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Friday, July 10, 2015

Baby Safety Mirror by DWK

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So nice to be able to see my grandbaby in the backseat. She hates to not have someone back there with her. At least with the mirror she can see me or her mommy.

When we had little ones in the car, our safety mirrors were small. Mine fit on the rear view mirror. The ones that fit on the seat back were small and fuzzy. This safety mirror is perfect! You can actually see the contours of her face. No circus mirror look.

Product Description

Looking for the perfect way to watch over your little one in their rear facing car seat?
Does your baby get antsy not seeing you as you drive?
Frustrated about other inferior baby car mirrors that are far too small for a view of your valuable cargo?
If so, then this baby car mirror, courtesy of DWK, is set to make every car journey an absolute joy.
Measuring 11" diagonally, this rear facing car seat mirror offers an exceptionally wide viewing angle, coupled with an amazingly clear acrylic reflector. You will see every tear, every smile, and your baby can see all those delightful kissy faces you make!

DWK (Driving With Kids) understands that not everyone is gifted with the handy skills of MacGyver, so installation has been made as simple as possible! 2 straps attach the mirror to any headrest providing a stable support with no chance of wobble. To make things even sweeter, a swivel ball allows the mirror to be in any orientation for the perfect angle to gaze at your little angel's adorable mug.

These features will transform your road trips:
• Large size for a vivid view of every inch of your little one
• Made of shatterproof acrylic and tough plastic frame for great durability.
• Reassure your baby as they can see your face
• Have peace of mind that your child is safe and happy
• Concentrate on your driving without having to turn around to comfort your baby

You can purchase this mirror from amazon.com for $17.95


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Lime Green Cascading Hangers

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Short on closet space? Tired of never having enough room in the closet?

Check out Amazon for these cool hangers. Each hanger hooks to the next. Each of the hangers, also, has a soft lime green velvet material covering them. The green covering helps your clothes from slipping off. I know that I have this problem with my plastic hangers. I will hang a piece of clothing but the clothes Will slip off as I thumb through the closet or move around items on a daily basis.

Very sturdy and we'll made. The cool color is just a plus!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Silicone Cutting Boards

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I absolutely loved these cutting boards!! I was able to cut lettuce and there were no cut marks on the board.

You could roll dough, cut cookies, chop up chicken...just about anything.

So easy to wash. For chicken, you need to thoroughly wash with soap and water. With just lettuce or tomatoes, just rinse off with hot water and store back up.

Sometimes it's hard to get your cut up potatoes to the pan. With these silicone cutting boards, just roll them up and they "lock" into place. So easy for pouring into your pan of hot water.

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