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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nanci Perrin Digital Fever Thermometer

When your child is sick, the one thing you need to depend on is finding out how high their temp is. Once you know that, you can figure out your plan of action. The best first step would be to take their temps. That way you can tell if any other steps need to be taken.

Now, what kind of thermometer would be best? Nanci Perrin Digital Thermometer is one that can be used either oral, rectal or even under the arm.

This digital thermometer for infants and older children is great! Exactly how a thermometer should be. Your child moves and so should the thermometer.

Oral: under tongue; rectal: silver colored tip only; under-arm: in armpit with arm held close to side

Thermometer comes with plastic cover to keep the temp part clean, when storing.

You can purchase this oral thermometer for $14.99