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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Adult Coloring Books

I always thought that I was alone in the whole "I still love to color" world. I am totally wrong. In 2013 coloring books topped bestselling charts. They sold more than 1.5 million copies in over 22 languages. 5 of the top 30 titles on the bestseller list were coloring books for adults. For my 18th birthday, my aunt sent me a coloring book and a Crayola caddy filled with crayons. I was ecstatic! I love a new box of Crayola crayons or a brand new package of colored pencils. Don't get me wrong, I can't draw anything, but love to sit down and just color. Looking at the page with just a simple drawing and imagining what it would look like when I get done with it. All the different colors to choose from.

Skyhorse Publishing's first 4 adult coloring books sold out of 4 printings. Unlike most coloring books, Skyhorse's books have 16 pages of full color inspirational pages.

Each of the coloring pages are perforated. This allowing budding artists to photocopy and gift or display their creations. I would love to own them all!

Each type of book has 2 in it's genre set. There is Paisleys, Mandalas, Art Nouveau, Mehndi, Whimsical Designs and Zen Patterns.

On a super stressful day, sit down and color and see what happens to your outlook. It is a very therapeutic thing to do. I am not sure why it helps relieve stress, but I'll take it! With 6 kids and lots of babysitting jobs, I have had my fair share of coloring time. I have been able to share my love of coloring with them all. It is also just a fun time to sit and watch your child's imagination grow.

With the new growing trend of adult coloring books, I got really excited. When I was given the opportunity to review 2 of these books, I jumped on it. This review was especially for me. When they arrived it was like a kid in a candy store. No more coloring My Little Pony or Cars, I was going to get to color adult pictures.

The designs and the details that are involved are unique. I looked through every page. I have planned out my "attack". While watching tv 1 night, I ran and got my book. I searched for the perfect picture and came upon a simple pic with lots of flowers. I discovered that my crayons probably were going to be too small to color the intricate designs. The only thing I had on hand was a 12pk of colored pencils. I tried to choose wisely the colors that would eventually because the beauty, that is, a finished product. I was very pleased with the result and was very relaxed when finished.

You can purchase these books at almost every place books are sold. You can also purchase from Barnes and Noble or specialty stores like Michaels and Amazon for the reasonable price of $9.99

Check it and purchase some great colored pencils while you are there.

Skyhorse Publishing has come out with 12 new titles so that you can get your creativity on! Check them out at Skyhorse Publishing


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Vitamin D Gummy Bears: For Kids & Adults (Vegetarian for Kids & Adults)

I do not like taking pills and now they have come out with gummies for adults. I have taken Flintstones for kids and they are slightly chalk tasting. I love these gummy vitamims. I can grab a couple and off I go. Just take 2 gummies a day and you get all the vitamins you need for that day. As a female it is very important for you to keep taking your vitamins on a daily basis.

Product Description
Get a free review bottle of Vitamin D3 gummy bears! These gummies are perfect for both kids and adults. All ingredients are 100% vegetarian - no gelatin, no gluten. It’s healthy, it’s fun, and it’s delicious!

✔ A fun and delicious way to get your daily Vitamin D.
✔ 100% Gluten Free and Gelatin Free. Made with natural flavors and colors. Contains no milk, egg or peanut or soy.
✔ Perfect for both kids and adults. Each ingredient is carefully chosen to help promote a healthy mind and body.
✔ A more enjoyable, yummier alternative to taking pills or dry chewables.
✔ Made in the USA, in a GMP certified facility.

So cute and great tasting! You should check out these vitamins at Amazon.com for $12.77


Smart Weigh Bathroom Memory Scale - Silver Review

I have done quite a few reviews on different scales and by far, I like this one the best! I love everything about it, actually. I love the design, the shape and the LED colored screen. Matches any bathroom d├ęcor.

This scale will hold up to 8 users "profiles". This is a great feature as there are 4 of us using this scale.

Your first step on the scale will be blue. That is the step that will make sure the scale knows what you weigh. Then to keep track of your weight loss or gain it will show up in green. You do not want it to turn red as that means you have gained weight. I don't think any of us want to see red!

We also like that this scale can hold up to 440lbs My husband is a really big guy and can actually use this scale, unlike most others. There are very few he can stand on without breaking the weight limit.

This scale runs on 4 AAA Batteries. I recommend Energizer. That is my plug. We don't buy the generic batteries due to the fact that they do not last.

You can purchase this scale from Amazon.com for $39.99