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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Vivree Kitchen Tongs

I don't know what you look for when you purchase tongs, but....

I like to make sure that they are study. If you purchase flimsy tongs then they will not carry the food well. I do not want to drop food on the floor, do you?

With 10 people in our house, I also need to consider storage areas. I love the slide metal piece that closes the tongs for easy storage.

The colors are vibrant and easy to spot in any drawer.
Non stick, so that you do now scratch up your pans. My kids are all famous for scraping up my pans. I have started buying all silicone tips. And of course BPA free for the safety of my family.

These tongs will pick up a lot more then they look like they will. I can pick up a pretty heavy piece of meat. That to me, is the selling point!

Very easy to clean. Dishwasher safe

Heat Resistant and Non-Removable Silicone Tips - Superior Quality Silicone Tongs are completely heat resistant to 480ºF, giving you peace of mind that the silicone will not melt and contaminate the food.

You can purchase these tongs for $11.91 for the set on Amazon


Front Pack Carrier by F&D Quality

My daughter loved this carrier.
Easy to use.
Super soft and padded straps.
You can carry your baby facing you or facing out. Not a lot of carriers are made that way. Perfect for when you need to clean or cook dinner and the baby just will not be separated from you.
The most unique part about this carrier is that it comes with a hood for the baby. The hood is great for those trips to the zoo or even just a walk around the block.
The clasps are heavy duty so should last for quite awhile.
The sides are adjustable but I would say that these are not one size fits all. My 6'3 son fit it well. My daughter who is a little bigger and 5'6 was comfy but any bigger and might not fit. I am 5'4 and heavy set and this was so tight on me. Great for most of the moms out there.

This comes in 2 colors. Red or Blue, either of which would be great for boy or girl

You can purchase this carrier through Amazon for $43.99


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fam fave Digital Thermometer

When your child is sick, the one thing you need to depend on is finding out how high their temp is. Once you know that, you can figure out your plan of action.

I think your child will be so happy that they also don't have to be poked with a hard thermometer. The FamFave one is bendable. Exactly how a thermometer should be. Your child moves, so should it.

Oral: under tongue; rectal: silver colored tip only; under-arm: in armpit with arm held close to side

Thermometer comes with plastic cover to keep the temp part clean, when storing.

You can purchase this for $16.99


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Crown and Cradle Nursing Cover

Are you looking for a discreet way to nurse in public? This cotton nursing cover will be the perfect one for you. This cover is not only soft but the design is pretty. You can use this cover for a boy or a girl. The design has almost a regal Paris look to it.

My daughter loves to make sure that people aren't uncomfortable when she needs to feed her daughter. The baby loves to move and kick and watch people, though. As you can see by my pics on this review, she can't keep her covered.

This cover would make a great shower gift. Since it is not sex oriented you can give it for any shower. Because it smells like my daughter, when we babysit and the baby starts to cry we use it as a blanket. It calms her down almost immediately.

The pockets, on the front, are great to place the binkie while you are feeding your angel. 1 of the corners has a wash rag material corner. Wipe though little dripples off her mouth when done. Most babies are so milk "drunk" that they don't even care that there is a cute little dribble of milk running down their chins.

It is truly a 1 size fits all!

Toss in the diaper bag or if you have to pump at work, toss in your pump bag. Pump without anyone watching.

You can purchase this pretty nursing cover from Amazon for $19.99


DB Bluetooth Receiver

Driving down the street and you would rather be listening to the music you have saved on your phone rather then the music on the radio. 

Very easy to use too. Plug,the receiver, into your DC voltage plug a.k.a cigarette lighter plug. Once the receiver is plugged in, it will light up. Turn on your phones bluetooth. Plug, the cord that it included, in your phone and the receiver.  There is a station that you need to turn to, on your stereo. Easy to use and no more listening to endless radio chatter. 

You can purchase this helpful product for $ (currently unavailable so can't find the price


  • FM model: DBPOWER BA-600 has three different optional appointed frequencies 88.1M,96.7 M, 107.9M, When tuning to the FM appointed frequency in your car same with BA-600 FM appointed frequency ,you can enjoy the music or answer the phone calls through your car audio system

Rub a Dub Dub, There's a Duck in my Tub

The darn spouts in the bathtub hurt when you fall against them. When the older kids were little, they didn't have anything out on the market to cover them.  ,

We were constantly taking a bath and looking for a cup to rinse out the little ones hair. It is nice to not have to go searching for that cup! Just lay your child back, under the Aqueduck, and rinse. No more getting the water in their eyes and them crying or anything. It makes for a pleasant bath experience!

If the Aqueduck gets a little dingy, just use soap, water and let dry. No extra cleaning required. The plastic is actually pretty pliable. It will not harm your child's head. Very safe to use and SUPER easy to install.

This would make a great baby shower gift! (boy or girl use)

You can purchase this great product from Amazon for $12.99


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sonny Baby Binkie Holders pk of 3

Super cute binkie holder are not just for binkies. My grandbaby uses for her binkies and my 3 year old uses them for her chewies or lovies. The plastic ensures that it will not rust. These are great at latching onto clothes or blankets. Fits most binkies with a handle and the Soothie ones without. Long enough to reach but not long enough to choke on the ribbon. Super easy to clean too!

Great for both boys and girls. Designs are frogs, monkeys and circles.

No more worries of germs on dropped binkies. Fresh and clean.

Would make a great shower gift!

You can purchase these from Amazon for $12.99