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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

CiPU Diaper Bag

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag!! This bag is not only big enough to hold all the baby and toddler essentials, it is basically water proof. Now I do not mean to pour a bottle of water inside. What I mean by this is that my son spilled a bottle of juice onto the table wear this was sitting. I jumped up ready have a huge fit and it was not soaked through. It was damp but nothing that a dry rag didn't cure! Now, I am NOT a new mommy. I have 6 children. I have been a mom for over 20 years. I have had numerous diaper bags. (I had a diaper bag obsession) I wonder where this bag has been all this time.

At first glance, you would think that this bag was also a different material. It is a lightweight material that is so easy to wash off anything that hits it.

I was able to put diapers, pull ups, wipes, extra clothes, a book for myself, sippy cups and binkies and more! Both side pockets are big enough for sippy cups, bottles or even my venti Starbucks cups fit in the pockets. This has 2 different handles to interchange. I liked the shorter handle, so kept it that way.
The stroller handles were perfect! I always hate putting my bag underneath the stroller. Now it is perfectly accessible.

Have I said how much I loved this bag??!! I just wish I could have found this bag sooner. But, at least I found it for the youngest one.

Would be a great baby shower gift!! It is a little on the expensive side but in my opinion, it's very worth it!

You can purchase this set for $139.99


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