting ready to adopt again! Our sweet new girl is Jessica and is 17!Our newest household addition is Lexee, she is 2 years old. We also have quite a few kids who call us Mom and Dad. My husband is studying for the ministry. We are a very busy family. I want to make sure all you other busy moms, dads, ladies and gents out there get the deals I do. If you would like me to do a review and or giveaway, I'd be happy to share your product with my readers. Contact me for more information. fivelilbassintow@yahoo.com (Please note that most of my email replies go to spam folders so if you contact me and don't hear back, this could be why, please check your spam folder for my reply) You should also check out my co bloggers, if you have a chance. Nicole does book reviews and Jeffrey does outdoor related review, fishing, camping and outdoors.
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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Winners for 2016

Amanda Leigh Elliot- Easter Lamb Book
Melissa Johnson- Walmart gift card
Dani Tanner- Stainless steel Nuby sippy cup
Amanda Tu- Chipmunk adventure prize pack

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Winners of all the giveaways list

150 Fans-Susan Thompson

Lowe's- Krista Ward

PSP Game-Janelle

Scentsy- Lisa Lodter

Teething Bling-Cassandra Lobdell

4000 Fan Winners- Stephanie O'Day and Christie Lopanec

Sneaky Pete's- Kathie Simpson

Kandoo- Heather Johnson

Daddy Scrubs- Larry Lebeck

Little Green Pouch-Sarah Hayes

Crunch Master- Ashley Boyd

Goat's Milk- Kimberly Pugliese

Book and Gift Card- John Sukowski

Skinny Pop- Christina Burns

Rockin Green Soap-Christie Lopanec

3 baby gift giveaway-Cristin Coffman

Bella Binky Blanket- Maree Martinez

Yoomi Bottle Warmer-Sarah Hayes

All Natural Fruits- Kathie Simpson

Safe Hands- Tricia Jamison

Beanitos-Tricia Jamison

Lunch Skins- Ria Romaro

Blue Apple-Dawn Wittenhagen and Cheryl Free

Bio Scriptives- Niki Bass, Karen Puleski and Brianna Floor

Active Person- kim Solos

Noxicare-Dawn Wittenhagen and Christie Mauer

Whitey Board-Joni Caraway

Bible Verse on Plaque-Christina Burns

Juppy-Heather Ronzoni

Fun Bites-Sarah Rowe

Zoobies- Erynn Anderson

Compac Baby- Jill Dawe

Daddy Scrubs Mug- Heather Carter

Zipadee Zip-Chloe Chrysanthus

Krave Jerky- Shannon Byrd

Sweet Andy's Cookies- Jill Daw

Saffron Road-Nick Joseph

Child Training Bible- Sarah Kellogg

Better Than Pants- Susan Thompson

Smart Klean-Jill Daw

Squooshi- Michelle Feliciano

Knot Genie-Jamie Kennady

Newman's Own-Susan Broughton

Kenwah-Allie Gators

Baby Magic- Athena

Cushy Closer-Immaculate Copeland

Paper Salt- Niki Bass

Fruit o's- Darlene Ysaguire

Piczzle- Susan

Smart Bottoms-Amanda Selenke

Post Game- Debra Fraley

Mediterranean- Marti Parks

Giant Microbes- Christie

Perky Jerky- Suzanne Devaux

Carseat Canopy- Angie Brady

Cool Gear- Dawn Sterner

Smoobee-Dawn Keenan

What's Your Ista?-Joanna

Glow Bug Diapers-Miranda Wilson

Compac Baby Butterfly-Nikki Krutz

Snak Taxi-Joan McAdams

Granite Gold-Kim Riddle

Power Capes-Katy Cain

Golden Island Jerky-Stacie Skinner Hoxsie

Tortle- Sherryl Wilson

SoapTime-Rochelle Haynes

2 Red Hens- Elecia

Green Apple Supply- Cari King

Begin Again- Robyn Young

Roving Cove- Vicki Hale

Noxicare Tabs- Angie Brady

Suri Teethers- Desiree Young

Undie Pads-Nicole Lequire

Nuby Feeding Set-Brianna Richardson

Kopali-Coley Rainford

Me4Kids-Kim Collins

Daddy Scrubs Gift Set-Steph Lockwood

Little Love Buns-Virginia Higgins

Udder Covers-Denise Konkel

Vitamin Baby-Rachel Liekhus

Skoy Cloth- Jill Dawe

Daddy Scrubs Tie-Erum Shaukat

Jack and Lily shoes-Liz Lew

Mustache cookie Cutters- Savannah Miller

Oransi -Melissa Stover

Tig Tagz - Savannah Miller

ESC Chocolate- Sam Stamp

Beatice Munson- Georgia Beckman

Bling Guard- Vicki

Uglee Pen- Linda Bradshaw

House om Plunkett Street- Shelley Summers

Loveable Lables- Nikki Kruts

The X- Sandy

Glass Dharma- Lalena Janice

Funkins- Gail

Nuby Teether Tagz-Maria DeRossi Newton

Recent Giveaway Winners:

Jewelry travel Organizer-Ashley Gayhart

Grill Mat- Cami Valensuela

Duck Commander Devotions for kids- Rebecca Xavier

2 Little Critter books-Christina Howell

Funkins- Christine Young

Brave Girls Book- April parmelee

Share a Blessing book- Melissa Johnson

Nuby Fruitcicle Mold-Ashley Gebauer

Good Night Little Pumpkin- Christina Howell

Funbites-Christine Young

Nuby Potty Seat- Tammy Namowicz

Every 28 days- Brandy Williams

I love you all the same book- Erin B. Wilson

Beanitos- Crystal Veasey

Wacky bowl- Courtney

Diaper changing pads- Brandy Williams

Glow in the dark binkies- Angie Brady

Precious Moments book- Susan Quackenbush

Mouse and Mole DVD- Brandi Fitzpatrick

Noah books- Brandy Williams

Nuby Pop Up Cup- April

Protein bakery treats- Ray

Little Pim-Shelley

Cleaners- Shelley Leatham

Cool gear cup- Sarah

Baby Mio- Rebeka

Liz Lovely- Allie Gates

acne face wash- Caren Sue Evans

$10 gift card- Jennifer Robison

BoPo nailpolishes- Nicole Smith Mihaljevich

pee pocket- Reyna L. Rivera

Daddy Scrubs mug- Valerie Schroeder O'Dell

Serendipidous- Jessica Smedley

Piczzle puzzle- Heather Rose

Star chart- Christina Howell

12 Little Blessings book- Cassandra Eastman

Hermie and Friends DVD- Marci Richie Wright

Dog Frisbee- Nicole Plummer

Devos for teen girls- Alayna Anderson

Star Chart 2- Olivia Foust

Mini Microbes- Jessica Dodge

Coupons- Erika Fultz

Nuby Sippy Cup- Chloe Chrysanthus

Nuby Toothpaste/toothbrush combo- Cami Valensuala

K-cup giveaway- Brandy Williams

Crystal wash balls- Amy Brown

Gummi Teether- Miriam Matheny

Nuby Fish Swoosh Basketball Hoop- Alina Hahn

The Boo Boo Board Book winner- ma clarice lao-Itumay

Mommy Loves You Very Much board book- Celyneet Jusino

Daddy Loves You Very Much board book- Susana Zerega-Higuera

Saavy Lotion- Christine Holliday

Forskolin- April Walrath

Birth Baseball- Tanya Berger

Flashlight- Kaylee Bowman

Brave Girls 2pk- Stephanie Kalitz

Berry Sleep-Angie Barth

Early Reader Bible- Rachel Fuller

Nuby chewbie -Liz Tacoma

Purex coupon- Wanda Tracy

Clik it cup- Lori Killian

Chew Necklace- Tricia Jamison

Joshua Code- Sara Campbell

Moon Pies- Theresa Krier

Parable Treasury- Yalena Laycheck

A Merry Christmas Prayer- Jessi Cooper

Monster Bowl- Jaime Grady

I prayed for you- Dominique Mason

Del Sol- Amanda Lawson

S5 case- Melissa Johnson

Grandma Kisses- Breanne Stickly

I love you all the same- Donna Murphy

plug covers- Dana Yeagley

Purex coupon- Wanda Tracy

Purex coupons- Angie Barth

Children's bible- Rachel fuller

Nippy Lid- Shauna Middleswarth

Nippy Lid 2- Shawn Stover