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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sour Jacks Candies

Sour Jacks candies should be a house hold staple this time of the year. There are so many things that you can do with them. If you shred them, you can make a cookie have chew or a bowl of ice cream have a extra kick.

I have seen people add them to make ears on a monster, cut them up to be different body parts for a face. You can also just eat them as they are, if you'd like. The chewy candies are so yummy and have a sugary coating.

My only beef is that I can't run down to the local Walmart to buy these. You can buy them online at tons of candy places. I have heard that some AMC movie theaters have them. My daughter already wants me to buy her some more.

We got these to enter one of the candy decorating contests. My daughter wanted to do something that looks like a Christmas village.

You can check out their social media by visiting Facebook:



Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Are you looking for a good night sleep? I was too. I love this pillow.

I get migraines, I have allergies and never enough sleep.

Most pillows you get at Walmart are flat, you buy them and they look so comfy and fluffy. When you get them home, you lay down and sink to the bed. Not a comfortable rest. With 6 kids, 1 of which is 2, I need good rest to chase her.

When you lay on this memory foam pillow its like laying on a cloud. It was so cool when it came in the mail. It was rolled small like a yoga mat. When you unwrapped it, it "sprung" to life.

I have slept on this pillow every night, since I received it. I am in love! It is soft, yet fluffy and oh so soft. The feel of bamboo is amazing. Have you ever felt clothes made of bamboo? So soft and this pillow is no exception.

Normally, I would wake up with a neck ache, but not any more. No more kinks. I will not go back to a Walmart pillow.

It is a much bigger pillow which is great since I have a toddler,that feels, when she climbs in bed with us at night, that my pillow is hers

My other favorite part is that there is a zipper on the side of the pillow so that you can wash it.

You can purchase this oober soft pillow for $29.99


S. Marlon Children's Shoes

When I heard that I was getting boots in grey for my little girl, I was leery. When I opened the box, I was in love with these boots. My daughter has sensory processing disorder and doesn't like shoes or socks. She actually loves the fur that is on the inside of these boots. She wears a 9 so I ordered a 10 and they are great. I believe these will make it all winter. They slide on so nicely that there is not even a fight.

These are so cute and make her look like she is ready to go skiing. I would love to have a pair just like them. The design is super adorable and could be for both boy or girl. We have not had super crazy weather yet but she will be set when we do. The soles are perfect for that walk through the snow.

Slightly arched insoles and Velcro straps.

There are multiple colors to choose from. Orange and Red are the other 2 you can choose from.

You can purchase these shoes from Amazon for $34.99


Grace For the Moment Review for Adult and Matching Childs Devotionals

I think that everyone has heard of Max Lucado. He has so many wonderful books and ministerial pieces. I've listened to him on the radio ever since I can remember. He is very interesting to listen to. His books are a great read. I was excited when I got to review one of his devotionals. I love to have a variety of devotionals. I like to switch them up or to read more than 1 to see what they have for me to learn that day. The cover of the adult devotional is a very simple yet thought provoking one. There is a tan cover with a single tree at the top. Sort of makes me think of the tree in the Garden of Eden. So I love the cover. The children's version is definitely that. It is a cartoon cover with a tree with a tree house in it. Makes you think, doesn't it. Each of the children's book pages are a serene color of blue. The scripture is at the top and then a devotional and then a Growing in Grace saying. The adult version has a verse and then a devotional.

Check it out and you might find something that God is wanting to tell you. Spend your time showing your child what time with God can bring to your day. Why not sit down together so that you can discuss it.

You can purchase both of these books from Amazon.

The adult version of Grace For the Moment is $12.08


The children's version costs $9.27


Check out all their other great books at



I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review

Sugar Bowl Bakery -Madeleines and Brownie Bites

My family fell in love with these cookie/cakes and brownie bites! (trying to find a friend to go pick me up some more from Costco)

The chocolate brownie bites were heaven in your mouth. No joke...They were individually wrapped for your convenience. The chocolate was perfect, the brownie bite was soft.. I could not ask more of a treat! Grab yourself a bowl of ice cream and warm up your brownie. Or grab a glass of ice cold milk. As a mom, with such a big household, it was nice to sit down after everyone was in bed and eat a treat.

You can purchase from amazon for $34.24


The other treat we got to try out were the madeleines. It was a cookie/cake type texture. They had a sweet taste to them. These would make such a great treat to have on the table for holidays. If you want to get creative, you can dip one end of the Madeleines in candy melts.

You can purchase these for $23.29


If you check out their website, it even gives the recipes to the treats! This was a jaw dropper for me.

If you are looking to purchase these super yummy snacks then look no further:


You can also check out their social media at:




I was sent these products in exchange for my honest review

Jesus Calling Devotional Book for Adults and Children

I like my devotions to have the scripture printed out for me. I guess I'm a lazy devotion reader. I lost my Bible in one of our moves and haven't replaced it yet. With this set, we had to look up the verse that goes with the devotional.

Sarah Young, the author, did a great job in the smoothness of her writing.  The devotions are easy to read and the pictures in the children's book are cute. I love that she made parent and children's books. Helps teach your child the importance of time with God.

You can purchase both of these from amazon

The adult version is $8.43


The children's version is $8.89


Check out all their other great books at



The Joshua Code Devotional for Adults and Children

Have you ever read your devotions and wanted to know the who? What? Why? The Joshua Code for adults and Children, does just that. 

52 scripture verses every believer should know...

This specific set I love because it's not just a short quip about your the writers day and then puts a biblical spin on it. The devotional I've been using is this way. The Joshua Code gives a verse, a devotional and then the who, what and where.

In depth great read for your daily closet time!

You can purchase the child's hardback for $12.01


You can purchase the adult version for $12.86


Check out all their other great books at



NippyLid The Universal Baby Bottle Lid

This has been a great first bottle for my grandbaby. She is fully breastfed but is now wanting juice and sometimes a little more than the breast. She is 10 months old and has transitioned to this bottle very easy. My daughter and I love the fact that she does not have to hold the bottle up! This is always hard for babies as those bottles getting seriously heavy.

This bottle is the older style but it patent pending so maybe in the future they will have a super cool new look.

The lid stays attached to the bottle. This is always a pain for parents to go hunting for that infamous lid. When you can't find it, you just toss the bottle in the bottle holder of the diaper bag and off you go...by the time you get home though, the bottle has leaked in the pocket and you get this sour milk stink. EWE! The lid piece is attached by a stretchy piece that surrounds the bottle and stays attached to the lid.

I would definitely recommend this bottle to all new moms. Plus if your child doesn't have to tilt the bottle up to get the drink out of it, training for sippy cups and regular cups should be a breeze.

This bottle comes in pink, blue and yellow. Great for any sex or for any outfit.

You can still either wash by hand with a bottle brush or toss in the top rack of the dishwasher. Easy clean up!

This lid fits on most standard bottles for you can switch them around.

The bottle is pricey but in my opinion, very worth it!

You can purchase this unique bottle for $12.99 from Amazon


Peppermint Essential Oil

Have you ever used any essential oils? Different oils have different uses. Some of the oils are used for tummy aches. Some for helping you sleep. Some for helping you feel rejuvenated and give you energy.

Whatever the oil you choose or need, make sure that you are using it as directed.

Peppermint oil, not only smells good, but can help relieve those pesky headaches. Just drip a little onto your finger and rub on your temples. This does not replace pain meds or doctors visits. But can reduce a headache to almost nothing. Have a sore throat? Rub a little onto your finger or into your hand and apply around your throat. Let it sit for a few minutes and the scratchy should be relieved.

Each oil is usually 100% pure and natural. Non-Toxic - No Additives - Unfiltered and Undiluted with No Fillers.

We put this in the humidifier when the baby gets a runny nose or when my allergies kick in. It helps open up the airways to help breathe. Last time I had a serious headache/migraine, I rubbed a little on my temples and my wrists. In about 45 min, with Motrin and a heat pack, I was feeling a lot better. This is not normal for me. Once the headache and or migraine hit, I'm down for the day. This does NOT take the headache away. It just helps it feel a little better. Do not replace taking Tylenol and or Motrin.

You can purchase this oil for $4.99 for a 15ML container


Dinosaur Toy Figures, 12 Set

It's funny how dinosaurs are such a big thing when no child has ever seen one. Maybe that is the draw to them. These dinosaurs are so much fun and kept my kids busy forever! My 3 year old loves to play with her big brother. However, she loves to chew on his toys. (she sensory seeks) These dinosaurs each have their own level of texture. These dinosaurs have held up very well to her chewing on them. She hasn't bitten through any yet!

Your child can pretend that they are in Jurassic Park and need to make sure that they survive the release of all the dinosaurs. They can also chase away their sisters Barbie's by trying to eat them. Just let their imaginations run wild!

These toys would also be great if you are homeschooling. Have a really cool lesson on dinosaurs. Your child can learn which ones are herbivores and which ones are carnivores.

Product Description
Available Colors: blue, pink, yellow, green, brown, silver, red, and purple! Dinosaur
Sizes: 5-7"
Dinosaurs Species: T-Rex, Tegosaurus, Triceratops, Apatosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Brachiosaurus, Styracosaurus, Velociraptor, and Euoplocephalus.

You can purchase these dinosaurs from Amazon for $19 something when they are not sold out...


My First Sweet Tooth Cookie Teethers

These are super cute and you would think that your child was chewing on a colored Oreo.

My 3 year old loves these for the stimulation that it gives her for her Sensory processing disorder. The top of the "cookie" has lots of bumps and ridges. Because of the plastic nature of the "cookie", it bounces back after being bit or chewed on. I can wear it or she can. Either way it is a life saver sometimes.

My 10 month old grandbaby loves these for her teething. She doesn't have to search around. Just hanging with her mommy, and the necklace being worn by her, is enough. The length is actually perfect. However, you should not let a child under 3 wear these. In order for your little one to chew, they have to use hand eye coordination for get it. Then due to the ridges it feels good against those sore, swollen gums. If you use baby Oragel, you can put a little on one the edges and when the baby chews, it will hit the needed spot.

Seems to be strong enough to withstand a 3 year olds teeth along with teeth that are just coming in.

The colors that arrives are orange, blue and a fuchsia color.

These textured teething cookies are organic, made from 100% food grade silicone, free of any harmful chemicals or toxins.

Super easy to wash! Just run them under hot water and wash with a mild soap, rinse and let air dry.

You can purchase these unique chew teethers from Amazon for $15.97


Friday, December 18, 2015

Zoe's Kitchen

Are you looking for great food, at a great price? You should check out Zoe's Kitchen!

Mediterranean food is so good for you. When I walked in, I saw nice bright orange, green and mustard yellow colors.

The signs were clear as to the menu items. Each one had the name of the food and what it was.

You could choose from starters such as:

Hummus Trio
Basil Pesto Hummus
Red Pepper Hummus
Chicken and Orzo or Tomato bisque soups

We chose the chicken and orzo soup for our starter. As it was only $2.99 a cup it was a great deal. Yummy! Nice and hot, with great flavoring!

Your next set of food choices would be the salads. 7 choices to be made in the salad category.

There are classic sandwiches, grilled sandwiches and pita sandwiches to choose from. All looked so yummy but my husband was starving so we went with a full entrée of Mediterranean chicken. This had the chicken flat grilled, caramelized onions, braised white beans, side Greek salad and pita bread. My husband was in food heaven. There was so much in the container. For $9.29 this was a great deal!

Then you could pick your dessert. This is my husband and my favorite part. They have Yaya's Hand made chocolate cake. It is definitely a chocolate coma. Delicious! You can purchase this by the slice for $2.29 and the whole cake for $19.99.

The house baked cookies are HUGE! I stuck the cookie in my hand and it covered it and lots of my wrist. You can choose chocolate chip or oatmeal. I chose chocolate chip. The cookie was so soft. The HUGE chocolate chips just melted in the mouth. I had to share because of the size. I just could not eat it all myself.

They also have a nice kids menu. Each item is under $4 and comes with chips and a fruit cup.

My sister can not have anything that isn't gluten free. I was so excited to find out that a lot of Zoe's Kitchen menu was gluten free or vegan or vegetarian. It's nice to be able to add a place that she can actually eat!

During the summer you can eat your delicious meal out of their patio.

Check out www.zoeskitchen.com or check out their app

You can also look through their Facebook page


Twitter account


I loved this place! I was sent a gift card to Zoe's Kitchen in exchange for my honest review.

Disney Sofia the First Arts and Crafts Bundle

Sofia the First is all the rage right now with the little girls. Between the cartoon, the toys and the party supplies she is a very popular character. Sofia was just a village girl until her mother married the king. She still in friends with her village friends. Her step sister isn't too thrilled with that. She is also very jealous of Sofia. Such a cute little show.

This pack has 4 fun things for your child. A paint book with some paints and brush, a candy bracelet, a lollipop and a sticker set.

Our little one loves stickers. She loves to take them off the paper and stick and restick them to items. The stickers seem to hold up very well to this torture. The paint book is so cute and super fun.

If you are looking for a cute gift for your child or a little girl you know, this would be great! If you order now it should arrive just in time for Christmas!

You can purchase this product from Amazon for $19.97


Monday, December 14, 2015

Baby Sling Carrier Can Wrap Both Front and Back - A Mei Tei Style Carrier

This is the prettiest carrier that I have had the privilege of reviewing! My family loves to go to the Renaissance Festival, this design would be the perfect carrier to wear through it. Most people dress up in that era of clothing. I can say this would totally fit in.

This fit both my daughter and myself. I bring this up because I am short and on the quite heavy side and my daughters are a little taller but still on the built side. It fit all of us with room to spare. The sides leave room for all sizes.

This holds children up to about 35lbs. With saying this we have a toddler who has sensory processing disorder. She loves to be held and placed places that she can "hide". She is able to tuck her head down and feels like she can have her quiet time. You can also use this for your baby as soon as he/she is able to hold up their own head.

I love this as you can wear on your front or on your back. I would say, front for the babies and back for the older children.

If you have a baby who will not let you put them down, this is the perfect product for you! Just pack your baby in and get the dishes or laundry done. Very sturdy material and holds a lot.

This would make the greatest baby shower gift OR since Christmas is coming, order now with Prime shipping and wrap it up.

Product Description
The BEST Baby Sling Carrier Can Wrap Both Front and Back - A Mei Tei Style Carrier Is Considered The Most Stable and Most Comfortable Available.

About the Product

100% Cotton Baby Sling Carrier
Extremely Stable & Safe For Your Baby
Machine Washable - Stain Resistant
Most Comfortable Carrier Available
Baby Unisex Sling for Your Baby

You can purchase this product from Amazon for $16.49!! (the prices of my carriers have been a LOT higher)


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

"Favorite Child" Funny Coffee Mug

My family is one that always has a smartalic comment for everything. Even in a stressful situation a joke is said to relieve the stress.

Our family is just my sister, my mom and I. My sister and I tease each other all the time as to who is the favorite.

It's me, of course!

This mug is made of glass so keep that in mind while ordering. Very easy to wash. Just toss it in the top rack of the dishwasher or use a bottle brush.

Toss this cup in the microwave or sit it under a Keurig or just pour yourself a pot of coffee.

Such a great gift idea...Christmas is coming grab this great mug for your mom!

You can purchase this awesome mug for $24.82


Look around for the website Gotmetipsy to find the rest of their unique products.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunsella Food Scraper

This time of the year is famous for baking. Be it cookies, cakes, candies or pies. Each one takes patience and a bit of utensil magic! This Sunsella food scraper is a great kitchen gadget to have. You can cut up the dough, separate out just enough cookie dough to make the perfect cookie. So many different uses. As you are making mashed potatoes, just cut them with the blade of the scraper and then use the scraper to push the cut potatoes into the boiling water. A lot better then pushing them off with your hands. Keep your hands clean.

Measurements are pressed into the steel blade so wont wear off over time. I love that it is easy clean up. Just toss it in the dishwasher or clean with a sponge and soap. No wearing out over time.

All-in one...
- Chopping
- Slicing
- Dicing
- Crushing
- Dividing
- Scooping
- Measuring
- Clean up
- And more...

Are you a baker? This is the perfect spreader for frosting. Want to make the frosting smooth. Use this scraper instead of a knife. Will make the frosting have a much cleaner look.

Not a thin piece for your kitchen. It has good weight to it and looks just like the ones the cooking shows use.

You can purchase this scraper from Amazon for $8.95